Review: Deluxe Drill cannon Batman

A week ago, I bought this toy for 2 reasons:

1. I try to have one piece of merchandise of every version of Batman.

2. It is one of the most ridiculous Batman figures I ever had a chance to get.

Name: Deluxe Drill Cannon Batman
Licensed: yes
Toy-line: Batman: The Dark Knight Rises
Year: 2012
Bought at: Toys R Us
Price: Around 9-12 dollars(I forgot)
Special notes: It’s gold

The Box itself

The box isn’t really that impressive. Sure it’s tall, but needlessly so. I suppose they could have made the box a tiny bit wider and the box would have ended up at least half as tall. Other than that, it’s pretty much your standard “QuickTek”(Ugh, that hurts to type) Batman toy. (I would have would have shown you the back, but I unfortunatly, I forgot to take photo of the back before tossing the box away.)

To get him out of the box I had to rip it open, Cut the transparent rubber bands keeping him in place,  then cut the little tags to free his cape (Best I can describe them is like those that they use to keep bundles of socks together when you buy them). Anyway, after that’s done, you have Batman in all his golden glory.



The gold knight, who from this point shall be referred to as Goldenrod Batman, or just Goldenrod. You’ll find out why in a bit.
The sculpting looks….odd to say the least, but I’m attributing it to the gold. It probably blends together better in black. The paint is good, despite how little there is. Now, onto the face; To me he doesn’t even look serious, more befuddled than anything, actually.

Close up

Sorry for the okay-ish quality, the best camera I have for the time being is the one in my MP3. Now that that’s been said; Really, the sculpting on his face is…well, not bad, but he doesn’t look like Christian Bale, if anything he looks more like Bryan Cranston back when he used to play the dad from Malcolm in the middle. No, I’m serious, it really does sound ridiculous, but click this link. I can’t be the only one seeing a resemblance, am I?.

Cape(And you can still see the indentations left by the pins)

The cape itself is nice, the colour is a bit drab, but it does work well with, and complement the gold plastic. other than that, the cape’s shape looks boring, but won’t hold that against them, I really doubt you can make a cape look more action’y without wire or anything like that.


The sculpting is good I suppose, but it looks very odd from a 3/4 side view. It looks more like he’s starved, and the armor lines make it look like bones are peeking out. Some manufacturer’s info is molded onto the back of his upper thighs and just above his belt.


(Once again, I do apologize for my lack of a decent camera)

He can move at the shoulders and head, legs and knees too. I’m a bit disappointed though, it seems like most toy makers seem to to be making figures with less joints these days, but it may just be movie toys.

Range of motion.

The range of motion is ok. The shoulders go a full 360 . And in the picture, well, that’s as far up as the legs will go. The lower legs bump into each other whenever you bend his knees, so he probably won’t be any good at sitting in chairs, or in  vehicles that aren’t specifically made for it. The head moves too, but only side to side, 360 degrees too.  but that’s it as far as articulation goes.

Play features


Yes, it’s a thing. Don’t really know how to describe it other than that. It’s bulky, (and I later found out it has a peg, so you can put batman on top of it). The main concept behind this is that you slam it on top if the figure, press a button, and out he comes, decked out in “fancy” new armor. I tried it out a few times, I didn’t have much success with it, Granted, I only had a bed to work with at the time, so it may work, but I don’t  think it does all that well, takes a bit of force to jam it in.

Batman in the thing

Bat in the Belfry

And out he comes with a new chest piece!

Not much to say on this, it’s chest armor only, and it makes him top heavy, adding to that, he has a spring loaded drill thing.  The drill is solid plastic, so it can’t move save for the spring joint right by the shoulder. It moves up and down when I shake it though, good fun for around 2 minutes. (I have have a dirty mind, so a drill shaped appendage bobbing up and down….yeah…let’s not go there actually)

“Action” shot

Because of the lack of joints, he can’t really reach the handle, since the armor cuts into his limited range of articulation, and even if you do get him to grab it, his armor will go a bit lopsided, or the drill will be pointed downwards.

Close up of drill

(And now you know why I take to calling him Goldenrod)

Top View

Back view

Closing thoughts


Sculpting and Paint Detail: I can still tell it’s Batman, despite the odd colour choice, So they did good.

Play features:  None that I particularly care for, but I’m not a kid anymore, but I think they wouldn’t mind, I mean, I think they’d go “it’s Batman, and he’s gold, he’s like Super Sayan batman! woosh! bakoosh!! *Punch*”. So yeah, I think I kid would probably like this regardless, plus, he has a drill, kids love drill arms! (I think? I did at least…)

Poseability: Not to much, I mean, the legs work, but not that well, he can’t really sit, so not much use in vehicles, I suppose. Arms…well, are disappointing. Batman looks cool when he’s in a punching pose, and I can’t with this one.

overall, it’s a 2.5-3 out of five, so not too bad, if you see it at a cheap price, go for it if you want. It’s interesting from a certain tacky point of view.  Also,it’s a Toys R Us exclusive, as far as I know, but you can brobably get one online on amazon: Link

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