Grant Morrison talks Wonder Woman: Earth One and Multiversity

I feel like a kid again.

To many, Grant Morrison is great, a true visionary in comics. To many others hes a pretentious Scotsman who should just get back to writing comics like everyone instead of the confusing mess that Final Crisis was. I can understand both points of view, but I’m not the latter. I unashamedly love almost everything the guy puts out, be it his early works like The Invisibles or his more recent work on Batman and Superman. And yes, I love Final Crisis.

Of late, DC hasn’t been doing great in my view. I figure its had a few good series (most of them cancelled now due to low sales) but its been mostly about remaking the DC universe so its a bit more serious and po-faced over offering anything of actual quality. The sheer volume of writers and artists quitting DC seems to agree with me on that point. As such, I’ve sort of been turned off of the mainstream comics for close to 2 years, preferring to get my groove on in more indie titles*.

So when I heard news that Grant Morrison been talking about his new Earth One book Earth One:Wonder Woman and Multiversity, his 9 edition “magnum opus” thats taken 6 years to write and covers his thinking of DCs multiverse, I sort of had to spread the good news. Especially as the artwork thats coming out of the two projects is just amazing stuff. I’m not really in the mind frame to post any real commentary as I’m mentally doing this at the moment.

So I’m just going to post some artwork. Judge it for yourself.

Artwork from Wonder Woman: Earth One by Yanick Paquette

Artwork from Multiversity by Frank Quietly

“Thunderworld” from Multiversity by Cameron Stewart. An attempt to do an completely unironic take on Captain Marvel

Hopefully, these two books will be out within the year.

*Yeah, yeah, start calling me a hater or a hipster or whatever internet cultures punching bag is now.

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