From 2015 there will be a Star Wars film every year.

Kick your ass if you use any Yoda speech, I will.


The latest announcement from Disney regarding the franchise, this time from Co-chairman Alan Horn, at the annual convention CinemaCon in Las Vegas confirms that from 2015 there will be a new star wars film every year for 6 years. JJ Abrams will begin the new cycle of movies with Episode VII, with script writing duties falling to Little Miss Sunshine writer Michael Arndt. In between these will be spinoff films will be written by Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg, rumored to be about Yoda and a young Han Solo.

Personally, I think the high number of films won’t matter as long as all of them are high quality (and its not as if in the past George Lucas has been select about what comes out of the Star Wars universe as long as it makes him money). At the same time, 6 films in 6 years may take the specialness out of the Star Wars films, which for a long time were held in such esteem because there were only 3 films.

Either way, someone will be unhappy on the internet for a while.

What are your thoughts?

4 responses to “From 2015 there will be a Star Wars film every year.

  1. My thoughts on this: fuck Disney with the worlds largest spiked dildo. Roughly. With no lubricant and no reach around.

  2. Yeah, too much of a possibly good thing is not my favorite idea. That and I’m really not a fan of JJ Abrams at all. I think I may just fossilize my fandom now.

  3. So, they’re trying to emulate Marvel’s release rate. This could go very well, or very poorly. it depends on who they have working on the movies.

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