FanFiction Friday: Malcolm in the Middle in “Malcolm And My Neighbors”

Well, here we are again. First, I’m sorry about there being no FFF last week. I fully intended on doing one, but things simply didn’t work out. Sorry about that.

Second, this weeks FFF is rather long, but once we start in earnest, I think you’ll understand why I’m forced to run this for FFF.

This story comes from As such, I don’t know the authors name, but if I ever find it, I’ll let you know. Now, on with the show.

Malcolm and My Neighbors
Chapter 1
Naked Indians

If that title gave you chills, your on the right track.

I had my pick of houses to buy.  I was 22, a year out of college, and had
just landed a job as the gym teacher at the nearby combined
elementary/middle school.  I was lucky to get any job as a physical
education teacher, but then, most people want the high school positions.
But me, I like the younger kids.  I mean, I REALLY like the younger kids,
if you know what I mean.  Well…boys, that is.  Anyway, the neighborhood
was about 20 minutes from my friends and family, but I preferred to live
near work.  With the location of these houses, I could actually walk to
school.  Plus, I thought it was time to get a little buffer between my
family and me…time to branch out and start my own life independently.

Well, that’s all well and good, but- wait, what? “Likes little boys”? Is… is this…

The interesting thing is that there were 3 houses for sale, all surrounding
this one house that wasn’t for sale.  The one not for sale had a very
shabby looking yard.  The houses for sale were the ones on each side of it,
and the one across the street.  I suppose had there been a house behind,
that might have been for sale as well.  But behind the houses were some
woods and a creek.  Of the three available, I had focused on the one to the
right.  The driveway of it met the driveway of the shabby house next door.
But the previous owners had planted a row of shrubs in between the
driveways as a buffer.  Still, someone had been apparently walking or
running through it, because there was a path worn through the hedge back
near the fence.  And that was another thing.  The back yard was surrounded
by an eight foot tall fence.  I figured that was just for privacy because
of the in ground pool.  But what was really interesting is that the fence
along the left side (the one adjoining the shabby yard house) was fortified
with sheet metal and extra boards.  I didn’t think too much about it at the
time�maybe that wall got a lot of wind or something.  Anyway, the house
was in decent shape and of the 3 available it was the only one with a pool.
It also had a basement, which was apparently rare in this neighborhood.

Why would the basement matter? Unless… unless he’s trying to hide something…

So, it was my second visit to see the property and I had pretty much
decided on the house but I was still wondering about the neighbors.  The
real estate agent and I were walking out the door when she got a call and
had to run.  But that was fine since we had arrived in separate cars.  As I
was walking to my car, I heard someone in the driveway next door so I
walked between the gap in the hedge to see a man of about 40 rinsing off an
old dodge van.

I’m sure Dodge appreciates the product placement.

“Hi,” I said, “I’m thinking about maybe buying the house next door.”  “Oh
good,” he said, doing a final squirt of water on the side door.  “Just
rinsing off a bit of war paint.”

Let’s break this insanity down, shall we?

  • Who the hell is talking? Malcom or the neighbor?
  • If Malcom is talking, why is he cleaning this dudes car?
  • If the neighbor is talking, why is the neighbor buying the house next to his?
  • “War paint”?

Okay, let’s continue.

War paint?  Just then, I heard whooping and hollering, and looked up to see
3 boys running across the yard to the swing set.  The guy with the hose
kept talking, but I didn’t hear a word he said.  Thirty feet away from me
was my wetdream of all wetdreams.  Three boys about 6, 8, and 11, with
Indian stripes on their face and chest.  The 2 older ones had only
loincloths on, and the little one was completely NAKED!

Even the third person omnipetent author/narrarator is shocked!

I hadn’t really thought about 6-year-olds before.  My favorite age is 11 or
12, but just the audacity of this little bugger running around completely
naked with warpaint and screaming�it reeked male sexuality.

No, you’re just a pervert.

He looked
to be about 40 pounds and not much over 3 feet tall.  I would guess his
nose was just about the height of the kitchen countertop.  He looked to be
blond, but it was hard to tell how blond. All 3 of the boys had caked hair
gel�or something�into their hair in order to shape it in the middle
and make it stick up like a mohawk.  The little tyke was fairly tan for a
blond.  Even his ass and cock were not the blinding white that you would
expect.  (And that’s unfortunate, cause I think that’s so hot.)


 Anyway, I got the impression that he was no stranger to naked outdoor play.  His cock
was about an inch and a half I’d say�probably about an inch of actual
cock and a half inch of foreskin.  I wondered how big it was hard.  Had he
ever been hard?  Would the foreskin still cover it or would the head peek
out?  No way to guess.  His marble size balls were just barely visible.
But he had the cutest ears that stuck out pretty far, and gorgeous big
brown eyes.  And then there was his ass.  A lot of little boys have those
pathetic soft squishy totally flat butts until they hit puberty.  Not this
little stud.  His was a big boy butt.  Firm and round and arching out from
his little waist.  I would guess that if he were lying on his stomach, the
top of his butt would be about 4 inches higher than his waist.  Okay, maybe
3, but still, perfection.

Just watching the 3 of them run around looking and screaming like animals
was as sexy as any porno on earth could be.  I was glad I was wearing tight
jeans that kept my raging 6 inch hard-on hidden.  My cock had started to
grow as soon as my brain began to process the sight before me and in a few
seconds was fully engorged, although, painfully pushed down into the
pantsleg of my Levis.

And the father of these little brats is just standing here? Watching all this? WORST. PARENT. EVER.

By this time, the oldest one was standing on top of the sliding board
dancing and whooping, while the younger 2 were running around the slide
doing a war dance. Then the little one saw me. “Well that’s the end of
that show,” I thought, sadly, “now he’s going to run into the house to hide
his nakedness.”  But no.  He looked right at me and screamed, “White man!”
and ran over to me, toy tomahawk in the air, his little cocklett bouncing
and jiggling all the way.  He stopped about 4 feet from me, both arms
raised, ready to attack.  I drank in the white hairless armpits (yeh,
that’s one of my things) and the rest of this naked angel.  I’m sure he
wasn’t trying to be sexual (well, pretty sure) but the way he was leaning
back with his arms ready to attack and wiggling and yelling, it gave the
effect of jutting his cock out toward me and shaking it back and forth,
almost as if he were saying, “Suck it, white man.”


Believe me, in another world�in a culture where it was permissible, I
would have readily dropped to my knees, feasted on his offering and been
the sexslave of this miniature warrior.  As it was, my knees buckled and I
had to back up and lean against the van for support. The father apparently
noticed my plight and said, “Don’t be scared, he’s just playing.”  Surely
now, the show would be over and the “jutting cockboy” would be sent into
the house to get some clothes.  And though disappointed, I was more than a
little relieved as I was afraid that any minute I was going to be
convulsing in a spontaneous orgasm.  But again, no.  The father gently
turned him around, gave him a gentle push on that beautiful bare back and
simply said, “Go play, honey.”


Then he called after him, “Dewey, where’s your loincloth?”  (Okay, NOW was
the show over?)

“Reese’s rope broke, and he took mine.”

“Okay, just be careful where you sit.”

Wow.  So the little one’s name was Dewey and one of the other two was
called Reese.  Unusual names.  “Which one’s Reese?” I asked.  (I was only
just able to speak.)

“Reese is the one on top of the sliding board and the other one is


But I haven’t yet described the other two.  Let’s start with Malcolm.
According to his father, he wasn’t 8, but actually 11�just a late
bloomer.  He was a little over 4 feet tall and very skinny.  Not as much
butt as his brothers, but then, what I could see of it (which was a lot,
actually) his WAS that stupendous blinding white in contrast to his
slightly darker skin.  Yum yum!  The loincloths they wore were only about 3
inches wide both in the front and back, barely covering their most intimate
delicacies.  So Malcolm, while maybe not as traditionally “hot” as his
older brother had a certain shy innocence about him which made him all the
more attractive to me.  While it was terribly sexy for the littlest one to
run around so confidently uncovered, it would be equally sexy to get a peek
at this more reserved brother’s most private parts, either accidentally or
with his permission.

