Moment of Nerdy Awesome: Eurovision Special!

Its party time!

At this time of year Europe goes a little mad in celebration of the somewhat naff event Eurovision. For those who aren’t from Europe, imagine the most tacky, cheesy collection of songs and you will pretty much get it right.

Most people I know use it as an excuse to just get drunk in front of the telly and snark away for the evening. But every now and then brilliance does shine through. Eurovision did bring us Abba after all and exposed the world to Lordi.

In fact, the desire to stand out from the crowd can make even quite boring songs take on bizzare midsections, like this 2005 entry from Lithuania that just goes crazy from the 2 min mark.

Or how about the genuinely awesome Greek entry “Alcohol is Free”?

Even the qualifiers bring us gems like this years failed entry from Estonia, the band “Winny Puhh”*

Wherever you are, if you get a chance to watch the show, do. You won’t regret it, especially if you’ve had a few drinks beforehand.

See you all next week for another Weekly Moment of Nerdy Awesome.

*the band are of course, dressed up to resemble what would traditionally be called circus “geeks”. Tenuous link that allows me to include Eurovision in this weeks post? Sure. But aren’t you glad you got to see a band of werewolves singing in Estonian whilst suspended from the ceiling?

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