Life In Plastic: Kenner Aliens NECA Could Use


Let me get this out of the way, first: NECA has not revealed any Kenner-based Aliens figures, and in fact said that they would only consider it after they have used up most of the possible movie designs – look at how long it took for the Kenner Predators to show up!  The upcoming “Genocide” two-pack is kind of ana nomaly, since it’s only a repaint and not a new sculpt.  And if they do decide to create Expanded universe creatures, I’d wager that we would see a Praetorian Alien before the Kenner creatures.  I also want a knew Predalien, because the old one can’t stand under its own weight, has fragile joints, and costs about $100 on the secondary market.  Ouch!

Kenner’s Aliens line propelled me out of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and into more monstrous stuff – it’s due to figures like the Scorpion Alien (seen above) that I ended up with bigger, better toys!  The Scorpion Alien isn’t in this list, though – it’s pretty much a standard movie Alien, only slightly spikier.  Kudos to Kenner for finding a way to release one, of course.  But anyway… if I just listed every single Kenner Alien, we’d be here all day!  So, while I love the Panther Alien’s flying parasite, or the Boar alien’s spikes, or the Snake Alien, there are a few that I’ll have to leave off.  The Snake Alien would make a great accessory with another figure, though.
Gorilla Alien


Another of the “Normal” Alien types, the Gorilla Alien is big, broader than other Xenos, and has a wider head.  It’s also got very long arms, and a little claw at the end of its tail.  Its action features were gripping arms and a water-squirting head, which would make this guy a confirmed “Spitter” Alien.

But how likely is it to show up?  If NECA does a Kenner line, I’d say it’s a pretty good possibility – the creature could use some retooled basic Alien parts, anf it’s not so outlandish a design that it would throw off very many fans.

Mantis AlienMantisAlien


The Mantis Alien is one of the two Aliens that reworked a few parts from other models –  it uses the Gorilla Alien’s torso and action feature, not that you could tell at a quick glance.  It’s certainly more insectile than other Kenner Aliens, with those big claws and abdomen-esque tail.  It’s also a work of art, especially when sunlight shines through its body.  I admit that this was always one of my favorites from the line, bar none.

It would probably require too much new tooling to become a figure, though I wou8ld love to see a full-sized Mantis Alien with fully-articulated claws, wouldn’t you?

Bull AlienBullAlien

Another Alien that resembles the movie creatures, the Bull Alien is a quadruped with horns and an extending neck.  Aside from those details, though, it sort of resembles a souped-up Runner from Alien 3.

This is one I could see getting a figure made, mostly due to the minimal tooling it would require, especially if NECA makes a Runner Alien.  The extending neck might have to go, but I could see a olot of fun coming from those articulated horns!



Confession time:  I’ve got a Rhino Alien right here on the couch with me right now.

Much like the Mantis Alien, the Rhino reuses the torso and action feature of another figure, in this case the Bull Alien.  It’s hard to tell at a glance, though, because everything else is so dramatically different, and the chunkier, blockier limbs work well with its body.  The RHino Alien is a huge, armored beast, fortified like a tank.  it’s a really bright color, too, and stands out like nothing else except that Mantis Alien.  I really, really like the RHino.  Even though it’s less of a “traditional” Xeno than the Bull Alien, I just love its aesthetic design.

Sadly, though, I don’t see this one becoming a figure – it would just need too much retooling, and might not be well-accepted by fans.



Coming a little late in the line, the Killer Crab was probably the real “Scorpion” Alien.  It’s a huge, four-armed, centaur-ish arachnoid monstrosity with a pincer tail.  And for its action feature, it actually launched little chestbursters from its body cavity!  This figure probably had more articulation than several others combined, if just because of the extra limbs.

The head is close enough to standard Xeno designs that I could see it and the u pper arms being reused, but the rest of the Killer Crab would have to be unique.  Could something so big and complex cost out in today’s toy market?  And how would they handle the parasites?



I don’t think it’s really a facehugger anymore when its entire body is different… but this massive scorpion-spider thing (I don’t still have one, hence the stock photo) is AWESOME!  I could see these things as sort of mobile facehugger-generators, or just a mutated line of defense inside a hive.

Although it would require new tooling, NECA could totally do this one.  hopefully they’d resist the urge to stick human reproductive organs all over it, since the toy lacked those…. but I saw the Prometheus Trilobite.  Did I ever.

Flying QueenExif JPEG

Yet again, here’s a figure that is too awesome to see the light.  The gigantic, translucent, winged, shrieking monstrosity from Hell is the perfect toy of a Winged Xenomorph!  I played with my old one a lot as a kid, and as you can see, I still have it (though she’s missing a finger).  It’s just so much unlike any of the other Aliens, and yet it fits the theme perfectly well – what I’d love to see is more of the footage from the toy’s vintage ad, since they apparently had a working animatronic puppet for the commercial!

The sad thing is, this would have to be an expensive deluxe figure, and do you see that happening?  i’d love to get an Alien with wings, though.  Maybe someday.



My old one broke.  The big head-wings/jaws/mandibles just up and snapped.  You know, this thing had a ridiculous head.  But does that mean it’s irredeemable?

Hell, no!  The King could be comibined with the Praetorian, or that Renegade “King” from the expanded universe!  At least one of the three is probably going to see the light of day sometime, and though I’m willing to guess it won’t be this ultra-drone, his design probably won’t be forgotten.




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