Oh, for fucks sake! No. No it wouldn’t. You know what would be sexy? IF YOU FUCKING DIED IN A FIRE YOU PIECE OF SHIT

And then there was Reese.  The oldest at 12 and also small for his
age�maybe about 4 and a half feet in height if that.  But he was already
getting a shape�flat stomach and thin waste and the beginning of pecs.
And like his little brother, that wonderful jutting, firm, curve of an
ass�definitely 4 inches out from the waist for him.  And he had a fair
amount of tan already, considering it was only June.  Of the three
brothers, he seemed to be the most confident.  Or I don’t know if confident
is the word.  He seemed to just not care.  I mean�he was “out
there”�screaming and jumping on the slide more like a wild animal than
an Indian.  He definitely had a “devil-may-care” attitude about him.  Like
his little brother, but in a more pointed, stronger way, he oozed sexuality
and maleness from the top of that kiddie slide.

Meanwhile, Dewey was climbing the ladder of the slide and saying, “I want
my loincloth back.”  He started tugging on the little piece of cloth that
was the only thing separating Reese’s privates from my horny gaze.  Reese
just kept dancing and whooping.  Did he not realize his brother was about
to denude him?  Did he not know a stranger was standing in the driveway
watching?  Did he not care?  Little Dewey had managed to pull the cloth
down from his brother’s crotch to the point where he could wrap his fingers
fully around it.  Then, with one swift hard tug, it pulled out of the
binder and completely off, leaving Reese with nothing but a rope around his
waist.  No lie, I really did nearly faint.  I managed to stay upright while
leaning against the van, but I did black out for a second or two.


Thankfully, I didn’t miss the next part.  As Reese, turned around to look
down at Dewey, Malcolm shimmied up the slide and aimed�and I mean he
took his time and aimed his tomahawk right for Reese’s buttcrack. Swoosh!
“Ow,” yelled Reese.  The next thing I knew, Malcolm and Dewey were running
past us to the front yard�and Reese was running after them�TOTALLY

The same thing they’ve been doing for the past few hundered words? HOW SHOCKING

Dewey hadn’t bothered to don the loincloth but was still naked as
well�twirling the scant piece of clothing over his head while whooping
like an Indian.  “Boys, boys!” shouted their father, “Stop!”

Okay, finally some sanity?  “Boys,” said their father, I want you to meet


“Mr. Jones.  He might buy the house next door.”

“Also, he’ll molest you, which I am apparently entirely okay with. Now, make things easy on him, and bend over.” WORST FATHER EVER

“That would be nice,” said Malcolm, obviously the one in the group who
could show some decorum.  “Can we swim in your pool?” asked Dewy, “Please,
please, pleeeaassee?”  By this time, he had wrapped his naked body around
my leg.  I took the opportunity to rub the back of his head and his
shoulders as far as I could reach.  Meanwhile, I was checking out the mini
hunk-of-all-hunks, Reese, who was still jumping around me and saying things
like, “Swim…pool…paleface.”  But at least I got to check him out close
up.  His bouncing boytool looked to be close to 3 inches long (counting the
half inch of foreskin) and was there?  Yes there was�just the tiniest
wisps of pubic hair on each side of the base of his little morsel.  His
balls were also developed, the size of grapes and definitely hanging down
in their sack, although not hanging as far as that beautiful cock.


I assured them they could swim in the pool if I decided to buy the house.
IF?  Who was I kidding?

The father, who by this time had told me his name was Hal, pried Dewey off
of my leg (almost bumping my engorged dick in the process) and then the
three boys proceeded out to the front yard at breakneck speed.  What kind
of family was this?  Moreover, what kind of idiots would ever want to move
away from them?

Isn’t Malcolm the pedophile here? Is he just talking to a clone family? Is he a time traveler? Or is this dude a self insert of the author and OH MY GOD WHY AM I THINKING ABOUT THIS KILL ME KILL MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Just then, a woman, I assume the mother, came out the side door wearing a
smock with a namebadge that said, “Lois.”  You could hear the distant
sounds of slapping and yelling coming from the front yard.  “Boys, get over
here!” she screamed.  “Hal, the boys used up all my hairgel and lipstick.
What are they doing with lipstick?”

“Honey, they’re just playing Indians.  They needed warpaint.  Just be glad
they’re doing it outside and not in.”

So, at least she’s being written in charecter, right?

Just then, the boys came running back down the driveway and this time,
Reese’s cock wasn’t jiggling as before.  No.  It was ROCK HARD!!!  I kid
you not.  About 4 inches in length, as big around as a roll of dimes and
sticking straight up.  He ran back to the garage and stopped and turned
around, doing a war yell and posing with his arms clenched to show off his
budding biceps.  Malcolm grabbed the hose off the driveway and aimed a
pointed spray right at his brother’s dick!  It was a direct hit.  Reese
doubled over and ran off�I’m not sure if in pleasure or pain or both.

Malcolm used ‘Hose of Dickery’! It was super effective!

“Boys,” shouted their mother.  “Reese, come here!”  Reese, with dick now at
half-mast and sticking straight out from his hot little body, joined his
brothers in the driveway.  “Make sure you take a shower before bed and no
more getting in my makeup!”

“Okay, Mom,” said Malcolm, “we promise.”  “But can you get us some warpaint
at the store, Mom?” asked Dewey.  “I’ll see, sweetie,” answered his Mom.
And the boys ran off around the back corner of the house which was both
mercifully and sadly, out of my sight.

So, Luis is the good one? I should be rooting for Luis? Woohoo, Team Luis! Yay!

“Honey,” said Hal, “this is Mr. Jones.  He’s thinking about buying the
Waldman’s house.”

“Nice to meet you Mr. Jones, but sorry I have to get to work.”  She started
to get into the van then stopped as if pulled back by something.  She
paused and gave me a serious look.  “Listen, Mr. Jones.  I’m sure you’re a
nice person and you’d make a wonderful neighbor.  And we’re nice people
too, that is, Hal and me.  But our kids…our kids are hellions.  If you
knew me, you’d know that my big thing is honesty.  And I have to tell you,
if you move in over there, whether you give them permission or not, you’re
going to have kids in your yard, in your pool and maybe with swimsuits,
maybe not.  If that’s not okay, then consider yourself warned, and if it is
okay, then welcome to the neighborhood.”  And with that, she kissed her
husband, got in the van and drove off.

Nevermind. She is an awful parent, too.

As she was starting the van, a crash was heard in the backyard and Hal went
to investigate.  And as she backed away, a still naked little Dewey was
revealed on the other side of the van, peeing on the hedge between the
driveways.  He stood there unabashedly with his hands on his hips while
bending in the middle to push his little penis forward.  I couldn’t help
it; I walked over in order to stare at the golden nectar being released
from that magically beautiful little wand.  He didn’t care.  “Look,
Mr. Jones,” he looked up smiling, all cuteness and deliciousness, “I’m
watering your bushes for you!”

“Yes you are, young man!”  I had knelt down to get on eye level with him
(yeh, right) and put my hand out to pat his head, but went lower to his
back, then finally patted his waist just at the top of that luscious butt.
I so wanted to go lower but thought better of it.  You see for all of the
lust I’ve just told you about, I had never been with anyone under age, at
least not under my age.  I’ll tell you more about my history later.


