FanFiction Friday: Ode to Abraxas

Todays FFF is by request from the man and/or god himself, Dr. Abraxas. You see, ‘braxy is an old FFF veteran AND ff author himself. So, a couple weeks ago, he requested a Abraxas story be run.

So it shall! Three of them to be exact. Because they’re all relatively short, and I couldn’t decide which to run. All of Abraxas’ stories can be found here, in case you were interested.

Note: This story contain graphic attempts at describing sexual interxourse, usually between humans, but occasionally between other sentient creatures. It is very stupid. Reader Discretion is Advised.

“Your Pants Are Red” by Dr. Abraxas (2011-09-12)

Oh, I’m sorry. Did the title give you chills? BECAUSE IT SHOULD.

“Joy – to ER – STAT!”

She dropped what remained of that x-ray and fled the office.

I’m sorry ‘braxy, but what are you a doctor of again? Because it’s no medical doctor, right? I won’t… you know, end up seeing you for a broken bone and not even know it, right?

“Brock…” Joy lamented at their intimacy interrupted.

Wait, she was fucking Brock… in her office… while looking at an X-Ray? Jesus, I know I couldn’t multi-task like that.

Joy hid at that office adjacent radiology. Afront the viewer she examined the image … white and black … eerie, cloudy structure – flesh as revealed by Roentgen.


She adjusted bright until contrast appeared – and at its view of pelvis emerged a subtle yet tractable outline. The youth was exposed tiny and soft. She traced the image, giggling, blushing…


Unseen, the crack of her cunt dripped her broth.

Jesus Christ, I’m far from an expert, but something is definitely wrong with Joy’s vag.

Brock’s arm had been fractured.

Joy thanked whatever controlled the universe. That such a patient would be brought to her and only her ER! Even with clothes (and flesh) the youth tickled her clit. The tall, dark – mature – Brock. Oh … exactly how mature she was determined to know.

This is Brock, for the record.

He’s, what, like, fifteen? I’d say he’s not very mature.

Only two x-rays of the arm were asked – then she told the youth to sit – then she aimed the camera between the legs.

And this is why I no longer go on planes anymore…

“Um, Nurse? It’s just my arm…”

“We need to know it’s just your arm. You suffered quite an injury! Now – your pants need to go – do you feel well enough to get on all four’s … er … all three’s?”

“I’m really starting to doubt your professionalism. Where’d you get your degree again?”

Strangely, yanking the belt, unzipping the fly, grazing the heat off of that area, it did not excite Joy as the thought that she would be gazing at the x-ray to follow. What was it about that image? It inspired the nurse to be bold. It sent a tear fall her chasm of her muchacha.

Scared and horny

Another x-ray of that fine, fine up-turned-ass. Such a coccyx! What thighs! And that void spread between them. The fragment of skull as it gazed front to back at the instrument.

What the fuck is going on.

Down went the pants! Up went the temperature!

Even Abraxas is shocked!

Her vag was swollen. Her clit poked like eye through lid. She took the x-ray from the viewer to the cunt. It crumpled, crinkled as she slathered it everywhere…

Something is very wrong with Joy…

“Oh, Brock, do you know where that tackle of yours is? Oh, to be making babies … with your bones!”

With a mind shattering gasp she looked at the x-ray – torn and shredded – and red where it kissed lip…


When it started she could not say. It just seemed as if she were born with that fetish. Gods, what an urge to explain! So bizarre who would have guessed it was the spark of a thousand forbidden rupture…


At the ER:

“Um, Nurse?”

“Yes, Ash.”

“My Pikachu’s looking really really drained…”

“Hm, let’s get the both of you into x-ray.”


“Never too careful.”

“Um, Nurse?”

“Yes, Ash.”

“Your pants are red.”

Sookie scream

Joy blushed – “Must have been my last patient… Darn, I need to change at radiology too… You need a clean pair of underwear yourself!”

Ash blushed – she liked to take x-rays … lots and lots of x-rays. What did his butt have to do with the health of his Pokemon? Well, what did it hurt…

“Pika … Pika … Pikachu!”

And, hopefully that was Pikachu charging up an electric attack to fry them both.

“Ty Lee vs. Hakoda’s Anatomy” by Dr. Abraxas 2012-01-28

As Ty Lee raised her shirt those hands groped a final clutch of skin to feel their warmth even through fabric. The way those fingers curled onto and penetrated into flesh sent a shiver through her body. It was beyond erotic, there was just something raw and powerful, something pure about generating that kind of excitement with a male.

I can agree with that.

She looked up to see that unique expression – lips agape, eyes wide – she stroked his cheek, she pinched that patch of beard atop his chin.

Although, I will admit facial hair is kind of a turn off for me.

