EA is in charge of all the Star Wars games- no games till 2014

Cried all the internets.

“I felt a great disturbance in the internet, as if millions of gamers suddenly cried out in terror”

So its official, EA are going to be getting and exclusive licence to produce Star Wars related games for consoles and PCs in a multi year deal. The financial cost to EA hasn’t be revealed yet, but if its anything like what they were estimated to have spent on Star Wars: The Old Republic (estimated to be anywhere from $50-$200 million) the EA are looking to recapture the market after their disastrous fortunes in the past few months. The company also revealed that they won’t be making any games until April 2014, which tells me that they plan to launch a new set of games as the buzz for the new films starts to generate.

In an odd move though, Disney will retain its rights to develop new games for the “mobile, social, tablet, and online” market, which suggests either EA didn’t have the money to extend their deal to that, or that Disney don’t want to miss out of the potential revenue from such games.

After being voted “The worst company in america” for two years running now, it certainly will have an uphill struggle for EA to convince gamers that its changed as a company. Come April 2014, hopefully actions will speak louder than words.

Source: Gamespot

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