LIFE IN PLASTIC: Obscure Toy Lines You Should Care About: Neclos Fortress

Neclos Fortress: Neclos & his monster army

NOTE:  All of the photos in this post came from Frank K, owner of Little Weirdos.  I only have nine Neclos figures myself, and he graciously volunteered his own awesome, awesome photo work to my cause.  Thanks, man!  Oh yeah, and out of all the links in this sudden link storm, I’d suggest you check out the only english-language site on Neclos Fortress ever – also by Frank.

Necros Fortress group shot

Every so often, a great toy line flies under everybody’s radar.  And for mini figure collectors, one of those lines is Neclos Fortress… Necros Fortress… Necro’s Fortress… eh, who cares.  The bad guy SHOULD be called “Necros,” but all the english text with the figures and game reads NECLOS, so look at what happened!

Necros Fortress box 02

Neclos Fortress is a toy line/role-playing game that spawned a PC Engine RPG as well as a fighting game (made with Fighter Maker, so it wasn’t all that professional).  It’s got some market penetration in Japan, but you’ll only hear about it out here from diehard mini figure collectors.

neclos-heroes neclos-sculpts

The layout is like this:  Neclos had over three hundred figures spread across eight separate sets, each with its own card, and RPG rules that nobody has translated into english, but I’d love to see.  Maybe?  Each set had eight “Hero” figures, representing the playable character types – though it’s fewer than sixty-four playable character classes, as most of them got resculpted a bunch of times.  The rest were devoted to monsters, with one new version of the bad guy, Neclos, in each.  Story-wise, Neclos has monsters, and people have to stop him.  Thematically, it reminds me a lot of some really classic Japanese console RPGs, like Dragon Warrior, especially in the cartoony-but-serious art design. u to The figures ranged ALL across the board, from mythological monsters to demons to gods to angels to D&D ripoffs to Cthulhu creatures to robots to at least one cowboy.  This is a toy line that can pit Astaroth against a smiley-faced orange, or let a cowboy shoot Nyarlathotep.  Yeah, it’s that kind of thing.

neclos_applaoranjah neclos_bloglovecraftmonsters

Info in english is pretty scarce, but there’s a brand-new site I can point you to – coincidentally, by the same guy who supplied these pictures!  SEE?


Most of the figures had some sort of gimmick – nearly all of them change color in warm water (both transluscent and solid), some were metallic plastic, and a few came with accessories, like tiny companion figures or removable sparkling gems.  That’s amazing, since these figures are already smaller than MUSCLE, so try not to lose those parts.

Necros Fortress: Necros (second sculpt)
Necros Fortress: Waka (third sculpt)

The “Anything Goes” bestiary really appeals to  me in this line.  You have no idea how long I’ve WANTED toys of the random monsters present in most video games.  I’d kill (well, not really kill) for a Metroid toy line made up of only the weird bug-things Samus shoots, or a line composed entirely of Final Fantasy’s random encounters.  Neclos seems designed specifically to fill that niche, and I feel so, so happy.  Too bad it’s kind of expensive, though – expect to pay $2 a figure for most figures, which is fine… but then some of them (like Cthulhu) can cost up to $40 or more, and it gets rough.  Real rough.  You usually only see them in the US in big lots, too, which can hurt your checkbook pretty badly.

Well, I’ve said enough.  Remember to look at The Site… but for now, let’s enjoy some more pictures!

Necros Fortress: Siren
Necros Fortress: Cthulhu
Necros Fortress: Shielder
Necros Fortress: Trufido
Necros Fortress: Tacolos
Necros Fortress: Onilos
Necros Fortress: Lucifer
Necros Fortress: Phantom
Necros Fortress: Mechalos-MK II
Necros Fortress: Handla
Necros Fortress: Handla-Left
Necros Fortress: Footla
Necros Fortress: Dromei
Necros Fortress: Cowboy
Necros Fortress: Curst-Ivy
Necros Fortress: Astarot
Necros Fortress: Balulog
Necros Fortress: Super Neclos (eighth Neclos sculpt)

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