Nerd House Rocks Piramida by Efterklang


Efterklang is an indie rock group from Copenhagen, Denmark, who formed in December 2000

While this is not the standard Geek fare you’ve come to expect from Nerd House Rocks. Trust me, these guys are awesome.

In order to make their latest album they travelled north of the Arctic Circle to an old Russian mining town, which had been abandoned for over a decade. They traveled 1 1/2 hours north of Norway which was followed by a 3 hour boat ride over stormy arctic seas in order to record the sounds of a dead city, a veritable ghost town, they desired so that they could bring them back to their studio dismantle them and reassemble them in an acoustically pleasing form. These guys are Music Geeks of the highest degree, and what they have done in their unconventional methodology is nothing less than phenomenal.

I was introduced to the band this week on NPR.

the 7 minute interview reveals move about the bands love of sound than I could ever try to do.

Their sound is mellow, beautiful and haunting.

So while the end result might not be considered Nerdy or Geeky the amazing process that gets them there has earned them top spot this week in Nerd house Rocks

Take the time to listen to the interview and their song Hollow Mountain available on You tube. You won’t regret it.

2 responses to “Nerd House Rocks Piramida by Efterklang

  1. Which reminds me! They are coming to play here in Oxford on April 18th, and I was thinking about going. I should buy those tickets already.

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