C2E2 Day 1 recap: Friday

Hello everyone.  C2E2 is this weekend, that is the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo, it is an abbreviation, it begins with 2 Cs and 2 Es, so they make the title shorter with letters and numbers, in Chicago.  I’m not over explaining this am I?

I saw a lot of things at C2E2 this year.  It is full of nerd culture exhibitors, vendors, artists, panels, and nerds themselves roaming all over.

Things are much bigger this year, literally, they moved to a bigger convention hall so there is more room to move around and the various causeway’s between booths seem a bit less crowded.

They have celebrity guests.  By the way television actors appear to charge more for autographs than everyone else.

Personally I attended a panel on Kickstarter campaigns for comics and learned that you will probably need some legal and accounting help if you do it.  I also got to see a great short film that explored black masculinity in comics and the problematic way black men have been portrayed in comics over the decades.  In the evening I went to a Q&A with Felicia Day and it was awesome.

Anyway lets get to the part you all came for, PICTURES

There were giant inflatable zombies


To promote the Zombie Run


There were inflatable Daleks

A wall of cute little Walking Dead toys


A lifesize Ironside Dalek

And of course, lots of cosplay







And finally what might be the best TARDIS dress ever

She is the Tardis, the Tardis console, and the time vortex manipulation pillar.

I will be on my way over to the convention again soon, and I will be back tomorrow with another recap.

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