Steamline: Steam Powered Giraffe

Having taken a departure much, much longer than I would have preferred, I have returned to start to share in the log a look at several artists that have gained popularity in the Steampunk community. Though this act in particular has gained fans of all sorts, which is likely a testament to their skill and entertainment. Trying to describe this group by the name Steam Powered Giraffe, doesn’t do them justice as they have created a background and mythology that is rather original. Based in San Diego, the group consisted of six members, including three robot characters, Spine, Rabbit and Hatchworth played by David Michael Bennett, Bunny Bennett and Samuel Luke respectively. The robots are assisted by Michael Reed, known as the “One Man Band”, Steve Negrete and Matt Smith. Steve Negrete is the sound engineer and Matt Smith is the newest drummer since Samuel Luke started portraying Hatchworth.

[Robots of Steam Powered Giraffee: Rabbit, The Spine and Hatchworth]

As for why the pantomime as robots, their fictional backstory provides an answer as they were invented by Colonel P.A. Walter in 1896 and has since been kept in the family.  The robots run off of a steam powered engine and artificial intelligence. The name has been said to result from their creator’s first robot, a mechanical giraffe.

Their performances include sketches, banter, comedic dialogue and various references which make results in a rather entertaining show. They have three albums the most recent of which is The 2 cent Show, that was released last year. I have their first album Album One, which includes previous member  The Jon. However, I have also listened to the entirety of the most recent album and would say that their music is really fantastic. Steam Powered Giraffe’s music, while difficult to categorize, takes some influences from folk, rock and cabaret and puts it together in way very pleasing to a variety of listeners.

Since their formation in 2008, Steam Powered Giraffe has been gaining in popularity especially after performances at various conventions in the country.

As much as I can go on about how much I recommend this band for interested in pantomime and quality original music, I can’t seem to accurately describe the group as I would like. Therefore, I certainly recommend checking out their website, Here one would find more information about the band, future appearances, access to the fanforums the Cavalcadium and ways to contact the band. There’s even some songs from current and previous albums streaming on the site.

In conclusion, I would say that Steam Powered Giraffe is definitely an act worth looking into. The amount of effort that goes into the performances and the music is very respectable.  I would say that there’s a reason that this act has gathered such a wide amount of fans and would hope that readers give this act a good chance.

That’s all for this edition of Steamline, I bid you a fond farewell and will be sure to report again.

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