He brought his face to her lips…

Their kiss was gentle as the grope continued with its violence.

Wait, what?

At length they nestled into an embrace that continued for many, many breaths.

Hakoda sighed and gave a chuckle as he traced her cheek with his finger – pale to tawny skin to skin. She seemed so virginal, so inexperienced … yet she was not and it only spurred that passion. He wanted to give into lusts he could not fully comprehend.

Hakoda smiling

Apparently, this is Hakoda, and he was the father of Katara and Sokka. No, I have no idea why he’s about the fuck the living daylight out of Ty Lee.

Ty Lee clasped her hands to his hands. His eyes went from her face to her bosom – still cloaked. She pursed her lips and gave each and every palm a kiss.

As the sun set, the hut the fire-tribe provided plunged into swaths of red, the forest, its trees, its leaves, rumbled…

“That was so very, very sweet of you,” Hakoda smiled, “you were right, they were fun and perky…”

I bet he means her tits.

Ty Lee giggled, bringing his palms to her breasts.

Called it!

“How long was it for you?”


With an arm about the waist, the male stepped to the rear of the hut, to a bunk…

Ty Lee sat.

“Let me show you what I got.”

Ten dollars says it’s his penis.

He untied the rope of belt and his shorts tumbled about his feet.

You all owe me ten bucks.

Ty Lee leaned into the sight.

It was dim yet there was enough light to see his offerings.

She chuckled curious and amused.

Man, that must hurt. I mean, I have never had anyone laugh at my dick before, but… wow. Harsh, Ty Lee. Just mean.

“You’re soft!”

“Yes, I haven’t taken my little blue pill yet… where are my glasses again? And who are you? Answer before I cane you, young lady! Ooh, boobies!”

“Yes … at the moment…”

Excited, she grasped and squeezed his hands, she dragged him closer and closer as he removed his shirt.

Ty Lee brushed her finger around his penis at its foreskin. Hakoda’s swell of head was snug between his two, little testes – the scrotum felt like butter against her grip despite its ridges. As she stroked his length (or lack of it) he twitched. As she kissed it from base to tip, he seemed to lengthen and widen and even to darken. Now it appeared though not yet erect that it aimed at her face. She allowed his foreskin covered glans into her palm and brought his penis to her lips. Her kiss exposed more and more of that violet flesh as he throbbed surging longer and wider…

“There… There, girl…”

Ty Lee gazed up at Hakoda, greeted again by that face which turned to smile. Still admiring that expression, she grasped his tip, she stroked his shaft, retracting that foreskin… The curl of his lips. The quiver of his mouth. The knot of his brow. All of it revealed a wordless even soundless gasp.

Ty Lee moved aside and motioned Hakoda to join the bunk.

He sat with his left leg spread over her right leg. With his right arm supporting his body, his left arm embracing her body. With his face settled above her shoulder to kiss her skin wherever it would be exposed.

Please, refrain from imagining this positioning. You’ll only hurt yourelf.

“Oh, god, Ty Lee…”

“I love what you got…”

He shivered against her as he moaned and groaned and vocalized his surge of passion like an animal. His leg and arm pressed and tightened. His lips veered from kiss to lick. As all of those expressions of intimacies gave way to truer and truer brutish instinct.

“You are getting so hard … so hard … oh, my, Hakoda…”

Ty Lee rubbed just his foreskin up and down his violet glans. With her thumb and finger together she teased where his tip oozed. With her grip at the rim of his head she explored, feeling every single detail of his flesh, reveling at the way it succumbed to her touch.

Suddenly there was a growl and she looked, gazed at Hakoda’s wolf-like expression of teeth, his eyes watery, azure like the heat of Azula’s flame. And, she felt before she saw, her hand got wet. Turning she exalted “you’re watering, you’re watering…” as his juice spurted out of his tip…

Wizard of ZOMG

Exhausted, Hakoda reclined into Ty Lee, his face against her bud of breast. She wrapped her arms about his shoulders. He latched tight onto her waist. Together, in within that quiet of sunset, they watched and waited…


“Ghost Dance” by Dr. Abraxas 2012-02-05


It was an eve at spring; the sun, already consumed by the range, filled the sky with its gasp of daylight. An eerie glow – then – shade emerged like a root from the foothills to colonize the grassland. It was cool though dry and suddenly there came a chill which oozed into the cabin.

Zuko, at the doorway, was shocked by the change. As if born anew, then and there, he ached with confusion. Until the mind, gradually, regained its sense of time and space.

yeah right

“I didn’t want to bother you,” said Aang. Seated at the firepit, the monk stirred the stew… “It looked like you were waiting.”

“Waiting – who could I be waiting?”