But back to the story�I was so horny at this point I wondered if I had
created a new medical condition.  What would you call it when you have your
first shake of an orgasm and your cum is already in your cock, ready to
spew, but then you hold off cumming for 10 minutes?  Whatever it is, I was
in a state I had never been.  But before I could cum, I had to make sure I
got this house!  I nearly ran to the car, then drove around the block to a
side street where there were no houses close, stopped, pulled out my
cellphone and my aching cock.

“Mrs. Rayburn,” I said, “I definitely want the house.”  I was barely able
to keep my hand off my raging hard-on but I was afraid that with one touch,
I would spew. “That’s great,” she said, “because the owners are desperate
and they just lowered the price again.  I can meet you to do the contract
in 30 minutes.”  I hung up the phone and was about to grab myself.  But
then I thought, “at least try to make this last.”  I looked around and saw
no one.  I reclined the seat all the way, undid my pants and pulled them
and my underwear down below my knees.  Then I took my shirt off in part
because I wanted to be naked and in part because it was the only thing I
had to catch the huge load I was about to shoot.  I closed my eyes and
replayed the scenes of the last 10 minutes.  Images went flying through my
head like someone quickly changing channels on the TV.  I saw little Dewy
shaking his tiny cocklett at me, Reese dancing fully naked on top of the
slide, then getting a tomahawk between his cheeks, Reese with his raging
boner getting hit by a water stream from Malcolm, and I saw myself rubbing
the lower back of precious little Dewey while he made peepee with his sweet
little peepee, just a foot and a half from my eyes…and mouth…  Within
seconds I felt my orgasm coming.  It seemed to start in my toes, my
fingertips and the top of my head, then converge in the middle of my body,
then fan out again.  I went into convulsions that wildly shook the car.  If
I had had my seatbelt on, it would have surly snapped.  From somewhere deep
within me�a new place I hadn’t known about before, emerged my own
unabashed warcry.  “EEOOWWWOOOO!” I wailed as I exploded all over my
hand�and not just my hand but my chest, my chin…there was cum all over
the car ceiling.  The space shuttle should have such a blast off.  I almost
passed out again.  It was gut-wrenchingly wonderful.  Finally, sweet
release.  I sat in my car, nearly naked, dazed as I recovered from what
closely resembled a combination seizure and heart attack.  Yes.  I HAD to
have that house!!!

Not four hundered words before orgasm. What is it with premature ejaculations in FFF lately?

But was I doing the right thing?  Would I really enjoy the possibilities
that lay ahead or would it just be constant torture? My aching cock told
me that I had to find out.  And even if it would be torture, torture had
never been so sweet.

That’s the end of chapter one. I’m not running all nineteen chapters, but we’ll run chapter 19.

Just, hang in there.

Malcolm and My Neighbors
Chapter 19
Dewey Lends a Hand

So…continuing the saga of the after effects of the crazy hot chili I
accidently made, and that we ate, we had each had 2 enemas along with
boners, rimming, sucking, and orgasms along the way.  That got rid of the
burning but not the itching.  So I persuaded the boys that getting fucked
was the best way to “scratch the itch.”  Reese had fucked Malcolm and
Malcolm had fucked Dewey and Reese.  Everyone had been happily, lustily
fucked and thus relieved of the horrible, intense itch � everyone but

No, I don’t know what the fuck is going on, because I absolutely refuse to go back and read the rest.

“You didn’t get your itch scratched yet,” Malcolm said to me.  “I’ll fuck
you, Uncle Jay!” proclaimed Reese with a big smile.  Ah Reese � such a
helpful boy scout.  But no.  “You know I love your dick, Little Man,” I
said, “and it’s the perfect size for you and looks great on you.  But I’m
afraid I need something a little bigger to scratch my itch.”  “How big?”
asked Malcolm, the practical scientist.  “Oh, I don’t know,” I said, “maybe
I will have to go to the porn store and buy a fake dick.”  “Can I come?!”
exclaimed Reese.  “No, Reese,” I said, “they wouldn’t let you in anyway.”
Reese’s face drooped in disappointment.

Yes, the little preteen boys is now depressed that he can’t enter the sex shop. THIS IS WHY WE CANT HAVE NICE THINGS

Malcolm was thinking hard � I could really see the wheels turning.
“What are you doing Malcolm?” I said, “trying to think of someone you can
call up to come over and fuck me?” “No,” said Malcolm, “not exactly. But
give me a minute. I bet I can think of something.” Okay, I would give him
a minute.  Given his genius level IQ, not to mention his proclamation that
he had seen every kind of sex act on the internet, he probably could think
of something.  “C’mon, Malcolm,” I said to myself, “think of something.”
And then…he jerked his head up with a smile and I saw the light come into
his eye.  And I wondered what adventure was in store for me next.


He looked at me and smiled, then his gaze lowered to a still sleeping
Dewey.  What was he thinking?  Still with a gleam in his eye, he slowly
moved over and lifted up Dewey’s little arm, looking it over up and down.
What WAS he think–?  Oh shit!  Oh no!  “Malcolm, no!” I said.  “But it’s
the right size,” said Malcolm, “and it will have some give to it like a
dick.”  He had this evil grin on his little face.  Reese was looking back
and forth at us, a fake smile plastered on his own little face.  It was
obvious that he had no idea what we were talking about.  “Malcolm, I know
I’m a perve but I just can’t � I can’t go there.  I mean, DEWEY?  Doing
THAT?!  No man.  That’s just too sick.  Besides, he wouldn’t do it anyway.”


“Do WHAT?” exclaimed Reese, finally exploding out of his pretend smile.
“Malcolm wants Dewey to shove his arm up my ass,” I blurted out.  “Ewwwww!”
cried Reese.  “That’s the sickest…that’s the most… that’s… ewwwww!”
and he fell over forward with his face in the mattress.  “Malcolm, you
gotta think of something else,” I said. “I mean, even if I would agree to
that, Dewey never would.”  “I’ll do it!” busted out Reese as he popped up
into a sitting position with another big smile on his face.  “Reese, your
arm is too big,” I said.


“Man,” cried Reese, “first I’m too small and now I’m too big!  You never
let me do anything around here!”  And he got up and stalked out of the
room, pouting.  I guess that’s normal.  Most 12-year-old boys I know do
pout when they don’t get to fist fuck someone.

Sookie scream

In spite of myself, I couldn’t help but look at Dewey’s little arm.  Dang
if it wasn’t the size of a nice, big cock.  I mean, his hand would hurt
some going through my crimper, but once it popped in, it would be okay �
I could pretend it was a really big cockhead.  Oh shit, what was I
thinking?  About this time, Dewey started waking up.  He opened his eyes to
see Malcolm and me both starting at him.  “Whhhaattt?!” he cried.  “Dewey,
you gotta help Uncle Jay with his itch,” blurted out Malcolm, “you’re the
only one who can do it.”  “Okay,” said Dewey sleepily.

“Malcolm, no!” I said.  “Anyway, let’s don’t talk about it right now.
Let’s get you guys in the shower to wash all this gook off your cocks and
butts.”  Malcolm didn’t say anything but he looked at me with this
shit-eating grin.  Man.  When it came to doing perverted things, or should
I say orchestrating others to do perverted things, he was worse that Reese.
He was almost as bad as me!  Maybe worse!  “You’re gonna do it,” whispered
Malcolm evilly to me as we got up.  “You said let’s don’t talk about it
`now,” he said, “that means you want to talk about it later!” and he let
out a little giggle.  “My, we just notice everything don’t we?” I said.
“Uh-huh,” he said.  But then he got up on tip-toe and gave me a kiss on the
neck.  Ah… so sweet.

“Let’s don’t talk about it”? The fuck? Are you having a stroke?

…because, I’m okay with that, if you are.

