Nerd House Rocks Apple Road [Remastered] by Beatle Bronies


Right off the bat, I need to inform you all. I LOVE PARODIES! I have been known to write them myself on occasion (unfortunately having no Singing or Instrumental talent that is usually as far as I get). I had decided to offer one of my songs up to previously featured Geek musician John  Anealio,(great guy) but kindly informed me that he didn’t do parodies,then I was privy to a conversation between musicians as he tried to suggest someone who might be interested in my song. And then I was introduced to The Beatle Bronies.

I am not a Brony, but I do have a 5 year old daughter and am familiar with the characters through her. That having been said , I LOVE THIS ALBUM! This is going into my Car so my Daughter and I will have something to listen to together,

Apple Road [Remastered] is entirely entertaining. I believe the term is Retro. but not in the Hipster way. Not Ironically . Re-visioned Classics for the Brony generation.

Zecora’s Jungle Garden (Octopus’s Garden)

but you decide for yourself,  only $7 to support your fellow Bronies.

Discord (Taxman)

Derpy’s Iron Anvil (Maxwell’s Silver Hammer)

Big Mac (Nowhere Man)

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