C2E2 weekend recap

I hope I am not too late for this. Here is my final recap of the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo, C2E2, last weekend.


As conventions go C2E2 is still pretty young but it has quickly become the premiere comic convention of Chicago.  This year had its usual mix of events, celebrity guests, and exhibits.  Things were also bigger this year, literally, the convention was held in a bigger hall to make room for wider aisles to accommodate all the foot traffic.  Although on Saturday there were so many people around it was still pretty congested.

Perhaps the biggest difference this year was something not directly related to convention events.  In our current climate it should surprise no one that security was much tighter this year.  Security personnel were doing bag checks on everyone at the hall entrance.  Any cosplayers with weapons, especially prop guns, had to have them inspected by security and tagged.  I have never seen security at this level in a convention before but it is to be expected at public events these days.

Now in my opinion most of C2E2’s best panels and programming this year were on Friday.  There was some good stuff on Saturday and Sunday but not quite as fun or informative as Friday but as I said that is my opinion, you are free to disagree with me if you were there.

On Friday the best events, or at least my favorite, was the Felicia Day Q&A.  Felicia Day has a great sense of humor and just seems to have a knack for making her fans feel good.  The other panel I really enjoyed Friday was called White Scripts, Black Supermen: Comics and Identity that showed a short film about the way black men have been portrayed in comic books over the decades.

On Saturday the most significant thing I attended was the Zenescope Grimm Fairy Tales Animated Pilot screening.  It was interesting to say the least.  I have never been a big fan of Zenescope but I can’t deny that they have been successful and if this gets picked up they will have an animated series.

Sunday was a bit problematic for me because just about every panel I tried to attend got filled up.  On at least one I wish this could have been avoided.  The panel I was most looking forward to Sunday was Exorcising the Fake Geek Girl: Discussing Geek Culture, Gate-Keeping and Sexism.  There was a line to get in and it filled up very quickly.  This was a symptom of a greater issue that C2E2 needs to address.  Every year that I have attended this convention there has been at least one panel room that is smaller than all the others.  They always seem to put any panels relating to social issues like racial diversity or feminism or similar subjects in the small panel room and whenever I attend these panels they always fill the room.  I hope this is just a matter of poor space management and not a conscious decision based on the assumption that social issues are not as important to the nerd community.


Overall I think C2E2 was very good this year.  I may have had some personal disappointments towards the end but most of it seemed very well organized and managed and the attendees all seemed to enjoy it.  Maybe next year I will try to provide more actual news coverage.  In parting enjoy a look at some of the wonderful costumes again from this year.


3 responses to “C2E2 weekend recap

  1. Hey there! I’m the organizer (and one of the speakers) for the Fake Geek Girl panel. A lot of people were disappointed they weren’t able to attend and we were so overwhelmed by a level of response we hadn’t expected! We did record the entire panel on video, which will be posted on the Chicago Nerd Social Club website, http://www.chicagonerds.com (as well as my own), including pre-panel interviews with the panelists & post-panel audience interviews. Our videographer is editing everything together so it should be done in the next week or so. Bleeding Cool apparently was there recording the whole thing, so you can at least listen to it if you’d like: http://www.bleedingcool.com/2013/05/01/c2e2-panels-in-audio-carol-tilley-mark-waid-john-layman-rob-guillory-and-more/

    I’m sorry you weren’t able to make it in but we do very much appreciate that you tried and were looking forward to attending our panel! We’re hoping to do more discussions like this at other local cons like Chicago Comic Con later this summer, too.

    And did you see the girl with the TARDIS console skirt & LED wire? I think she and Civil War Era Wonder Woman were my favorites.

    • Yes I actually have a picture of the awesome Tardis dress in one of the daily recaps. I plan to put it up again in a new cosplay feature article.

      I am sorry I did not get to see the panel. I have been meaning to write to the C2E2 organizers about the small panel room issue although its possible that I am the only one who considers it an issue so far.
      If you are at any other Chicago conventions I will be sure to try and make it there.

      • Thanks! Hopefully other cons will be open to supporting these kinds of discussions as well.

        I think it’s worth mentioning your unhappiness with the panel room size to the organizers – they’ve announced the con will be in the South Building next year. My interactions with them as a panel organizer (I did one last year as well) have been pretty positive and they’ve seemed very responsive & sincere in their desire to continue shaping the con to best meet the needs of con goers. I know I was very disappointed to miss the Fierce Females in Television panel because it was also in a smaller room and there was a crazy long line for it as well. So I’m guessing they’ll definitely be hearing from attendees about panel room size issues and hopefully they’ll address the issue better next year.

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