While Malcolm got the shower going, I went over to get Reese.  He was
working out on one of the weight machines, his body naked, legs spread,
feet on the floor, little boy crotch widely exposed.  I couldn’t help but
stop and stare for a moment.  Man, he looked sexy.  “Reese,” I said.
“What?” he said, still pouting.  “You would never want to hurt me, would
you?”  “No,” he said.  “Well,” I said, kneeling down and getting right down
in his face, “If you were to put your big strong, muscular arm up my butt,
it would split me wide open.  It would be torture.”  “Muscular?” he said,
and his eyes lit up.  “Or course,” I said, “you wouldn’t want to hurt me
with it, would you?”  “Nah,” he said, all smiles now.  “Gimme a kiss,” I
said.  And I leaned down and not only did he return my kiss, but he wrapped
his arms around my naked back and held me there for a good 10 seconds.  It
was enough to make my cock come all the way up.  Man!

Time for an FFF classic!

“Okay, let’s go dude.  Time to hit the showers,” I said as I stood up.
“Did I do that?” he said, pointing to my hard cock and giggling.  “Yes, you
sure did, Little Man,” I said, unashamedly.  He let out another giggle, and
then: “Carry me,” he said in a little boy voice as he put his arms up and
gave me that “Bambi eyes” look.  That was enough to make my cock twitch.
Of course I obliged, grabbing onto his naked armpits and lifting him
against me, him wrapping his legs around my waist as usual.  “I love you,
Little Man,” I said softly into his ear as I carried him across the room.
“I love you too, Uncle Jay,” he said and gave me a squeeze.
Ahhh… hearing him call me “Uncle Jay” and then the squeeze � two more
twitches for my cock.  Were they twitches of love or twitches of lust?
60/40 I’d say, or maybe even 90/10.  I did love these boys.  I really did.

I could hear Malcolm and Dewey singing in the shower, but I didn’t know
what they were singing.  They had been in there a couple minutes, but
luckily, the previous owners had put in a tankless water heater.  You could
run that shower literally forever and not run out of hot water.  “Hey,
Uncle Jay!” said Dewey, when I walked in with Reese.  “We’re making up
songs!”  “He’s good at it!” said Malcolm.  “Do another one Dewey!”  He
looked around the shower, then he sang, “Water, water down the drain; no
more water…”  “It’s a shame,” sang Malcolm.  “It’s a shame,” sang Dewey,
“water, water on the floor,” Dewey continued…uh…”  “Helps me when my
peepee’s sore,” sang Reese, cracking himself and his brothers up.  I
globbed a bunch of liquid soap all over them, then we all sang as loud as
we could while we washed and laughed:

Water, water, down the drain;
No more water, it’s a shame!
Water, water, on the floor;
Helps me when my peepee’s sore!

Okay, I think that’s over now!

Sure, it didn’t make any sense but hey, I was in the shower with 3
beautiful naked boys singing about peepees.  I wasn’t about to complain!

I will! I’ll complain! And call the cops!

Now if you’re waiting for some big sex scene in the shower to happen,
sorry, but not this time.  We had all had our share of explosive orgasms
and it wasn’t even late morning yet.  Plus, we were still lacking in sleep.
I mean there ARE other things in life besides sex.  Seriously, there ARE.
In fact, I was thoroughly enjoying the just plain showering � an uncle
with his boys, singing and having fun, without the intensity or tension of
adding sexual play to it.  Now if I could just do something about this
horrible itching on my anus, then life would be perfect.  Malcolm must have
read my mind.

“So, Dewey,” he said, “you’re going to have to stick your arm up Uncle
Jay’s butt so he can get rid of his itch.”  Oh fuck.  He just spit that out
before I had a chance to stop him.  I opened my mouth to speak but then
thought, what the heck, it’s out of the bag now.  Let’s see how Dewey
reacts.  “Will it hurt?” asked Dewey.  “It might hurt him some at first,”
explained Malcolm, “but it will help him with his itch.”  “Nooo,” said
Dewey, “I mean, will it hurt ME?”  “Well, it will squeeze your arm a little
bit,” I said, “but it won’t hurt.”  Malcolm gave me the most evil grin.
Wait, fuck!  What was I saying?!  “But Dewey�” I started, but he
interrupted me.  “What if it gets stuck in there?” he said.  “Then, he’ll
have a Dewey tail!” cried Reese, and as always, he fell down laughing at
his own joke.  Malcolm and Dewey laughed as well.

freaked out

“It won’t get stuck,” said Malcolm, when they had finally finished their
laughter. “It’s easier to pull it out than to push it in. So if it goes
in, it will definitely come out.  I promise.”  “Okay,” said Dewey simply.
“Oh fuck!” exclaimed Reese, and his 3-inch soft cock started to rise to its
hard 4-inches.  “Look guys,” I said (but with not a huge amount of
conviction), “I haven’t agreed to this yet.”  “Then what’s THIS?” said
Malcolm and he actually hit the end of my fully hard cock back and forth
about 5 times and said “boing, boing, boing” as he did.  Again, this
elicited giggles from all 3 of the boys.  It’s true, my cock had softened
again when I put Reese down and we were just soaping up and singing.  I
wasn’t even aware until Malcolm “boinged” it, that I had chubbed up again
at the talk of little Dewey fisting me.  And then, the fact that now for
the second time, Malcolm had touched my cock.  That just about sent me into
a fainting orgasm right there.  I had to stumble back and brace myself
against the wall.


I slid down the wall and sat on the shower floor.  “Guys,” I said, “I need
to talk to Malcolm alone.  You go on out and we’ll be out in a minute.”
They left.  “Turn off the shower, Malcolm,” I said.  He did.  “Now, c’mere
and sit down here and look at me.”  He straddled my lap and sat his naked
butt down on my thighs, facing me.  “Are you mad or something?” he asked.

“No,” I said, “well…maybe.  Look, I don’t know what I am.  But I know I
don’t like the way you are manipulating me, manipulating this situation.
Even, `boinging’ my cock like you did.  That was calculated, wasn’t it?
Designed to make me really horny and give in?”  “Yes,” he said.  “But is
that so bad?  I mean, I’m being very transparent about it.  And I’m only
trying to get you to do something that I think deep down you really want to
do.  It would be one thing if I was really tricking you.  But you are
totally aware that I’m manipulating you.  Besides, you do it to us all the
time.  And Reese and Dewey don’t even know it.”  “Like when?” I asked.
“Like when you told us we had to put all our butts together for the enemas
so you could monitor us.  That was total bull.  You just said that so you
could perve on the sight.”  I swallowed hard.  He was absolutely right.
“How come if you knew that, you didn’t say anything?” I asked.  “Because
you were having fun,” he answered.  “I wanted you to have your fun.  I have
fun when you’re having fun.”  Fuck, this kid should be a lawyer.


“Uncle Jay, I love you,” he said, and he leaned over to put his head
against my chest and hug me.  I wrapped my arms around him and hugged him
back.  “I’m really smart at school stuff,” he continued, “and maybe
sometimes I am smart at manipulating people.  But I’m not smart at… I
mean… my parents had horrible parents.  And even though I hate them
sometimes, especially Mom, I have to admit, they try.  What I’m trying to
say is that I’m not smart at relationship stuff because my whole family is
terrible at it. So I don’t know any better. You’re way smarter than me at
how to treat people.  But I would never on purpose do anything to make you

“Oh fuck, Malcolm,” I sighed.  “I know that, already did.  I’m not so sure
you’re not smarter than me at relationship stuff either, because that was
just about the smartest thing I ever heard from an 11-year-old,” I said.
“That’s because you haven’t heard me do Algebraic Geometry,” he said.  This
made me crack up and Malcolm laughed as well.  He leaned back and looked at
me.  “So are you ready to let Dewey scratch your itch?” he asked with a
twinkle in his eye.  I sighed.  “Malcolm, it’s such a weird thing to do.
It’s a weird thing for anybody to do.  It’s a weird thing for an 11 and 12
year old to watch, and it’s definitely a weird thing for a 6-year-old to
do.”  “Well, we’ve already done plenty of things we shouldn’t anyway” he
said.  “Besides, Dewey already knew about jacking off and cum long before
you came along.  And if he didn’t want to do it to you, he would say so.”
I knew this was true.  Dewey was certainly vocal about his likes and
dislikes.  “Oh fuck, what the heck!” I sighed.  “Anything to get rid of
this itch.”

