Figure Photo of the Day: The Dead Heart of Xin

The Dead Heart of Xin

The Dead Heart of Xin, by Ridureyu

Many millennia ago, Xin ruled the ancient empire of Thassilon. The wizard emperor created the Runelords, who ruled beneath him – but also plotted against him. Toward the end of his life, Xin grew paranoid, and constructed a massive metal monstrosity, the Clockwork Reliquary, to house his mortal remains and bring him back to life if he perished. Xin was unable to activate it before the Runelords killed him, but his spirit lived on, now corrupted.

Fast-forward to the “Present” day in the Pathfinder setting, where, in the Shattered Star adventure path, the heroes get to reassemble the Shattered Star artifact originally made by Xin, which itself was an awesome accomplishment. But with the artifact’s reassembly, all of Xin’s old magics activated again, including the Reliquary. Now corrupted and insane, Xin’s spirit uses his reliquary and ruined castle to attempt to rebuild his former empire, and shape it in his image. The very last part of the Shattered Star adventure involves going into Xin’s citadel, and taking on the Reliquary and his spirit in combat, with the fate of the known world at stake.

Oh hey, and to answer people’s “What’s your photo studio look like?” questions, look here:…

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