Waiting for The Doctor

Tardis-in-Space-tardis-6289810-1280-768An overdue explanation.

Well now. It has been a while.  So my fellow Whovians I unfortunately have not had the pleasure of your company for these last few months. It was never my intent for this column to be on hiatus for so long. But what you intend and what happens are sometimes two different things. Recently I’ve had to move. And most all of us have had the exquisite torment that only can come from a move. Finances and companies wanting what little there are of said finances have made doing the basics that are required for a blog a bit of a stretch.  Fortunately some things are starting to ease up and allow a little more time to devote to the things I enjoy, such as the doctor and the discussion of the show that makes the most impossible things seem no harder then popping across the street.

When I last wrote I discussed the Impossible Child. In the next article we shall head into the second half of the story arc and continue our introduction to Captain Jack Hotness…I mean Harkness.  I do understand that the new season is out, and I am watching them with the same eagerness that a child has for holiday candy. But I think that though our Wait for the Doctor is done for now, I will still continue with the older “new” stuff.  I will try to be fair. I will try to be thorough.  And if things keep easing up and time freeing up I should be able to get back to the old schedule of one a day.

Mostly I would like to apologize for the lack of updates.  And as always, your comments are welcome and usually responded to. Till next time my fellow Whovians.

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