“Yay!” cried Reese from the hallway.  “C’mon, then!” cried Dewey, “I want
to get done and go swimming!”  I looked at Malcolm and he just smiled and
shrugged his shoulders.  He knew his brothers would be listening and had
been the whole time.  Oh well.  We took a few seconds to towel off and
walked out to the family room.  I still had a full unopened tube of the sex
lubricant.  We were going to need it.

Before I could lose my nerve and back out, I dropped right down to the
mattress and got into position on my hands and knees, jutting out my ass
and exposing my smooth hole for all to see.  It was embarrassing and highly
erotic to me at the same time.  I sighed as I lowered my head to the
mattress, again both in embarrassment and lust.  “Wwooowww,” said little
Dewey, and it sounded like his face was no more than a foot from my
obscenely exposed hole, “I’ll never get my hand through THAT thing!”  “Yes
you will,” Malcolm and I both said in unison.  This caused another laugh to
come out from all of us.  And it helped me relax somewhat too.

Hold on, one more.

Okay, done now.

“Dewey, just squish all your fingers together,” I said, “and try to keep
your hand as narrow as possible.  “Okay,” he said.  “And Malcolm, don’t be
stingy with the lube,” I continued.  “Go ahead and put it all over his arm
and hand � use about half the tube, especially on his hand.”  “Got it,”
said Malcolm, and I heard the seal break on the cap as he unscrewed it.  I
couldn’t help but shudder.  I still had misgivings about this whole thing
but number one, my hole was itching to the point of driving me crazy;
number two, Dewey was willing; and number three, my cock was as hard as it
had ever been.


“One more thing, Dewey,” I said.  “However far you get your hand or arm in,
don’t pull back out no matter what kind of noises I make.  You gotta keep
it in and let me get used to it.  So don’t pull out unless I specifically
say so.”  “Okay,” said Dewey simply.  Actually the boys, especially Dewey,
seemed to be more-or-less taking this in stride � like we were about to
wash a car or something.  I was the only one who seemed to think it was all
terribly freaky.

“Here he comes!” said Malcolm, obvious glee in his high, 11-year-old voice.
“Oh fuck!” said Reese in his just slightly lower voice.  I could tell that
Reese had parked himself and his face right at my butt as well.  Everybody
likes a good view, I guess.


“Ahh,” I jerked a little bit as Dewey placed his 6-year-old finger tips at
the entrance to the center of my inside.  “What?” said Malcolm, the
orchestrator, medic, and producer of this event.  “Nothing, it’s just a
little cold,” I said.  “Go ahead and start pushing, Dewey,” I said, really
starting to feel my lust pumping now, “but gently at first.”  I buried my
young face into the mattress and pushed out for all I was worth � I
tried to pretend I was attempting to shit out a watermelon.  I felt his
fingers coming in � all the way up to the end � to the widest part of
his hand, I think.  Oh fuck!  I know it’s a clich�, but the pain and the
pleasure!  Fuck!  “Wow,” sighed Reese.  “Yeah, wow,” said little Dewey
quietly.  But he stopped, not able to go any further.


Okay, Dewey,” I said, grunting out my words, more with just the feeling of
being invaded as opposed to real pain. “Pull out your hand just a tiny bit
so Malcolm can put more lube on it, then push it back in.”  I felt my
stretched wide hole close up a little as he pulled back, then stretched
wide as he pushed in again.  I bore down.  Still no further movement.  “Do
it again,” said Malcolm.  And again, I felt my hole close slightly for a
few seconds while young Malcolm squirted more lube on little Dewey’s
6-year-old paw.  Then, I was stretched again but still no entrance.  “I
don’t think we can really get any more lube on,” said Malcolm.  “It’s just
going to fall off onto the mattress.”  “I know,” I grunted.  “Just give me
a minute to get used to it and my hole will open up.  I’ve taken cocks this
big before.  “I KNEW IT!” cried Reese.  “You wouldn’t tell me, but I KNEW
you been fucked before!” he said, loudly and proudly.  “Okay,
congratulations,” I said, through gritted teeth.  Oh fuck.  I was straining
to get Dewey in.  I closed my eyes tightly and as I bore down even harder,
I started to imagine it was an actual cock.

I pretended it was Dewey’s cock.  Dewey’s big cock.  Ten years had gone by
and he was now 16.  He was still small in frame, but his cock was fully
grown � a nice, fat, beautiful eight inches.  I had not been fucked in
years, but he had begged me to let him fuck me while he seduced me with
cuddling and kisses all day.  I wanted to please this gorgeous, hunky,
strapping, masculine, blond, teenage boy.  I wanted to take his big, nice,
hard cock all the way up my poop shoot.  I wanted him to fuck me.  I wanted
it bad!

“AAHHH!!” I cried out in lustful, grunt-like yells.  “What’s wrong?” cried
Dewey.  “Nothing!” I said, “Keep pushing!  And…and try to talk in a
really deep voice!”  “Okay!” said Dewey in a low tone, but actually he
sounded more like a cartoon character than a 16-year-old.  Oh well, at this
point, no matter what, I was going to take whatever my beautiful hunk had
to offer.  My mind was reeling as I pushed out trying to give him entrance.
The screams actually helped me to push and to concentrate.  “AAHHH!!
AAHHH!!  AAHHH!!” I cried.  “PUSH HARDER YOU LITTLE STUD!” I yelled loudly.
“I’m pushing!” and this time, I heard a different low voice.  I think it
was Malcolm.  But actually, it sounded pretty good.  Again, I made myself
imagine that it was the voice and cock of a 16-year-old hunky, happy Dewey
behind me, working to gain entrance to my being and give us both the thrill
of a lifetime.  “AAHHH!!  AAHHH!!  AAHHH!!” I screamed now.  “PUSH HARDER!!
HARD!  DON’T BE AFRAID!  AAHHH!!  AAHHH!!  AAHHH!!” I screamed over and
over as I bore down hard, and then… finally…FULL INVASION!!!


good day sir

There was this obscene, loud, popping, plopping, squishing sound followed
by the sound of my ear splitting scream.  “YYYEEEEOOOOWWWW!!!!!!!” I
blasted out in blood-curdling volume, and fully an octave higher than I had
ever screamed in my life.  “UH-HUH!  UH-HUH!  UH-HUH!” I cried over and
over, both my head and arms beating onto the mattress.  “Dewey, take it
out!” yelled Reese in fear.  “SHOULD I TAKE IT OUT?!” screamed Dewey.
“NO!!” Malcolm and I cried together.  “UH-HUH!  UH-HUH!  UH-HUH!” I
continued to cry over and over, still beating the mattress and thrashing
the upper half of my body.  “Oh shit!  Oh fuck!  Oh shit!!  Oh FUCK!!!” I
wailed.  “AH… ah…ah…” I stopped screaming and just took a moment to
pant now, gasping for big breaths.  I could feel my eyes bugging out,
almost as if the force from my rear was pushing through my body and about
to shove my eyes out of their sockets.

“Oh shit,” I said softly, moaning and writhing now as opposed to screaming
and thrashing.  “Uncle Jay, are you alright?” said Reese, obvious concern
in his voice.  But the sound of his voice was still coming from the same
place � behind my butt � he hadn’t given up his view.  “I need
something to suck on,” I gasped.  In the blink of an eye, like a gymnast,
he lifted himself up on his arms and threw his legs down toward my head,
his own head still at my butt to watch me get fucked, but his still hard,
little boycock down near my face.

