Tabletop Gaming News Roundup 22/4/2013: Sci-Fi, Expies and lots and lots of Frakking.

Ok, I’m back!

Sorry for the absence in my posts. I know a few people were starting to read this column regularly (all 3 of you) and then it disappeared. This was due to me not being able to come up with enough news that wasn’t to do with companies starting Kickstarter or Indiegogo projects, which I wanted to keep out of the regular news column in case it became a bit boring week after week. So I’ve come to a decision now that things have started picking up again.

Tabletop Gaming News Roundup is going twice weekly, one post a week for regular news and one to contain all thats happening in the crowd funding world! Mondays will be regular news days and Friday/Saturdays will be crowd funding news days. In between the two I shall try and get a few interviews with people of the TTG world. Lets see if this kills me or not ;).

So on to the news!


Those geniuses at Fantasy Flight games have announced an expansion to their popular BSG board game called daybreak.

From their announcement:

With two supplemental game boards and hundreds of cards and tokens, Daybreak invites players to undertake desperate missions, struggle under the constant threat of mutiny, and bargain with Cylon Leaders driven by motives of their own!


Enemies of the Necrons beware! As a part of the release of their new book Imperial Armour 12: the Fall of Orpheus, Forgeworld have released two new Necron models, the Tesseract and Sentry Pylon.


Andy from Heresy Miniatures has got some new models up, expanding upon his existing gangs and military range and bring forth new sci-fi villains the sontarans!, erm, I mean the Sharclons!

Anyway, check them out. Andy is a decent bloke and his company do a lot of great models for sci fis and fantasy fans alike. Check Heresy Miniatures out here

MorbidPraetoriansLegs1_zpsaffcfe7e-e1366219850251 Orc-Heads

Kromleck has released a new Ork head pack and and some extra putrid power armored legs that should be perfect for adding to your 40K collection.

Ramshackle Games have released the drone walker we exclusively revealed back when we interviewed boss Curtis Fell.


Assault Publishing have revealed their next set of scifi gaming rules PMC 2640, which is designed to be a fast paced ‘true company scale’ wargame set in the 27th century. For more details, check out the website here

The Warhammer Fantasy Battle Tabletop Gaming blog is on a roll. Not only did they release fan rules for using Nippon and Araby forces in Warhammer Fantasy Battle, but they’ve gotten rules for a Cathay army too. Good on you guys.

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