FanFiction Friday: Justin Beiber and The Jonas Brothers in “Teaching Justin A Lesson”

Justin Bieber Nick Jonas 01 2010 02 01 Justin Bieber with the Jonas Brothers and Ke$ha at the Grammy Awards Pictures

Alright, ladies and fine gents! To be frank, I know that I probably won’t be able to top last weeks abomination. But, I also know, that won’t stop me from trying. I also know that this story by Owen Michaels (he stands by his work) definitely won’t. But, I also know that I should just go ahead and get started.

Note: This story contain graphic attempts at describing sexual interxourse, usually between humans, but occasionally between other sentient creatures. It is very stupid. Reader Discretion is Advised.

“No fucking way!” shouted Nick, breaking the silence in the room.

“What’s up bro?” Joe enquired looking over at his younger brother sat in
front of his laptop.

To be clear, yes, that is both Joe and Nick in the above picture. According to Wikipedia.

“Have you seen this?” Nick asked, spinning the laptop around to show Joe
the screen. “Apparently the rumours about Selena and him are true, and he’s
sending her slutty pictures of himself”

“No way! I never thought she’d go for him!” replied Joe in shock looking at
the picture of Justin Bieber shirtless, with a tie hanging round his neck,
” He looks like a little boy” laughed Joe.

It’s nice to know that celebrities hate Justin just as much as the rest of us.

“I’m so fucking sick of this kid!” Nick continued.

“You know! We could teach the little bitch a lesson!” Joe smirked,
prompting a knowing look from Nick.’


Justin strode down the red carpet lining the floor of the hotel room
corridor with his usual over confident attitude. Feeling a vibration in his
pocket he pulled out his phone, smiling at the message he’d received.
Clicking reply he was about to start typing when a hand came from behind
covering his mouth. Justin’s eyes widen in panic as a strong arm wrapped
around his waist and he was dragged back down the corridor and into a room,
the door slamming behind him.

Justin Beiber stands in hallways to text. Why did we all know this was true before the story told us?

“N-nick? Joe, what the fuck?” Justin spat after Joe had thrown him on the
bed in the centre of the room.

“So I hear you are with Selena now!” Joe stated, staring down the smaller

“What of it?” Justin shot back cockily

Justin, if you’re kidnapped by two angry looking guys who ask you who you’re fucking, you might not want to piss them off further. Wait… why am I telling Justin not to piss his kidnappers off? Actually, go ahead and piss them off. They won’t kill you. I promise.

“Well my brother here is going to show you what you’re competing with.” Joe
answered gesturing to Nick, who cupped his crotch through his jeans with
his hand.

NOTE TO AUTHOR: I know you think you just said that Nick groped himself through his jeans, but what you really said is Nick groped Joe through his jeans. TENSES MATTER, DAMN IT

“Very funny guys” Justin laughed, “I know you guys are friends, but I
promise I’ll treat h-her….” Justin stopped as Joe peeled his shirt from
his body, revealing his bared toned chest and tanned skin.


Joe walked over to Justin and put his hand on his head “This is no joke!
Get on your knees!” Joe smiled evilly pulling Justin to the floor by his
hair, positioning him in front of Nick.

Nick looked down at the boy on the floor, he had unbuttoned his jeans
giving him a peek of the fitting black boxers underneath. He slipped his
hand running over the material encasing his hard cock.

Is this actually supposed to be erotic? Is anyone turned on? Because, really, I am just bored as fuck.

“This is what Selena use to get you think you can compete with this,
bitch?” Nick snarled.

Justin dragged his eyes away from Nick’s crotch to meet his gaze. He stared
up silently not knowing how to respond.

How about “No, because I never hit puberty, and my genitals are still the size of an infants.” That would be most accurate in your case Justin.

“Come on Justin! You aren’t usually so quiet!” Joe offered.

“Why don’t you come and see what she’s missing out on now!”  Nick offered.

“I-I d-don’t want to!” Justin replied nervously.

And the prize for the person who least knows how rape works goes to: Justin Bieber! To collect your prize,  just jump off your nearst twenty story building.