I madly slurped it in and eagerly sucked and hummed on it.  “Owww!” he
cried as he smacked me on the back of the head and pulled away, “too
haaaard!” he whined.  I couldn’t even answer.  I just went down on him
again but controlled myself this time.  Ahh…feeling him throb in my hot
mouth and hearing the cooing noises he was making had the desired effect.
It somewhat took my mind off of the incredible pain in my ass.  And I
relaxed more.  In fact, soon, enough time had gone by that I felt totally
relaxed back there now.  Yes, I felt invaded.  I definitely felt full.  I
felt pressure.  But my hole was used to all of it.  It was time.

“Dewey,” I said, pulling off of Reese, “you can do it now.”  “Do what?”
said Dewey.

“Fuck me.”


Oh man.  I shuddered just hearing those words come out of my own mouth.
“Man, I wanna see better,” said Reese.  “That’s okay, Little Man,” I said.
“Go ahead.  I don’t need to suck you now.”  He slid up away from me a foot
so he could really take in young Dewey’s little arm going in and out of my
ass.  “But how far should I push it in?” Dewey asked.  “Until you run into
something,” I said, “and then, after that keep your arm like a half inch
away from that spot.”  Oh shit, I felt him going in!  He was going in!  I
felt my hole being stretched open again. But still, no part of his arm was
nearly as wide as his fist, so it was alright.  It was good.  It felt good.
“Yeah, Dewey,” I sighed, “keep going, Cowboy.”  I was gone in lust now �
fierce, abject lust.  If you were to set me on fire, I would not be able to
part myself from Dewey’s marvelous fist!

“C’mon, Dewey, don’t be afraid,” I said.  “Further, man, all the way.”  “He
is in all the way,” said Malcolm, incredulously.  “Oh, wow!” sighed Reese.
“Yeah, oh, wow!” echoed Dewey.  “What do you mean, he’s in all the way?” I
grunted, my hole flexing and deliciously throbbing against the wider part
of his arm � my cock crazily twitching in time with the throbbing of my
hole.  “He’s all the way in up to his elbow!” exclaimed Malcolm
breathlessly, “You must have a really deep rectum.”  “Can you feel it on
your poostate?” said Reese.  “I told you it’s PROstate!” said Malcolm.
“Well what did I say?” asked Reese.  “Guys!” I said, “can we do the anatomy
lesson later?  I’m getting fist-fucked here.”  “Yeah,” said Reese, “you
should see it.  It’s awesome!”

I wished I could see it.  I stretched and reached around to get a feel of
what was going on.  Oh shit!  There is was!  Dewey’s elbow pressed tightly
against my ass!  FUCK!  FUCK!  FUCK!  My horny hole throbbed even harder
now.  I wished I could have pictures or video.  And yet, I would never keep
something so incriminating around anyway.

“Reese,” I said, having a brainstorm, “go get the big mirror off of the
guestroom wall and bring it down.”  I heard the patter of his small, bare
feet running up the steps.  The three of us who remained downstairs waited
in suspended animation for his return.  He was back in seconds.

“Lean it up against the sofa,” I said, still breathless from the invasion
in my ass.  “Sideways,” I said, “down… make it more vertical… right
there.”  Oh fuck oh man oh fuck!  I could see everything now!  I could see
my whole body as well as Dewy and Malcolm.  It made me so horny.  I had to
suck something again.  “Malcolm,” I said, “your turn to get sucked.”
“But—” he started.  “You can watch in the mirror,” I said lustfully.  I
saw him shrug his narrow shoulders in the mirror and then sweet little
Malcolm, turned around and plopped down for me, his crotch at my face and
his feet near my ass.  But he could still see everything in the mirror,
including his own cock getting sucked by my horny mouth.

As with Reese, I practically dived onto his cock like a wild animal � I
took both cock and balls into my mouth at the same time with a loud slurp.
Man it was hot!  “Ahhh,” sighed young Malcolm.  But Dewey wasn’t moving.
“Go ahead, Dewey,” I said, reluctantly pulling off Malcolm’s gourmet groin.
“Start moving, all the way out to your wrist, then back to your elbow.  The
looser my hole gets, the faster you can go.”  And I could speak no more.  I
had to get back to the Malcolm meal calling to my horny mouth.

“Ahhhh!” swooned Malcolm again, as again, I took his entire package into
me, sucking both balls and cock together.  It was so hot.  I had done it to
him when he was asleep but never when he was awake � had never heard his
reaction.  And it was obvious pleasure.  “Ahhh… mmmm…” he continued to
coo, making me hornier than ever.  Meanwhile, my lusting prostate and
itching hole were feeling Dewey pulling back for the first time.  I could
feel my crimper relax as he got to the thinnest part of his forearm, then
the pressure and sense of fullness as he pushed back in � and then I
felt his forearm hit my buttcheek as he was now again elbow-deep.
Remembering the mirror, I looked over and nearly blacked out at the horny
sight � Dewey’s forearm totally disappeared into my smooth, horny ass!
“HHHMMM!!!” I screamed on Malcolm’s dick, making him twitch and start to
get hard.

My cock was aching.  I mean, I was literally painfully horny.  I wanted to
cum so bad!  But I couldn’t do that until I had a proper fucking at the
hands of � or should I say arm � of young Dewey.  And fucking me, he
was, the slow, smooth in and out motion sending sparks from my ass to my
head and back down to my hard, hurting, 6-inch cock.

I swear, my brain must be on fire, such was the huge mixture and speed of
thought flying through my mind.  And I don’t know which made me hornier.
Was it the actual feeling of the big hard (but slightly giving)
pretend-cock now slowly going in and out of me?  Was it the knowledge that
the pretend cock was actually the arm of a 6-year-old naked little blond
boy?  Was it the fact that his 12-year-old naked hunky brother was watching
and fully hard from the view?  Was it the fact that the cute, 11-year-old
brother was watching in the mirror while his cock was inflating in my
sucking mouth?  Was it the fact that I could see it all in the mirror
happening, even as I was feeling it in my mouth and ass�even as my brain
was about to short out as all these thoughts slammed through my head in a
millionth of a second?

FUCK!!!!!  Surely, this is a dream.  Surely this could never happen to
someone in real life.  But for real � I could feel Dewey’s skinny arm
pulling out again � pulling out until the base of his hand ran into my
hole and the top of his fist smashed against my prostate.  “HHHMMMM!!!” I
screamed again onto Malcolm’s little penis.  I had to pull off of his groin
as now, he was too hard for me to keep everything in my mouth.  I went back
down on just his hard, 3-inch shaft now, again, eliciting horny noises from
him as he swooned at my touch while he watched himself in the mirror
getting sucked.

“Mrrmph,” I grunted with my mouth full of boy-cock, as Dewey’s entire
forearm once again invaded my ass, reaching for my center.  “Ggrrmph,” I
grunted again as he pulled out.  But I was starting to loosen up more.  It
was starting to really feel good.  And Dewey was starting to speed up his

“Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm!” I groaned onto Malcolm’s now throbbing cocklett as
Dewey’s arm was now sloshing in and out of my ass.  In and out, in and out,
the feelings in my ass were making my cock throb more and more.  And
watching it all happen in the mirror was a feast for the eyes that almost
overloaded the senses.  “Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm,” I was almost crying now at the
delicious, delirious physical and mental feelings overwhelming me.  In and
out, in and out, continued Dewey, now speeding up more � his elbow even
making a smacking sound as he now slammed into me.  I wiggled my young ass
to encouraged him.  “Yeah,” sighed Reese, the sound of his pre-teen voice
thick with lust.

