Life In Plastic: Who Is Fang-Man?



The MOTUC subscribers should be receiving their Fang Man figures right about now, while the rest of us will have to pay way too much on eBay (I have an inside source… but I won’t get one till April).  Now, since this character is Filmation-only, even though he’s not part of that specific cartoon subscription, he’s still a little more obscure than Fisto, or Ram-Man, or Extendar, or Gaydor.  Okay, that was an insensitive joke, but everybody who talks about He-Man has to make it at least once.

So, who’s this Fang Man?  And why does he look so goofy and so sad?

Fang Man’s sole appearance is in Season 1, Episode 8 of the original cartoon, “The Time Corridor.”  The plot had to do with Skeletor travelling into the past so he could keep Castle Grayskull from being built, but since this article is about Fang Man, the only screenshots are gonna be about him!

Fang-Man-Screen01 Fang-Man-Screen02

You first see Fang Man at the beginning of the episode, as just another of Skeletor’s generic henchmen, as Skelly explains his evil scheme to Fang-Man and Tri-Klops.  No special intro for the big blue lizard, he’s just accepted as being there.  But this is pretty early in the series’ run, so he might have been hanging around Snake-Mountain the whole time, you know?  Anyway, Skeletor’s plan is to travel back in time with “The wheel of infinity,” so he can destroy Castle Grayskull before it’s even built.  The Wheel of Infinity is one of Fang Man’s accessories, along with a magic sword from an unrelated episode, and a ray gun from unused concept art.  Anyway, Skeletor explains his plan, and both dudes seem fine with it.  In case you’re curious, Fang Man has a low-pitched, raspy, “hissing” voice with a heavy emphasis on the S’s.  It doesn’t sound as goofy as he looks.  And he looks goofy.


So, He-Man, Man-At-Arms, and Orko travel back in time to stop Skeletor, because the Sorceress can do things like that on a whim.  They run into the “Snake Tribe,” indigeneous people from the past, and become their friends.  He-Man immediately assaults Skeletor’s “new” fortress of “Ape Men,” who basically are just bigger, slower humans.  He-Man and company beat them up, and Skeletor gets the upper hand by kidnapping a female Snake Tribesma…woman, and forcing the heroes to travel to DRAGOSAUR ISLAND to rescue her.  once on DRAGOSAUR ISLAND, the heroes have to fight off man-eating plants and rampaging rhinos, and not Fang Man, who so far has been in the episode for about ten minutes.

Fang-Man-Screen04 Fang-Man-Screen05

FINALLY, when He-Man reaches Skeletor, Fang Man reappears to launch an assault with some Dragosaurs, shouting, “Get them, my beauties!”  So I guess now we know the kind of stuff that Fang Man is into.  Anyway, Man-At-Arms blasts several of the Dragosaurs with little effort, leaving Fang-Man to charge He-man directly.  So of course, He-Man tosses a tree into him.  Whoops!  Poor Fang Man.

Fang-Man-Screen06 Fang-Man-Screen08

Skeletor then uses a magical cage spell to trap the snake girl outside of space and time, and flees back to his castle.  He-Man deals with the difficult puzzle by smashing it.  GRRR SMASH!  And then, since the episode’s 22 minutes are almost up, the Sorceress projects herself back in time to just teleport the heroes back to Skeletor’s castle.


And then Fang Man appears, and runs off-screen to go fight He-Man.  Only you never see him again.  Ever.  Poor Fang Man.  So, He-Man and Skeletor fight, while Man-At-Arms beats up Tri-Klops and the ape men.  Skeletor starts spinning his Wheel of Time, ingtending to turn it into a time bomb that would blow up Castle Grayskull before it’s even built.  Skeletor and Tri-Klops escape back to the present, apparently leaving Fang Man alone in the past, while He-Man solves the problem of the WHeel of Time by punching it until it breaks.  GRRRRR SMASH.  Happy ending!

So, that’s Fang Man.  Roughly two minutes of screen time, and then the animators just sort of forgot about him.  Poor Fang Man.


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