Nick looked over at Joe, he knew what to do. He grabbed the back of
Justin’s neck and pushed him closer to Nick, Justin having to shuffle
forward otherwise fall over.

“Do as Nick says! Ok!!!”  Warned Joe into Justin’s ear.

“I DON’T WANT TO! OKAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joe stepped back, leaving Justin with his face inches from Nick’s
crotch. He looked at it silently, it definitely looked big, Justin could
see why Selena was so fond of Nick. He looked up at Nick, a slight nod and
smile coming from the older boy, Justin knew what he expected, and he was
scared to disobey after the last time. He raise his trembling hand up to
Nick’s underwear covered cock, leaving it hovering for a moment before
hearing a prompting cough from Joe behind him, closing his eyes he finally
letting his hand rest on Nick’s cock.  The warmth coming from it shocked
Justin, he’d only ever touched himself and it felt different somehow. He
let his hand rest for a few seconds, then slid his hand along the length of
Nicks dick, dragging his hand across the material, into his jeans where his
cock finally ended.

“Wow!” was all Justin could whisper to himself.

“I can’t believe it’s not butter!”

“Take it out!” Joe instructed.

Justin was scared about were this was going but wanted to play along hoping
the brothers would stop soon and let him go. He pulled Nick’s jeans down to
his thick meaty thighs to get better access. Curling his fingers around the
waist band of Nick’s form fitting black boxers containing his large cock,
he swallowed hard as he pulled the boxers down, Nick’s dick catching the
material, before springing out and slapping Justin on the face. Joe felt a
jolt of excitement run through him watching Justin in such a humiliating
position, on his knees, with his brother’s cock just hitting his
face. Justin was shocked at what had just happened. He had sprung back
immediately leaving Nick’s cock hovering in front of his face. He just
looked at, it must be at least 8 and half he thought to himself, and thick.

Only 9 inches? That’s actually pretty reasonable. NOTE TO AUTHOR #2: You must make all genitalia at least two feet long, and a foot wide. Rules of FanFiction, buddy!

“You can touch it Justin!” Nick suggested forcefully, to which Justin

“He said touch it slut!” Joe ordered.

Wouldn’t him not wanting to touch it make him the opposite of a slut?

Justin wrapped his hand around the shaft his fingers and thumb just about
unable to close around it, it felt so warm and smooth in his hands, so
big. He starred still as if mesmerised by it, his hand slightly moving up
and down the flesh. He couldn’t believe he was in this position, but he
could figure out why this fascinated him so much, he should be running for
the door not stroking Nick Jonas’ cock. Justin’s hand had begun steadily
moving up and down the shaft of Nick’s cock as he thought. Nick moaned
lowly in response to the movement. Justin watched his hand as is ran up and
down the smooth flesh, he noticed the detail of Nick’s cock, a slightly
different colour to his own, the thick vein running down the shaft and of
course its size compared to his own. Joe stood watching Justin and his
brother, he had pulled open his own pants releasing his dick, a similar
size to Nick’s (they are brothers after all) which he had steadily began to
work with his skilful hand, whilst using his other to massage his large

“Put it in your mouth Justin!” Joe demanded keen to see more.

“W-wait guys, this is going too far!” Justin stammered, scared.

DUDE, YOU’RE GETTING RAPED IT’S GOING TO GO AS FAR AS THEY WANT IT TO HOW DO YOU NOT GET THA- oh. Right. You’re Justin Bieber. That’s why you don’t get that.

Nick glared down at Justin with a tern serious look on his face.


“I’m not doing this seriously putting another man’s dick in my mouth is

HEY! Some of us enjoy the cock! That’s really rather homo-phobic, isn’t it?

“I don’t think you want to make Nicky mad Justin, plus you don’t really
have a choice here, are you going to fight both of off?” Joe laughed.

