Shut Up and Take My Money!


Greetings Nerditis sufferers! Ford Thundercougarfalconbird here with breaking news from The Great White North!

I recently discovered the incredible show “Todd & the Book of Pure Evil” on Netflix. This is a phenomenal horror/comedy from Canada about a high school wannabe metal god who discovers the Book of Pure Evil. Well, more like he is discovered by the book. His adventures uncover much unsavoryness lurking under the skin of Crowley High. Every episode is filled with laughs, brutal murders, demonic creatures and more blood than all Tarantino’s films combined! Plus, it stars Jason Mewes as the school janitor, confidant and pot dealer.

Unfortunately, the show only lasted two seasons, but retained a strong following in Canada, and has developed one in the US, too! Myself and Mrs. Thundercougarfalconbird eagerly watched every episode on Netflix down to the season 2 cliffhanger.

Well, late last night, on the Todd & the Book of Pure Evil Facebook page, they announced the return of Todd! Although, it will be an animated movie instead of a third season, but they will have all the original actors.

The best part is they will be crowd funded via Indiegogo. The project went live today, and has already reached $10,900 Canadian Dollars. I have no idea what that is in ‘Merican money, but probably has to be converted through beaver pelts and Molson or something.

So, head to Netflix and watch the show if you haven’t already. Then head on over to Indiegogo to throw some cash at the book!

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