Tabletop gaming news roundup 29/4/2013: Batman gets a boardgame

Welcome to Mondays Tabletop Gaming News Roundup. This column we cover Arkham City: The Boardgame, competitions and High Elves!

Cryptozoic Entertainment have put up Batman: Arkham City Escape for pre order. The two player game pits Batman against his greatest foes as they attempt to escape Gotham.

Twilight Miniatures
are having a painting competition. From the press release:

The contest will be to paint one or more Twilight figures with a deadline of the 16th June.
There will just be one category that covers everything from individual models up to small dioramas. The only limitation is that whatever you paint should be from the World of Twilight range and should be able to fit on an area the size of a CD. It doesn’t have to fill the CD of course!

More details can be found in their forums.

Revolutionary Roads are offering a great deal at the moment, with 10% off all orders until the 12th of May. Their Roads come pre painted, are flexiable and durable. They estimate you can get over 21 feet of road for under £30! Sounds like a deal to me! Check out more on their website.

Games Workshop have put Warhammer Armies: High Elves up for pre-order. Enough said.

Dark World Creations have several 70mm 2000AD resin character models up for sale, including Judge Dredd, Rogue Trooper and Mean Machine Angel.

See you on Friday for the Kickstarter edition of  the Tabletop Gaming News Roundup!

If you want to submit a story or inform me of anything cool thats happening, let me know in the comments below or at

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