Justin dropped his head in response realising there was nothing he could
do, he should have stopped this in the beginning, but it was too late and a
horrible sick feeling was overwhelming him. He stayed with his eyes closed
facing the floor trying to pull himself together. After a few moments, he
raised his head looking up at Nick, giving him a silent nod. He took hold
of Nick’s cock again bringing his mouth close to the head. He didn’t want
to put Nick’s cock in his mouth, he didn’t even know how to suck a cock but
there was something about the cock he was holding he couldn’t explain that
drew him in. He stuck his tongue out, light flicking the smooth head of
Nick’s dick, immediately tasting the precum that had escaped. He circled
his tongue around the head, making Nick moan, then opening his mouth as
wide as possible took the head of the cock into his mouth.  Joe smiled
watching Justin sucking his little brother, stripping completely and taking
hold of his cock again. Justin played with the head in his mouth stretching
his lips around it, before taking more in, pulling back and then going to
take more, feeling the shaft slide along his tongue. He had soon developed
a rhythm, taking Nick into his mouth and using his hand to work the
shaft. Justin had shocked himself, he was actually kind of enjoying this,
it felt kind of good to make Nick moan and he actually liked the taste of
his dick, added to that the feeling of a mouth and throat full of cock felt
wrong but in a good way. Nick lifted his sweater holding it with one hand
to let Justin get better access, revealing his toned stomach. Started to
thrust forward slightly Nick wanting to feel more, then again more
forcefully making Justin move his head back. Nick gripped his hair to stop
him holding him in place as he slid his fat cock in and out of Justin’s
mouth. He pushed all the way, causing Justin to gag, which just made him
smile more. He repeated this, Justin trying desperately to accommodate the
large cock down his throat making tears form in his eyes. Justin grabbed on
to Nick’s huge butt to steady himself, taking a fleshy cheek into each

elvis pensive

“God Nick that’s so fucking hot!” Joe said from across the room, “I have to
get on this!” he added enthusiastically, walking over to his brother and
standing by his side.

Nick let go of Justin’s hair letting him take his cock out of his
mouth. Justin fell backwards panting, gasping for air, looking up a Nick
who just smiled.

“Looks like someone is enjoying themselves bro!” Joe said motioning to the
noticeable bulged that had formed in Justin’s baggy pants. “Come suck me
whore, I can see it in your eyes, you want to!” Joe finished.

Wasn’t “I can see it in your eyes” a line from Deadpool in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2? IS JOE JONAS DEADPOOL?! OH GOD NO!

Justin, without responding took his place in front of Joe, he was ashamed
but in this moment Joe was right he just wanted to suck him. He took hold
of Joe’s dick it felt different to Nick’s but similar in size, not as thick
maybe. He jerked Joe quickly before taking him into his mouth, using the
same techniques he had just learnt with Nick.

“Look Nicky, the slut really does want it!” Joe laughed.

At least the rape is slowly becoming consensual righOH MY GOD WHAT AM I SAYING WHAT HAS THIS FIC DONE TO ME?!

Nick smiled at his brothers characteristic enthusiasm, letting him enjoy
Justin’s mouth as he peeled his sweater from his body, and stepped out of
his jeans and underwear throwing them all aside, to display his well built
body. Joe eyed his brother as he stripped out of his clothes as he thrust
his cock into Justin’s skilled mouth.

“Hey bro get in here with me!” Joe smiled.

You know, I’ve never been in a three way, but I imagine sucking two dicks at once has to be rather difficult.

Nick took his place next to Joe, the outline of his older brother’s cock
visible through Justin’s smooth cheek. He slapped his cock against Justin’s
face to grab his attention. Justin reluctantly took Joe’s cock from his
mouth and looked up at Nick before taking his whole length down his
throat. Joe threw his arm around his brother rubbing his muscular
shoulder. Justin spat out Nick’s cock to move back to Joe, switching
between the brother’s cocks, taking one in his mouth and one in his
hand. He pulled them closer together pressing the heads against each
other. Joe and Nick’s naked bodies pressed together. The feeling of his
cock against his brothers excited Joe, his hand sliding down Nick’s back to
just above his meaty ass. Justin then took both heads in his mouth at once
opening his mouth as wide as possible to accommodate the two large dicks.

“Fuck look what we did to the slut bro!” Joe smiled, Nick laughing as he

Justin sucked and worked both as best he could the fact two brothers were
in his mouth at the same time fuelling his lust even more.

