Review Iron Man 3 Micro Muggs

Price: $2.99
Year released 2013

Ok…so, I went to the store, and got a bit curious, I’ve never been one for collectible figures *Looks at shelf full of pony figures*…And with this one being so cheap, I decided to try all the hubbub about them. Right then, on with the show!

Mighty Muggs, While I’ve never owned one, I saw them frequently whenever a movie like J.I Joe, or Transformers Came out, and recently with Avengers. I’ve never had much curiosity in them, but let’s see if this makes me into a mighty mugger! (Or whatever the fans of these call themselves.)

Size comparison (A note for the Tic Tac company: This is technically advertising, or at least some form of publicity. So….you know… feel free to send me more Tic Tacs)

(Yes, I opened it before I got home. I was stuck in a car for an hour, I got curious.)
Well…it’s small for the lack of a better word; but just because something is small, doesn’t mean it’s not good. (I think that may have been the moral in “A Bugs Life”.)

The Box

Close up of the front of the box (And yeah…didn’t have the best lighting yesterday)

Well, we have that new yellow-y Iron Man suit. I don’t much care for the new look, but it is a good interpretation of the suit in the Mugg format. Besides that, we have the Iron Man and Hasbro logo, and the recommended ages on the box.
Now, it says 4+ on the age, but let’s be honest, it’s mostly for the adult collectors. I can’t really see kids buying these. Unless they’re using these for pieces in board games. It would probably make a game of clue a tiny bit more interesting, I’d imagine.

Top Of Box (Words printed are “Who you calling tiny?!”)

Not much going on with the top of the box, all it has are some line art of the Mugg body.

Side of box

Other side

Pictures of some of the other variants of Iron Man armors, and other characters.

The back of the box

The back of the box was covered in the usual “legal-y speak-y mumbo jumbo”

The “Toy”

Out of the Box

It’s wrapped in a tiny plastic baggie. Fortunately, you don’t need to cut it open, or anything like that. Just unfold it, and out he comes!

And out comes…. whatever this is.

Well…it’s a sort of slightly glittery dark purple thing. Good quality on the paint apps. Any slight imperfections, you really need to zoom in on.

And as for the suit itself, well, I tried to find out the name of this suit, and after some asking around in the nerditis office web group thing, we came to two conclusions: This may be called the “Black Armor”, And that from now on, it will be refereed to as “Panda Armor” for convenience’s sake. Also, if you want to try and identify it, there’s a much better quality picture here

The back

There’s nothing painted on the back. I don’t know if this is because of production reasons, or if the suit had that little detail. The front of the head cuts off suddenly, making the front look sort of like a mask rather than a head. Also, the words “Iron Man” are molded on the back of the head.

The side

Yeah…not much going on here. But, I do have to say something; The legs are molded onto the little board/stand. And another thing, the arms, or neck don’t move. I’m not sure if the larger ones do, but this one doesn’t.

Pros: Good quality.
Cons: Not to impressive aside from that.

Closing remarks

Well, there’s not much to say. Overall, not too impressive.  Despite the good quality on the paint, it feels more like the sort of thing you can get for a dollar from a vending machines.  I don’t think really I’ll buy another. Didn’t quite hook me into Mighty Muggs, but as for the Mighty Muggers themselves, I don’t know if they’ll catch on.

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