How one games developer got back at the pirates.

Greenheart games made their new release piratable to prove a point.

We live in a world of DRM. Crappy DRM that means you can’t play a game unless you are online at all times. That punishes you if you are someone who pays for their games legitimately and doesn’t steal them. Where future consoles seem to be built on the concept of DRM. So, its fair enough to say that its not that popular.

Yet we forget, DRM does serve an actual purpose in preserving the livelihoods of game developers who aren’t blessed to be backed by a major company and can work if implemented properly (something the major publishers have no idea how to do.

One such example is the studio Greenheart Games, who intentionally put up a torrented version of the game at the same time as the retail version. The games were identical, except that those who torrented the game eventually got a part of the game where they could go no further.

I see what you did there.

I see what you did there.

Those people who stole the game even had the gall to go onto Greenhearts own forums and start asking for advice on how to get past that section of the game. Some even complained how unfair it was that they couldn’t beat the game because people kept stealing it. People with no sense of irony it seems.

Go to their website to get more on the story, as they seem like genuinely wonderful people, which is awful when you consider that on the first day of release, over 93% of people who played the game stole it, instead of paying less that £5 (USD 7.99) for a DRM free indie game company that even offer a free demo.

Seriously guys. Sometimes as gamers we suck.
Source: Greenheart Games

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