Codex Tau Empire: First Impressions

Its not bad, if not as changed as much as I had hoped

Well, when I saw the previews of the new Tau models I promised a comprehensive review of the new Tau Codex when it came out. Well, I picked it up from the post office yesterday and had a read through of it from front to back completely, rechecking a few points here and there, things I would have remembered easily a few years ago*. Now I haven’t had time to properly think through all the points of the new codex due to the work, so here are my initial thoughts before I do a more detailed review in a few days time.

So far, I’m quite impressed. Though GW’s habit of bolting on additional rules to codexs (instead of just using an appropriate rule from the main rulebook) pretty much carries on unabated, its quite restrained when compared to codexs of past. The look and layout of the hardback book is very nice and the colour pages are certainly appreciated. The background seems to be focusing on refining past background points that didn’t make too much sense, whilst making it clear to everyone that the Tau as a race are not quite the good guys a lot of fans paint them as. Its a point made early on that the Tau have a lot of parallels to the early Imperium (whilst the Big E was still kicking around), in particular their belief in mastery of the universe and their central figure being someone who is treated almost as a deity, despite their general a religious teachings (the Tau ignorance of the warp is something that seems to be skimmed over, but perhaps future updates will elaborate on that).

Army wise, Jeremy Vinecock seems to have taken the more organised approach of the 4th edition book and combined it with the feel of the origional Tau Codex, creating a list that has a few add ons that help with army synergy but that lack the suprise or spontaneity of the first book.

Two things jump out at me. The Tau book may force those using flyer spam lists to readdress their lists as there is the potential to have a lot of units with Interceptor and skyfire. Also if played right Tau could really be a force to be feared should people try to assault them.

Anyway, I shall have a think over the army properly tomorrow and try and get something up for Saturday. In the meantime, if you have any questions about the book,feel free to post them in the comments section below and I will answer them as best I can!
See you soon.
*as my brain gets used to playing games with less rules but more depth, its tolerance for the somewhat convoluted rules system 40K abides by is lowering

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