Life In Plastic: Toy News Roundup For 03/11/2013

Why is it that when I stay up late and wake up early, I lose a bunch of hours but I’m fine… but when I lose only one hour, I turn into a zombie?

-Universe of Violence’s March Figure is HERE!  Order Arn Hellstorm now! HERE

-I don’t know if you’ve been to Target recently, but they now have some new exclusive awful-looking Justice League figures!  AWFUL.

-NECA has obtained the license to make YuGiOh stuff, which means that YuGiOh is now nostalgic.  Man, I feel old.  HERE

-I own a Prometheus Deacon now.  Rawwwwwwwr mini-alien!

-NECA Predators series 8 and the GI Joe-sized Gears of War figures are shipping!  Keep an eye out for them at Toys R Us!  HERE

-Hot Toys has altered the Tony Stark figure you will never be able to afford.  Also, HOLY CRAP THEY STOLE HIS SOUL!  HERE

-There is a kitty cat on my lap.  Is anybody reading these posts?



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