Tabletop Gaming News Roundup 17/5/13: Kickstarter Edition!

This week, Neil Gaiman

Hi everyone. Welcome to this weeks roundup of all the important TTG kickstarters of this week. If you want other types of news from the TTG community, check here.

Martian Wallace is asking for money to make a game based on a Neil Gaiman short story(and if you haven’t heard of him, hang your head in shame-then go read Sandman).

Only a few days to go, but Galaxy Defenders looks like a fun little co-op game.

If historical gaming is your thing, then Acheson Creations American Frontier kickstartermay be what you are looking for. At a pinch they can double as alien huts or compounds.

Springboard have a great little fantasy card game, where the aim is to achieve the coolest death possible. Its aptly called Epic Death

Sorry for the shortness of the post this week. Not much has been happening of interest this week kickstarter wise.

Still, see you tomorrow for the regular news update and see you on Friday for another Kickstarer edition!

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