Moment of nerdy cool

Welcome to this weeks Moment of Nerdy Cool!

This week its going to be something a little different guys. To be honest I was tempted just to point you to the Man of Steel trailer or the FarCry 3: Blood Dragon Trailer, because very little is going to top those two this week.

Perhaps not what some people would define as nerdy, but for those of us who are comedy fans, US comedian Reggie Watts is a Class A Nerd. Combining music, performance art, what seems like improvisational comedy (and if it is all improv, then the guys got some chops) and a bit of meta comedy into one act would be hard to pull off anyway. To make it both funny and slightly cool is nothing short of stunning.

Anyway, heres a clip of him performing on a BBC comedy show called Russell Howard’s Good News. All copyright goes to the BBC.

Anyway, I’ve been doing this for a few weeks now and I’m gonna open the column up for submissions soon.

If you have a Moment of Nerdy Awesome, feel free to send it to or let me know by posting it to @Nerditis on Twitter.

See you next week for another moment of Nerdy Awesome!

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