SNES SAGA REVIEW #1: Sunset Riders


I’m doing a new series where I do quick, straight-to-the-point reviews of SNES games that aren’t iconic, but aren’t crazy-obscure either. For that reason I’ll be reviewing those middle-ground games, titles you may have missed during the SNES’ heyday, but are easy to find in ROM form for use with emulators.  the reviews will only be short, and I’d love to hear from you guys in the comments if you get one of the games I review and try it for the first time. Let the ‘SNES Review Saga’ begin!

MADE BY: Konami


Sunset Riders is great fun. In one-or-two-player mode. It’s set in the old west, so the characters you can choose are all Cowboy stereotypes… well, not exactly, as their outfits could easily be described as FABULOUS! There’s Steve, dressed in bright yellow and wielding a six-shooter, Billy, dressed in blue and toting the same firearm, Bob, outfitted in green and using a spread-shot sawn-off shotgun, and last of all theirs the Mexican-cowboy stereotype dude Cormano, decked out in a pink outfit with a slightly-less-pink poncho, but as his weapon is a  spread-shot rifle, I wouldn’t make too many jokes to his face about it.

Sunset Riders (U) [!]017

“I’m just gonna keep leanin’ against this here tree, because nobody that flamboyantly attired could fight his way out of a OH SHIT YOU KILLED GRAHAME AND JOSHUA!!!”

Gameplay-wise, despite the Old West setting, it plays similarly to Shinobi, with the ability to jump up to higher levels to continue the fighting, but in certain areas it differs a lot, as enemies will shoot at you from windows and such, but you have 6-direction control of your firearm, so that helps, but not as much as getting the Sheriff Star power-up does: It equips your character with another copy of their weapon, meaning you’ll be double fisting the power!

Sunset Riders (U) [!]042


Anyway, all up, this game really is fun, and if you can get someone over to play two-player with you, you won’t regret it.

RATING: 7.8/10

Next time: We’ll be taking a look at a game set in the same period, ‘Wild Guns’

4 responses to “SNES SAGA REVIEW #1: Sunset Riders

  1. I remember playing this game quite often in arcades, but never crossed paths with the SNES version. Didn’t this game have some really fun levels where you rode on horseback?

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  3. This game is a blast in (2) player mode – classic western style shooter. For barbecue above – Yes the game has a couple horseback levels.

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