I’m doing a new series where I do quick, straight-to-the-point reviews of SNES games that aren’t iconic, but aren’t crazy-obscure either. For that reason I’ll be reviewing those middle-ground games, titles you may have missed during the SNES’ heyday, but are easy to find in ROM form for use with emulators.  the reviews will only be short, and I’d love to hear from you guys in the comments if you get one of the games I review and try it for the first time. Let the ‘SNES Review Saga’ begin!


MADE BY: Natsume



Wild Guns is a Western-themed take on the shooting-gallery games popularized in arcades with titles like Cabal and NAM-1975, but what really makes it interesting and super-cool is that it’s an alternate-timeline Wild West, one in which steampunk-style machines are just as common as kerchiefed black-hats with six-guns.

Your choice of playable characters are the Oh-My-God-How-Clever-Is-This Clint, who is obviously named after Clint Darwood, my high school’s vice principal (probably?) and Oh-Man-We-Are-Just-Killing-It-With-These-Clever-Names Annie, named after an orphan who is also little (also probably?) But obvious references aside, guys, I’m not even kidding, playing this game in two-player mode is so incredibly fun and awesome that this game doesn’t suffer in any way from the worst affliction the SNES now suffers from: Nostalgic Reality Syndrome (it’s in the SNES DSM, look it up.) You know how you remember a game from your youth as being so incredible that it lives in that special, nostalgia-powered part of your brain where it remains perfect, but when you try to play it for the first time in ten years, the advances games have made since then make the graphics, the gameplay, the controls, and sound absolutely crush the life out of it? Well, this game suffers from no such affliction, and in fact the colours, the controls, the enemy design, and even the charming SNES soundtrack and effects all still work, to the point where you could put this in front of someone weaned on Xbox Live and they would just assume it was the latest fad in indie games.

If you have an emulator (and an original copy of the game because breaking laws is bad, m’kay?) and two control pads, you and a friend, plus a few drinks, will have the kind of fun it’s hard to find in an age where games are constantly asked to mean something.

3 responses to “SNES SAGA REVIEW #2: Wild Guns

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  2. Sounds like an interesting game- I’ll have to look into it sometime after the glowing recommendation. Also- it’s a real shame they don’t make box arts like this anymore.

  3. Sounds like an interesting game, I’ll have to look into it sometime. It’s a real shame they don’t make boxart like that anymore though.

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