S.H.I.E.L.D. TV news: Agent Coulson proves you can be a dick even in death.

Agent Coulson happy time.
Possible spoilers everyone!

Its fair to say Clark Gregg’s portrayal of SHIELD Agent Coulson through the original batch of Marvel films was a firm fan favorite His death at the hands of Loki in the Joss Whedon film (year old spoiler!) The Avengers was a sad moment.

Yet it appears hes rather healthy after being stabbed through the chest. Whedon has confirmed he will be back for the Agents of SHIELD tv show and has a prominent part in the pilot he has finished shooting.

At this point theres a little twist in the tail. You see, Badass Digest report that Coulson will be back in the show after revealing he faked his death to ‘motivate the superhero team’. It seems the Badasss Digest editor isn’t really a fan of this development.

I think its actually a cool idea if its true as it establishes Coulson as someone willing to do what it takes, with a little more to him than meets the eye.

Which I’m sure is exactly why some people aren’t going to like it, seeing Coulson as essentially as an audience surrogate, a nerd who done good and ‘one of us’.

Time will tell. In the meantime hes pretty busy appearing in comics.

Source: Badass Digest

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