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Holy Crap MORE FIREFLY!!!! Sort of….


Nerd God Joss Whedon is currently in negotiations with Netflix to provide some New content for the distributor, namely new content from outer space. Yup With the success of the Netflix’s original series House of Cards starring Kevin Spacey and the presumed success of the upcoming Arrested Development Reboot. The Big Wigs at Netflix have decided to tap into a recent yet legendary TV property. Joss’s people were approached by NetFlix to have a 8 episode mini series made involving the War between the Brown-coats and the Alliance in the Firefly universe. Preliminary reports indicate that the format of the Series would involve 4 episode showing the Alliance view of the conflict then 4 episodes for the Brown-coats.


“Nobody views themselves as a bad villain in these types of conflicts, both sides are justified to a certain extent in their belief that their way is “RIGHT” ” Stated Whedon during a recent interview at the Latino

It is unlikely that any of the original cast would be in the mini-series (although a cameo from Mal and Zoe would be awesome) and unnecessary as the story will focus on the Generals  rather than the Foot soldiers.


Stan “THE MAN”  Lee to ROCK The Wolverine


Although “The Wolverine ” Hasn’t even hit the theaters, it looks like we are going to have something to look forward to for the DVD release. Comic Icon Stan Lee spent time on the set at the request of DIrector  James Mangold Image

 to perform some voiceover work as “AN ELDERLY LOGAN” remembering the trails and tribulation of his very long life. “Stan is great” Mangold professed “It is like we are flashing back to an episode of Spider-man and his Amazing friends in the 80’s. There is something very comforting about Stan’s voice as Logan is Slicing his way through an army of Ninja”

Regrettably Studio executive felt that the narration took away from the intensity of the movie, so it was scrapped.

Now we can just hope that it turns up on the B.R  or DVD release


Last but not least This cute  little thing was sent to me by a friend, so I suggest you click and enjoy,


this was actually kind of a wish list  for me, So I hope you’re not to pissed off with me. 🙂

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