Zuko sighed – and returned to vigil – it was too, too late to wait…

The cabin they shared that night, a hut where rustlers used to encamp, stood as remnant to the fallen Sozin homestead.

The monk poured stew into bowls – what had been vegetation was transformed into a meal.


The figure leaned and watched that foreigner wave a hand as if to command their food to cool.

“It is not what you expected to find?” he asked.

He replied: “your letter omitted detail – among many, many things…”

“Yes – about your friend, that Indian – I did not know what to say.”

Aang spread arms over bowls atop the table to grace with silence their supper.

“Your sister was ended by the fire she started.”

“Azula was a madman trapped within the body of a girl.”

That sounds oddly sexist…

It had been a week since Zuko returned. Yet months and months since Azula’s breakdown leaked eastward. Along the way to Colorado print (and rumor) about the tragedy filled the gaps that the monk left unstated. And then there was the furor surging through the natives of Dakota. And then there was the savagery echoing out of the army.

“What are you going to do?” he asked.

He replied: “I donno…”

The doorway swung out of its frame … it was only wind.

Aang and Zuko faced the hatch: the sky was pitch and sparkled with stars that slowly, slowly came into focus.

Zuko stood to grasp at the wood of the frame, to shut that doorway.

“It’s what I learned about the army,” he stated just as he gazed, again, outside and noticed something. Something like a fire at the foothills. “You think he could have been a part of it?”

“Charlie Sheen is a part of many things, but I doubt he could be a part of that…”

“Ghost Dance? Hard to say. It started north. Northwest. It spread – mostly to the plain. The southern tribe were not believers… And, anyway, I told you Sokka vanished soon after you left.”

Zuko grasped the doorframe as if to shut it…

“They sent me away because I loved Sokka.”


Aang blinked, dropping the spoon from his face to his bowl – it was not a shock, to be sure, there had been rumors…

“I surmised you two were friends.”

“More. More. You take confessions, padre?” The figure smiled a true, sustained expression and not that shadow of happiness. “How can I forget the taste of that kiss? Or the scent of that raw, human skin? – like, like spring. The feel of our warmth, naked, body to body? Never! A thousand miles. A thousand years. That would not be enough to yearn my Sokka! Maybe … it is not the sort of stuff to say to a monk but I wanted you to know, Aang… We made love that eve when our fathers discovered us…”

Yes Minister Reaction

Aang looked away.

Zuko shut his eyes as he thought of Sokka. That face! Eyes, like sky, with a gaze impossible to replicate. Even to the gods it was a feat unequalled… That smile so wont to shine at the comings and goings of those intimacies they stole. A tear squeezed through his lid and traced across his cheek – still scarred by the beating – as it dropped to wet the earth.

He relived a fragment of their passion…

A fire at the teepee. Furs. Clothes. Strewn about where they were flung. And Sokka, emerging through the clutter like a flower budding out of those deerskins. And Zuko leaning into the Indian kissing, smearing – with lips – those patches of paint, white and black, as he followed contours to neck, to chest … to that paradise of delight awaiting between Sokka’s thighs…

Oh Really?

“All that kept me latched to this world was that I’d meet Sokka again.”

The fire at the foothills flickered as it suggested movement.

The monk approached the doorway – it was then that he noticed an odor like fresh spring water.

“Listen – this is not the first or the last. We meet, all of us, we intersect across lifetimes, again and again. Different times… Different spaces… Or, did you think, in a universe as infinite, that we would be imprisoned to a single world – a single existence? Zuko, forget about the religion of simple man. There are places were the mind with its science cannot penetrate. And a vastness about creation that we cannot dream of. Love,” Aang took Zuko by the hand, “it exists and endures.”

Beyond the cabin the land was dusted by moonlight. It was quiet – at peace. Cleansed ironically through the fire of Azula’s rage. With the family’s collapse, the cattle and the men vanished too as if swallowed by the earth, swept by the water. Neither to be seen nor heard of again.

“Where are you going?” Aang asked.

Replied Zuko: “Just a walk.”

The monk blinked as Zuko joined the night. At the distance flashed a fire – its flame caught at mid-step. It vanished into air. And, as he turned to retreat, he caught enshadowed traces of footsteps. A pair – side by side. Then smiled as the windswept the effect away into oblivion.

Zuko did not return.


You know, I actually had fun with this one. Which means I should probably run something incredibly disturbing next week, but speaking of FFF legends gives me an idea…

Fan Fiction Friday owes its inception and existence to Rob Bricken, formerly of Topless Robot, where you can read all his old and mind destroying creations.

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  1. how many nightmare were inspired today???? you should go with the nightmare in bite sized pieces next if you dare. jaken x rin from inuyasha. yeah. i went there baby

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