Commander Strax answers questions posed by children.

You WILL Watch This Video*!

I know they are unpopular with certain parts of the Dr Who fandom, but I love the Victorian crew of Jenny, Commander Strax and Madame Vastra. In this video, the actor behind the mask Dan Starkey sits down and answers a few questions asked of him by children at a local Dr Who event in Cardiff.

He seems to be great at riffing on the character. I look forward to more appearances from him, followed by people announcing how hes ‘ruining’ Dr Who.



* Apologies for the grammar, but when I hear Strax talking I imagine him making every word start with a capital.

4 responses to “Commander Strax answers questions posed by children.

    • I know. I was very saddened when both the Jenny and Strax scenes seemed to be cut short, as if the director went

      “Well we’ve only got enough budget left for about 5 seconds of an action scene, so cut it off there”

      I think Strax needs a scene where hes badass.

  1. Strax and Rorry Williams dad, Brian Williams, are two of my favourite bit characters in the whole Dr. Who series. I think they should become his next traveling companions.

  2. I want to have talking Strax toy, even if he will just repeat your words xD I need it for my wife , please reccomend me any of places, where I should try to tind it. Best regards

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