Holy Smokes! Properly dressed superheroines Batman!

Or how to make superheroines look even more badass when their costumes cover their skin!

It’s no secret that comics are facing a bit of a slight crisis at the moment. In fact, lets change that- ALL traditional geek entertainment is. As these forms of entertainment enter the public consciousness, it’s getting harder and harder to ignore that a lot of the portrayals of women and ethnicities other than white men are, well, just a little bit outdated and cater to a specific demographic.

Which is why concept work like Michael Lee Lunsford’s here is pretty good. His aim was to make costumes for comic superheroines that weren’t overly revealing, whilst keeping to the spirit of the character and the design ethos behind them.

Though he stresses the artwork isn’t there to make a point, just by it existing it shows that you can design costumes that both enhance how kick ass they are, whilst not showing off or providing excessive amounts of TnA for a (mostly) male audience. Just look at the Wonder Woman concept, she looks like a proper badass!

Anyway, if you want to see more of his work, which includes both Marvel and DC superheroines check out Micheal’s Tumber page here

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