So close but so far: Nintendo don’t quite get this ‘online’ business.

Do they really think we are this stupid?

As anyone who has been a gamer for a generation or so may know, Nintendo saw online gaming becoming a thing as far back as the Famicom. Yet when it comes to actually dealing with the nuts a bolts of playing with others online it has taken until the WiiU and the 3DS for them to actually be able to provide a decent service, that doesn’t involve putting in 12 digit codes to be able to play with your friends.

Still with the WiiU, and especially the 3DS, Nintendo seem to have cracked it. Connecting to online games is fast and easy, the stores offer downloadable games and demos (for the first time in pretty much Nintendos entire history) and they have even recently begin to run sales allowing you to get games at 50-75% off (on the 3DS at least, I can’t speak for the WiiU).

In fact I’ve just downloaded Luigi’s Mansion 2 and there no problems and it took less than 5 minuets. Go Nintendo!

Yet, like the guy who keeps the joke going long after it stopped being funny (I’m one of them- I’m so sorry), Nintendo felt they could improve their services again with the introduction of the “Save Data Transfer Tool”.

This handy little service allows you to transfer your game data to an SD card and keep playing it on the 3DS even if you don’t have the cartridge in! Great or what?
Except you have to own and have purchased both a physical and digital copy of the game.

Lets forget for a moment that they are asking you to buy a game twice just for the option of convenience. Lets forget that having the digital download will take up space on the 3DSs internal memory, negating the whole point of perhaps buying the physical version. Lets just ignore that its only transferable one way and that once its complete the data on any physical copies will be lost forever.

Just how did someone at Nintendo sign of on this and think it was ok?!

I’m not mad really. I’m disappointed.

I’ve been a fan on Nintendo since I first got my N64 as a young child. As I’ve grown up and found I don’t have the time to sit down and play games as much anymore, the DS and 3DS have really helped and I appreciated Nintendo finally catching up with their competitors only 3 or 4 years late.

I really hope this was just a mistake on their part instead of a really stupid attempt to take money off customers hands. Oh Nintendo.

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