DC TV. Arrow cast picks up speedy.


Or more likely a Red Arrow. Actor Colton Haynes just joined the team full time for season 2 of Arrow. In episode 15 Colton made an appearance as a criminally inclined Roy  Harper. For those of you who are scratching your heads at the moment asking yourself “Why should I care about this 2 bit unknown Harper” Well, I’ll tell. Roy Harper was introduces in the comics, way back in 1941, as the son of a dead Forest Ranger. He was being raised on a Navajo reservation and had been adopted my a local Chief after his Dad died, saving the Chief from a fire, He learned Archery from the Chief and gained notoriety after stopping a robbery  which both he and Green Arrow were present at. Oliver was impressed at the speed Roy handled his bow. And adopted him as a sidekick naming him Speedy after his Adoptive Native Dad passed away.


Seeing as how Oliver has already nicknamed Thea Queen (his sister) Speedy, I’m guessing that Roy will choose the Red Arrow moniker which may very well open the door to Oliver finally being called Green Arrow. The introduction of Roy Harper allows for a wide range of new story lines to unfurl. including (the most interesting one of) Cheshire  the assassin with whom Roy has a Daughter with or the introduction of The Guardian a Metropolis based Superhero who just happens to be Roy’s Uncle.

This is a good addition.

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