Community has been Renewed!!


That’s right, True Believers! Community will be back for a fifth season on NBC! This is no longer the darkest timeline!
There are still questions. Who will replace Pierce since Chevy Chase has left the show? Will they replace him? Will showrunner Dan Harmon return? Will Troy & Abed finish watching all of “Inspector Spacetime”? Will Annie & Jeff FINALLY hook up?

Soooooooo many questions. But the number one question is why? According to Variety it was due in large part to reruns on Comedy Central as well as streaming services. Basically, like “Futurama” and “Arrested Development”, people started watching and kept watching. It was enough to get it to return to NBC instead of going to Amazon or Netflix.

So, what can you do to help keep the show running? Well, a recent petition to keep Warehouse 13 gave some great tips!

  1. Watch the show live. Don’t watch it on your DVR unless necessary. Yeah, I know. But, that add to the ratings. Ratings lead to advertisers. Advertisers lead to money. Money keeps the show on.
  2. Even if you DVR, watch the commercials. Yeah, I know! I hate commercials, too. Here’s the thing. Your DVR tracks your commercial watching! They know if you skip commercials. So, just let them run while you go get a beer, pee or build a blanket fort!
  3. Watch the shows before and after “Community”. Even if you don’t watch them, like the commercials, let them run. Again, it add to ratings.
  4. Live Tweet about the show. Hell, Tweet about it occasionally anyway. The studios pay attention. Plus, Nielsen is working on a new ratings system that will track tweets about shows. Oh, they also will follow your tweets about the ads. Yeah, I never tweet about ads unless it’s how stupid they are, or poorly timed. Like an ad for roses ON Valentine’s Day. Good luck, buddy!

You can use these hints for any show you want to save. Hell, Firefly might have gotten one more season!

Anyway, Community is back… but for how long?

Engadget, Variety

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