It went on like that for another minute… two… three… no one speaking,
just the grunts, ahhs, hums and sighs of Malcolm and myself, along with the
slurping and sloshing sounds of dick sucking and fist fucking.  I knew
Dewey would get tired soon.  But Malcolm, who usually takes a long time to
cum was really throbbing in my hot mouth and he was starting to writhe
around and make louder noises, probably helped along by the amazing, horny
picture in the mirror.

“Fuck, I want to get sucked too!” exclaimed Reese, suddenly breaking the
verbal silence.  Amid the cacophony of sights, sounds and feelings my
humble brain was struggling to process, it took a few seconds for his words
to sink in.  And then, I had yet another horny thought, the overwhelming
lust apparently helping me to be creative.  “Get your cock down against
Malcolm’s,” I quickly said and then went right back to sucking him.
“What?” said Reese, not understanding.  “He’s going to suck us both off at
the same time,” sighed out a lustful Malcolm.”  “Ohhhh!” cried Reese, a big
smile now on his sweet face along with a lustful gleam in his eye.

“Malcolm, put your legs up and get on top,” I spoke again, sad to extract
my horny mouth from his throbbing, hot little tool.  He raised his legs as
Reese scooted under.  This had the effect of lifting Malcolm’s shorter cock
up and making the ends more or less even � just what I wanted.  It was
an incredible sight.  But I had to taste, not look.  Virtually blind now
with lust, I opened my mouth wide and slurped in both their hot little
pricks together.  I had never even considered I would do such a thing �
never even fantasized about it.  But here I was!  There were explosions of
lust going off in my poor brain!  “Wow,” said Reese, “I can feel Malcolm’s
cock throbbing against mine.  It’s so hot!”  “Yeah,” replied Malcolm
breathlessly.  Their words made me hornier than ever: I sped up my sucking
and slobbering and tonguing.  I in turn sucked as I got them as wet as I
could and then went up and down on them.  I could no longer keep my hands
off my aching cock and had to grab it and rub it a bit.

“I’m getting tired,” Dewey whined, no longer having Reese right there to
encourage him.  “C’mon, keep going,” cried Reese, shifting to get his head
closer to my ass to encourage his little brother, “we’re all going to cum
soon I think.”  His words came out in lustful grunts.  “Mm-hmm,” I agreed,
still sucking the boys.  “Yeah,” sighed Malcolm.  Buoyed by the
encouragement, Dewey stepped up the pace again, ripping and pistoning in
and out of me like a jackhammer now.  “HHHMMMMM!!!!!” I screamed onto the
two brother dicks filling my mouth.

The sight in the mirror was incredible.  As I looked, I saw that all four
of us were watching.  It was sort of like seeing a TV show with yourself
and people you knew, except we were experiencing it at the same time.  I
started to slam my head up and down on their smashed together, throbbing
cocks, in part to get them off before Dewey pooped out but more so because
my increasing, over-the-top horniness was making my body start to go wild.

“Oh yea, suck us Uncle Jay!” Reese cried.  Suck US he said � US!  Oh
fuck!  I was sucking two boys at the same time!  Two brothers!  Two
fantastically hunky, beautiful brothers!  While the third one was fucking
me with his little boy arm!  I had to force my hand away from my cock for I
would surely cum any second.  Using both my hands for support, I attacked
the boys’ prickletts even harder now.  All the moaning and humming I was
doing on them was adding to the sensations that would soon bring their
pre-teen peepees to orgasm.

Meanwhile, my ass was lost in bliss, the fucking from young Dewey pressing
against millions of horny nerve endings and making my whole body shake.
“I’m getting close!” Reese cried, causing me to grab onto the sheets until
my hands turned red.  “Me too!” cried Malcolm a few pants later.  My head
was spinning.  I grabbed onto the sheets even tighter, seemingly taking
half the mattress in as well as I locked my gaze onto the mirror, watching
my head go up and down on 2 amazing cocks while Dewey’s arm still smacked
in and out of my ass.

“Oh fuck!” cried Reese.  “AHHH!” shouted Malcolm.  “HHHHMMMMM!!!” I
screamed relentlessly onto their madly throbbing members as Dewey now
started to pant with each sloshing smack against my horny ass.  “Oh fuck!”
cried Reese again, “I’m gonna cum; I’m gonna cum; I’m gonn�AHHHHHH!!!”
And I felt that familiar, awesome powerful pulsing as his boycock spewed
his juice all over my mouth and Malcolm’s cockhead as well.  Maybe it was
feeling his brother’s cum hit his cockhead, or maybe it was just time, but
just at the moment, little Malcolm let out his own high-pitched
“Yyyyeeeeoooowwww!!!” and in him too, I felt the mighty pulses of his
spermless but proud boygasm.  Feeling their powerful boy pulses like that,
along with them jerking up and ramming into my waiting mouth again brought
tears of joyful lust to my eyes.

Both boys were convulsing in ecstasy now, Reese’s violent jerks under
Malcolm, causing Malcolm to fly up in the air over and over as if he were
on some wild carnival ride.  I could no longer keep my mouth on them as
they thrashed, jumped and jerked, screaming all the while in lust.
“FFFUUCCCKKK!!!!” screamed Reese at the top of his lungs.  “SSSSHITT!!”
echoed young Malcolm as along with their expletives came an assortment of
moans, pants and wordless verbiage.  It was so fucking horny � the
sounds, the sights!  I could put my own explosion off no longer.

Leaning down on my one elbow, I voraciously grabbed my painfully hard dick
with the other hand and jacked like mad.  It only took about three strokes
for me to start spewing my cum all over the place�all over them, me, the
sheets.  “AAAAHHHHH!!!” I screamed shrill, scary screams as I convulsed in
as powerful an orgasm as I had ever felt.  “OWW!” cried Dewey, “you’re
squeezing me!”  But there was nothing I could do about it.  I screamed
again, my face just inches away from the boys hard but now calming cocks,
as I beat my fists onto the mattress.  My now spent cock continued to
throb, making my asshole squeeze on Dewey’s hand as well.

“You’re gonna rip my hand off!” cried Dewey.  And I could feel him trying
to pull it out but my lost-in-lust, orgasming hole was squeezing it too
tight.  Oh fuck!  I should be more concerned about Dewey but knowing that
it was his hand up my ass in the first place that was causing this
incredible orgasm that was causing him pain… it made me that much hornier
and caused my orgasm to be even longer and wilder.  I was beating my head
onto the mattress and yelling and cussing for all I was worth!

“Wow!” I heard Malcolm say.  But, “OWWW!” cried Dewey again, “It hurts!” he
wailed; and forgive me, but it made me even hornier to know my orgasm was
that crazy and I let out a shrill Indian cry of “YYYEEEEOOOOWWWW!!!”  If I
hadn’t been bent over onto the mattress because of Dewey’s hand up my ass,
I probably would have stood up on my knees and beat my chest.  Finally, my
orgasm began to subside some, and I had collapsed my upper body onto the
mattress, my face buried in the sheets, but my asshole still throbbing and
tight around Dewey’s little wrist.  “Let me go!” he cried, still pulling.

“I’ll save you, Dewey!” cried Reese and he jumped up onto his knees and
started heaving on Dewey’s arm.  It had the effect of pulling my ass back
but his hand didn’t budge.  I was still too lost in lust and my winding
down orgasm to speak or even think straight.  But then I felt two things on
my buttcheeks.  I tried to process it as if it was from far away.  Hands?
No.  Too firm.  It must be.  Oh shit!  I turned and saw it in the mirror.
Reese had his feet on my ass.  And then, before I could say anything he
gave a mighty push which sent me flying forward and then prone down onto
the bed while a loud, awful “popping” sound gave way to the fact that my
ass had just been painfully dislodged from Dewey’s hand.

