Nerdy Moment of Awesome: May 4th Birthday Special!

Lets wind the clock right back.

Nerdy Moment of Awesome isn’t really afraid of doing things differently, so instead of bombarding you with Star Wars jokes and puns (don’t get me wrong-they’re still cool and nerdy) I’m gonna give you something even greater. Footage of the first moon landing.

Even after this time, its pretty phenomenal. I must have watched this particular clip close to 100 times or more now and the conversation between the mission controller and one of the astronauts still gets me:

“I guess you must be the only person around that doesn’t have TV coverage of the scene”

“Thats alright, I don’t mind a bit”

If we want to be shooting wamp rats and running the death star trench run, we need more of moments like these.

Last of all, its my sisters birthday today. My familys not exactly the best at the whole ‘family’ thing (and I’m an awful person for gifts and events in general, which doesn’t help things), but I hope shes enjoys today with her friends and boyfriend.

Happy Birthday sis. You’re pretty awesome.

Gotta get Star Wars in somehow šŸ˜‰

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