Figure Photo of the Day: Kenner Alien Queen Action Figure

Kenner Aliens Queen Alien action figure

Kenner Alien Queen Action Figure, by Splittyhead

This is the Kenner Aliens 6 inch Queen Alien 1992 action figure.
This lady gets a pic all her own, as she’s so special. I found her in the toy aisle in the 90s, and was completely amused (still am) that they would market such a violent, dangerous, evil toy to young children. This was in the early action figure days, so finding dangerous evil toys was not common. Besides the early Spawn figures, everything was kiddie-fare. I distinctly remember ripping her out of the package, marveling at her pure evil black metallic magnificence, all the incredible evil ways she could turn and do (SIX evil hands! a button to make her tail whip evilly around and smack! a squeezy to make her evil head-mouth shoot out!!).
To this day she still holds a special evil place for me.

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