Nick pulled away from Justin moving behind him. He pulled his shirt up
prompting Joe to take his cock away, as Nick pulled it over the young
singers head and threw it aside. Nick forcefully tugged on Justin’s pants
ripping them off in a quick movement before there was anytime to
protest. Justin suddenly felt very exposed, completely naked with the two
large bodied Jonas Brothers towering over him. He felt Nick kneeling close
behind him, then a large hand on his bare ass. Nick’s fingers ran down
between his cheeks, stopping at the tight virgin hole adding a little
pressure. Being touched there a place not touched by another person was
unbelievable to Justin, not only that but it felt good Nick’s finger
tracing around his hole along with light pressure. Joe watched as Nick slid
some lube onto his fingers, not too much though Nick wanted Justin to feel
this. Nick slid his slick fingers into Justin’s ass, two at first.

Alright, if we know that Justin is homophobic, I think we can assume that he’s never fingered himself, meaning, no matter how much lube you use, there is no way two fingers should just be able to slide in there. FROM ONE WHO KNOWS, SIR

“GOD!”  Justin screamed from the pain.

That is a reasonable reaction.

Nick ignored Justin’s protests, sliding his fingers in and out of Justin,
stretching them out, opening up his tight virgin hole. He added a third
finger, this time Justin didn’t protest, just groaning in response. He
worked his hole for a few minutes before getting impatient.

“You ready for my cock slut?” Nick asked, getting no response from Justin.


Slicking it up with a tiny amount of lube, he held his dick and positioned
it at Justin’s hole. He teased it with the cock head at first before
sliding into the younger boy.


“OH FUCK! IT’S TOO BIG NICK!” Justin screamed.


“Shut up bitch!” Joe responded slapping the boy’s youthful face.

Nick ignored Justin and pushed further into him, until his hips rested
against Justin’s ass. Justin panted, happy for the lack of movement but
desperate for the pain to end. Nick let Justin adjust to his cock few a few

A few minutes? Wasn’t Nick way too impatient just a minute ago?

“Fuck him bro!” Joe encouraged getting impatient.

Nick moved his hips circling his cock inside Justin.

“OOOOH OH AHHHHH!” was all Justin could manage feeling like Nick was going
to rip him in half.

We’ve all been there…

Nick pulled out of Justin, until only his head was still inside, then
pushed all the way back in forcefully.

loud at the sudden movement.

“WHAT DID I SAY BITCH!” Grabbing Justin’s hair Joe said through gritted
teeth their faces almost touching.

Justin complied as Nick did this over and over until his moans of pain
started to sound more like moans of pleasure. Joe watched Justin as Nick
slid into him once again a smile creeping across his face. He grabbed his
phone from next to him on the bed, waiting for Nick to push back into
Justin, taking a photo of Justin getting fucked with a smile across his
face. Nick thrust harder into Justin, taking hold of his hips, he was still
in pain but Nick’s cock was giving him a pleasure he had never thought


“I bet this whore likes sucking dick as well as being fucked bro!” Joe
announced standing in front on Justin, his dick at his eye level.

Joe took hold of his cock and slapped it against Justin’s face. Justin
looked at him, not able to speak lust and pleasure in his eyes from Nick’s
cock inside him, his hair shaking with each thrust. He held out his tongue
out, Joe slapped his cock against it hard before forcing it down his
throat. Nick was really getting into this now, he wanted to humiliate
Justin, show him who was the man here. He forced himself harder and deeper
into Justin, who moaned around his brothers cock having to grip Joe’s meaty
ass to with stand Nick’s powerful fuck.  He started pounding into the boy,
his hips slamming against Justin’s ass.

If you ever find yourself writing the sentence “He started pounding into the boy”, stop, and think long and hard about what you’re doing.

“This is how Selena liked it too!” Nick smiled thrusting into Justin and
circling his dick deep inside him again.

Who the fuck is Selena, and why do you keep talking about her? Also, she apparently likes anal.

Justin was so turned on hearing this, hearing his girlfriend loved getting
pounded just like he was now, knowing that Nick had fucked them both. Joe
was pushing Justin’s head down onto his cock, taking him all in he picked
up the phone from behind him again.

