Life In Plastic: Toy News Roundup For 05/13/2013

-Well, the biggest news of the week is that Mattel is offering a super-secret Hordak variant at random times on their site, with no warning!  The internet is exploding.  HERE

-Here are some cute li’l creepy dolls based on PsychoHERE

Star Trek Legacy Minimates are perhaps the only thing left that still acknowledges Trek before J. J. Abrams!  HERE

-NECA is showing their 18″ Pacific Rim mech, but still no monsters.  HERE

-One of NECA’s SDCC exclusives will be Jason Vorhees in NES Game Colors.  That game was terrible!  HERE

-Here’s our first look at Arkham origins figures.  HERE

-Also, the Arkham City figures will definitely include those weird one-armed Russians twins.  HERE

-Wait, Prometheus Series 3 hasn’t been cancelled?  HERE

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