Monster Hunting: Texas Style

Ever wondered what it would be like if two idiots were monster hunters? Wonder no more.

This is more of a helpful post to aid a fellow Topless Robot fan Kyle Andrews than a ‘real’ post, but it shouldn’t be taken to be any less important. In fact its even more so, for whilst many of us are happy to sit at our laptops and post scathing reviews of things, Kyle has spent at least….an afternoon(?) filming a Trailer for a quite funny comedy series about Monster Hunting Texan Cowboys*.

The idea is to turn it into a series or a short film, which I wouldn’t mind seeing more of myself. The jokes by far make up for what is lacking in the budget department.

Anyway, check out the video and his youtube channel if that’s your thing.

* I realise the accents may not Texan and some American readers may take umbridge with this. But I’m British, so lets call it even for casting us as villains in all your films.

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