Peter Jackson wants to direct and episode of Dr Who.

I can see him playing a very good Doctor as well

Worlds collide often in geek circles and it seems even Dr Who is no stranger to a mighty mashup. The Kiwi film director best known for his Lord of the Rings films, has recently revealed that he would be very interested in directing an episode of the BBCs’ wildly popular show Dr. Who. Jackson says hes been a fan of the show since the original run, which lasted from 1963s to 1989.

Hes not just musing about a wish either, as Jackson claimed hes contacted the current show runner Stephen Moffat and that they “are in talks”.

Now if this comes to anything, I don’t know. Jackson is quite busy with the Hobbit still and in two or three years time the BBC may have decided to let the Doctor have a small rest. Still, can you imagine the Jackson that made Braindead and The Frighteners directing an episode of Who?

Fingers crossed folks.

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