“Smile for the camera slut!” Joe laughed looking down at Justin, and taking
a photo of him with a big dick in his mouth looking up at the camera.


Nick bent over Justin, using his weight to force into him. He took Justin’s
hip in one hand and grabbed his hair with the other, tangling his fingers
with his brothers. He pushed Justin’s head onto Joe’s cock and pounded hard
into him.

“That’s it Nick, fuck him, show the cocky little bitch!” Joe breathed in

“You like this don’t you? you love my cock inside you, my brothers cock in
your mouth!” Nick spat at Justin, slamming into him.

“No, I don’t like that, thanks for asking!”

He slammed him over and over, the boy’s slimmer body shuddering with each
thrust.  Justin Grabbed his own dick, desperate for attention, Nick was
fucking his hole good and he need release. He jacked his dick quickly, Nick
hitting that spot inside him over and over.

“OH GOD!” he shouted spitting out Joe’s cock, as cum flew from his dick.

The pleasure was more intense than anything he had ever experience before,
especially with Nick slowly pushing the spot inside him as more and more
cum escaped his cock. Joe grabbed his cock slick from Justin’s mouth,
running his hand up and down fast watching Justin’s release. As soon as he
was spent Nick pushed Justin’s head down to the floor, and started fucking
into his fellow singer hard. His large balls slammed into Justin, sweat ran
down his chest, down his back between his round butt flexing with every

“BREED HIM NICK!” Joe shouted.

…”Breed him”?

Nick was close, so close. Justin was so tight the whole situation was so
hot he couldn’t handle it anymore. He thrust hard and deep one last time as
his cum filled Justin.

“OH FUCK!” He moaned, more and more cum filling Justin’s once virgin hole.

He lightly fucked the boy until his balls were empty, slowly pulling
himself from Justin giving his ass a hard smack.


Sookie scream

Joe having watched his little brother breed Justin Bieber was ready to
shoot, he grabbed Justin’s hair and pulled him to his knees holding him in
place as he worked his dick roughly, Joe’s muscular arm flexing as he did.

“You ready for this whore!” Joe asked as felt the pleasure rise inside
him. “AHHHH TAKE IT YOU BITCH!” he shouted in pleasure as cum shot from his
cock into Justin’s hair, more hit his cheek, some went into Justin’s
waiting mouth until Joe had emptied his load onto Justin’s face. He smiled
looked down at the cum covered younger boy.

“Looking good there Justin!” he laughed, quickly snapping a picture of
Justin with cum all over his face.

“I am going to make so much money selling these and posting them online, even though they incriminate me as well!”

Joe fell backwards onto the bed next to his brother, their sweaty naked
spent bodies next to each other.

“You can go now whore!” Joe said.

Justin knelt there confused. He looked around for his clothes, licking as
much a Joe off his face as he could before using his underwear to clean his
face, slipping the cum stained boxer back up his legs covering his still
hard cock. He pulled his shirt and shoes back on moving to the door, before
looking over at the brothers who didn’t acknowledge him. He left the room
and shuffled down the corridor he had strode down earlier that evening,
feeling Nick’s cum escaping his tender ass running down his inner thighs
and the smell of Joe’s cum filled his nose it was over whelming. He felt he
should be so ashamed, but he never expected to be so turned on being
treated like that. He felt a vibration in his pocket as he walked.

“Don’t tell anyone about this ok, we have pictures don’t forget!” The text
from Joe said.

“I won’t!” Justin paused before continuing the message, “erm do you think I
might get a copy of those pictures…?!” He replied.

Joe held the phone for Nick to read the message.

“Jesus he really is a whore!” Nick smiled. Grabbing Joe’s hand in a
victorious gesture.

“Sure, slut!” Joe replied.

Justin read the message, a smile creeping across his face and a twinge in
his cock as he made his way to his room.

Well, wasn’t that fun? Now, if you can get the image of Justin Bieber getting gang-raped by the Jonas Brothers out of your head, tell me how, because I sure can’t!


Fan Fiction Friday owes its inception and existence to Rob Bricken, formerly of Topless Robot, where you can read all his old and mind destroying creations.

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