The Dark Tower TV Series/Films may be back on.

For this we have to thank rich nerds :yes:

Films are weird. Nerdy films are weirder. So it only makes sense that The Dark Tower, a series of books by Stephen King would be the weirdest. Brian Grazer and Ron Howard have been trying to get a trilogy of films, with an accompanying TV series to join them all up, commissioned longer than I can remember. The astronomical cost of it such an undertaking has put off every financier so far and has burned through actors, directors and studio alike.

Yet rumors from Cannes suggest all may not be lost. Grazer claims he has been contacted by ‘a Silicon Valley investor’ who wants to help pay to make the series according to the original vision. Now perhaps this is just him trying to tempt a major studio in again. After all, they wouldn’t want to drop the ball and miss out on all the moolah a potential franchise may bring. Or it may be genuine.

News as we hear it folks. Keep them eyes peeled.

Source: Deadline

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