Every wanted to be a mobile phone hacker? Chill out first

Turns out all those people saying cool in the 90’s weren’t far off the truth

German security researchers, whos job is putting new technology through the wringer to see what security faults it may have, chanced across a particular oddity in most android mobile phones. By Freezing a phone for an hour at temperatures of -10C, the phone will reset itself to a vulnerable state if you quickly remove and then reinsert the battery, completely bypassing Google’s “Ice Cream Sandwich” data protection system.
As one of the researchers Tilo Muller put it:

We thought it would work because smartphones are really small PCs,” he said. “but we were quite excited that the trick with the freezer worked so well

I’m sure the fault will be corrected in future if its damaging enough to Google’s rep, but the fault is hardly likely to be exploited enough for that to matter. Still, its a fascinating look into just what research is out there when it comes to personal security in the digital age.

Source: BBC News

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