So this is how Skynet came to hate humans…

Some European researchers have given robots access to the internet. Those poor, poor robots.

The ‘brain’ which has been called Rapyuta after the original name for the 1986 anime film Castle in the Sky describes objects and situations the robot encounters and then consults the internet as an aid to help the robot with the necessarily computations required to achieve tasks, such as folding clothes or understand human speech.

Alongside this, it would act as a repository of common knowledge for robots that they could all link to when needed, reducing the need for processing power and memory in the robots themselves. This would bring down the cost and size of the average robot and hopefully make them more commonly seen, instead of just viewing mostly at tradeshows or in labs as we currently do.

For the sake of the robots sanity I hope the scientists enabled safe search on what the robots use to view the internet, or the resulting flood of porn would make the resulting revolution a little different from the one James Cameron envisioned.

Source:BBC News

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