“OOOOWWWWWW!!!!  OH FUCK!!!!” I cried.  “REESE!  You could have at least
let me get READY!” I yelled.  “But Dewey’s hand was going to break off!” he
cried in his defense.  “It wasn’t going to�oh shit, oh FUCK!
OOOOWWWWWW!!!!” I cried again.  “Wow,” I heard Malcolm say again. “UH!  Uh!
Uh…” I was grunting now, my hole beginning to recover.  Actually it
wasn’t that bad � maybe more of a surprise than anything.
“I… I… I’m okay,” I said between pants of pain, lust, and pure
exhaustion.  The whole scene was still too much for me to take in.  I mean,
all the boy-fucking that led up to it.  All the views I had of their tight
little holes all morning.  And the head-spinning orgasm I had just had �
probably the most drawn-out of my entire life � a cum that came from
doing things I had never even dreamed about.  Fuck!  It was too amazing to
put into words!  I was still breathless � still panting and still
collapsed onto the mattress on the family room floor.  I couldn’t move �
could barely bring myself to speak.

“You sure you’re okay?” Reese asked.  And he got down on his stomach next
to me, his face just inches from mine.  He looked like he could cry.  “I’m
sure,” I said, and I willed myself to put my arm around him.  Then I
puckered up my lips.  He quickly leaned into me and gave me one of his
famous, long, sweet kisses.  Then he pulled away and looked at me with a
big smile on his face.  I could see the love in his eyes.  I had thought to
varying degrees almost since the day I moved in, about my love for these
boys.  But I hadn’t really thought about them loving me.  And what that
meant for them.  I moved over and nuzzled my face against the face of my
loving boy-god.  All was well.  I lay there a moment as I saw Malcolm reach
for the tissues to clean my cum off of himself.

“Tell you what,” I said, finally, still exhausted.  “Help Dewey and me get
cleaned up and we’ll be even.”  “Okay,” he chirped cheerfully as he got up.
“C’mon, Dewey,” he said, and as little Dewey reached up, Reese grabbed him
by the armpits and lifted him up to cradle him chest-to-chest, Dewey’s legs
wrapped tightly around Reese’s waist, Reese’s hands under his butt, Dewey’s
head on Reese’s shoulder.  I sighed.  I was jealous.  “Help him up,
Malcolm,” said Reese over his shoulder as he carried Dewey to the bathroom.

“My hero,” I sighed to Malcolm, causing us both to giggle as he got me by
the arm and pulled to help me up.  He was stronger than he looked.  We
lumbered to the bathroom, where Reese was just finishing washing Dewey’s
arm.  As I stepped into the shower with them, Reese got a big glob of body
wash on his hands, then immediately started washing my ass all over, down
my legs, getting well up into my crack.  “Bend over,” he said.  And then
with a new glob of the liquid soap he thoroughly washed the KY jelly off of
my hole.  I inwardly sighed that I had just had a screaming orgasm for I
would have loved to jack myself to hardness and orgasm again at this young
stud’s ministrations.  Only I was too spent at that moment.

But I had to wonder at what he was thinking.  For all of his
uncomplicatedness, Reese often surprised me.  And it surprised me at how he
happily washed my 22-year-old ass.  I mean, wasn’t it a nasty and dirty and
gay thing to do?  Or maybe it was his uncomplicatedness that allowed him to
do it.  The ass needed washing, so he washed the ass � without thinking
anything further about it.  “All done,” he said cheerfully.  I couldn’t
help but turn around and hug him.  I gave him a kiss on top of the head.
“What?” he asked.  “You’re such a sweet boy,” was all I said.  He just
looked up at me and smiled.

We did just a cursory drying off, and sauntered out to the family room.
Quick thinking Malcolm had found the shelf with bed linens in the laundry
room and had put on a new mattress cover and sheets while we were in the
shower.  Together, we all four flopped down onto the clean smelling sheets.
We just laid there for half a minute in silence.  And then, “When are we
going swimming?” Dewey asked.

“Soon, Cowboy,” I said, as I rolled over and leaned my back up against the
couch, “Just let me sit here a little bit and recover from everything.”  I
still felt spent.  It was the intensity, the exertion of the fucking and
the orgasms and the gravity of all that we had just done.  It was draining
to me if not for them.  I put my arms out to Dewey who came to me and lied
down on top of me, nuzzling his face into my naked chest.  Malcolm and
Reese took up their now somewhat familiar positions on each side of me,
heads on my chest, my arms wrapped around all three of them.  While I was
still reeling from the whole experience and only just beginning to recover,
they seemed none the worse for wear.  We just lied there for a moment in
pure, naked, restful bliss.

“So what do you think, guys?” I had to ask, finally.  “About what?” asked
Malcolm.  “About all we just did,” I said, “the fucking, the fisting, the
intensity and weirdness and passion.”  “It was fun,” said Malcolm.  Then
nothing.  “That’s it?” I said, “That’s all you have to say?”  “Well,” said
Malcolm, “it was fun, but I don’t know if I want to do it every day.  It
was kind of intense.  Kind of messy too.”  “Yeah,” said Reese, “we spent
all morning taking showers.”  “So you guys don’t want to do it again?” I
asked.  And that would be fine with me.  I mean, I agreed it was a
crashingly horny experience that I was incredibly glad to see and do – but
almost too intense.  Everything that happened was great but not something I
had to do or see every day by any means.  “Maybe like once a year,” said
Reese, “it was pretty intense, like… like when you tied me up.”  Malcolm
put his head up and gave us both a very weird look.  He opened his mouth to
speak but then just sighed and dropped his head back onto my chest.
“Yeah,” he said simply, “maybe again but a long time from now.  I just like
the cuddling and kissing anyway.”  “Yeah…and the sucking,” added Reese.

“And what do you think, Dewey?” I asked, as he had not yet said anything.
“Well… maybe just on special occasions,” he said, and this made us all
laugh.  “And one more thing,” added Malcolm when the laughter had subsided.
“Plan it ahead of time the next time.  I mean…”  “You mean what?” I
asked.  “I mean,” he said,” don’t ever, ever, ever feed us chili again!”
And with this we all cracked up once more.  I swear, sometimes around here,
it was like we were on some weird, perverted sitcom.

“Or in a perverted FanFiction based on a shitty sitcom that was canceled years ago!”

Ugh, I’m sorry about the lack of comentary towards the end there, but there was simply nothing funny that I could say to make any of this better. My mind simply cannot fathom this, and the terror that this has left me with simply disallows me from making any jokes about this. If you want to read the rest, it can be found here:

I DON’T RECOMMEND IT! I can not stress that enough. If you thought this was bad, you don’t want to read the rest. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to administer as self lobotomy.


Fan Fiction Friday owes its inception and existence to Rob Bricken, formerly of Topless Robot, where you can read all his old and mind destroying creations.

2 responses to “FanFiction Friday: Malcolm in the Middle in “Malcolm And My Neighbors”

  1. I didn’t even get more than half way through and I need bleach. I need bleach for my brain.

    I think this needs a warning before it. I mean…theresoul searing Fan Fic and then theres this….thing.

    I’m off to drink on everyones behalf. Good work man. I plan not to remember the past hour.

  2. I haven’t really seen much of Malcolm in the Middle so I’m unfamiliar with the source material, but MOTHER OF GOD this makes me want to drink, when I rarely even drink alcohol. I don’t think one even needs to know the source material to know this is fucked up on so, so many levels. If I was a little kid playing outside (but not in the nude, because I was never that kid), and a new neighbour was just standing and staring at me, then I sure as hell would run inside and yell “DAD, A SCARY MAN’S STARING AT ME!!”

    Also, eight is WAY too old to play outside in the nude. Eleven and twelve are unthinkable. I wouldn’t let any kid of any age play out the front in the nude. Out the back… also no, especially not if I suspected there was a pedophile next door. Mind you, this is coming from a student who isn’t thinking about kids anytime soon.

    Well done. You took it for the team, man.

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