FanFiction Friday: WWE in “A Very Sexxxy Royal Rumble”, Part 1

So, what’s the best way to follow up a Abraxas story and a Comicsnix story? Well, to ease you down slowly. That’s not what I’m doing.

This story, actually entitled “WWE – The PPV Chronicles“, by Red Icewater, is by far tame sex wise, but length wise, it is a monster. And this is only the Royal Rumble match. This story actually covers several full PPV’s. Which terrifies me to no end. Which is why this is FFF’s first 3 part epic. You are welcome.

Note: This story contain graphic attempts at describing sexual interxourse, usually between humans, but occasionally between other sentient creatures. It is very stupid. Reader Discretion is Advised.

Royal Rumble Match – Part One

Participant #1 – Dolph Ziggler

Participant #2 – Chris Jericho

“You’re seriously in this match? I thought you’d be spending your time in the retirement home…where you belong.”

“Big words Dolph. Big words. You remember that when you scream my name like a two dollar slut when I’m balls deep inside of your ass.”

“Because that’s the only way you can get an erection without Viagra. Face it Jericho. My ass is perfection!”

Does this back and forth banter scare anyone else? Like, this is unimaginably terrifying to me. And we are just getting started.

“Kid, I’m pretty sure your pretty little mouth choking on my big cock is gonna get me an erection too.”

“Because it’s so perfect.” Dolph smirked. He sank to his knees, and quickly licked at the underbelly of the Canadian cock, before he would get to the head and twirl his tongue around. Once his tongue would finish working, the blonde looked up at the older man. “I can tell your old dick’s loving every second of this, Chrissy.”


The older man moaned. He would let Dolph win this verbal war, because Chris knew that the younger man would climax before he. That was when he would rub it in Dolph’s face. For now, he simply enjoyed the blowjob that he was generously being given.

As the seconds passed, Jericho could quickly feel a finger intrude his tightness. He knew what Dolph was planning, but for the sake of the match, he would play along. Spreading his legs, not only did Chris give Dolph access to use deeper suctions, but to also penetrate deeper into his hole.

Throwing in sultry whines of pleasure, Chris could see that the younger hunk was quickly growing a boner. His plans were working. Dolph would soon grow tired of sucking dick, and yearn for a change in position; just as Chris was expecting.

You know, I have to wonder if WWE wouldn’t actually make boat loads of cash by making this a reality. Please excuse me while I weep.

“I wanna fuck you.”

“I wanna feel that big dick inside of me.”


They needn’t say any more. Chris quickly got on his hands and knees, whilst Dolph went straight inside. Chris faked a moan of delight. It was pleasurable, but it wasn’t delightful.

The moan (that Dolph believed was genuine) fuelled the Ohioan to thrust quicker and deeper. He would elicit more moans from his rival. More moans of genuine delight. Chris would actually begin to show his enjoyment. His eyes would get taken off the countdown and look down at the mat, where he could really travel into his own euphoria.

The audience were getting pumped. It was only ten more seconds until the next participant would make their way to the ring. Only ten more seconds. With each passing second, Jericho’s moans got sluttier and louder. Dolph had gone to heaven by the time that the time that a loud buzz would be audible, and the theme of the next participant would make itself known.

“The audience were getting pumped.”

Does this mean they’re jacking off?

Participant #3 – Cody Rhodes

As naked as the day he was born, Cody sprinted down to the ring. He ran with absolutely no clothes on. The fans at the front row were all getting their moneys worth, and only three participants had made their way to the ring.

The moustachioed man would smirk at the slutty Jericho. He was clearly the submissive to Dolph’s dominant. What Cody wasn’t aware of was that this was all part of Jericho’s plan. Once the two younger men would climax under the older man’s influence, it would be Jericho who had the last laugh. But, since Cody was unaware of Jericho’s plan, all he could go by was that Jericho was a licentious being who needed another dick inside his hole.

Whose perspective is this being written in again?

“You need some help, Dolph?”

“Not really. Feel free though to make the old slut suck your dick.”

“Suit yourself.” Cody muttered, quiet enough so that nobody would hear. He soon looked at Jericho, and the lust shown in his eyes. “You got a young dick in your face? You going to suck it or what?”

“No thanks, I’m good! Just go ahead and jerk off!”

Jericho glared upwards, but he would follow through with Cody’s words. The young men looked to have no respect for their elders, these days…

At least the two young men were already succumbing to the greatness of Jericho’s holes. His ass was eliciting loud, dominant growls from Dolph, whilst his mouth earned satisfied, wanton moans from Cody. Even with the hiatus he took, Jericho proved that he still has what it takes to hang with the young studs.

“His ass was eliciting loud, dominant growls”







He was getting spitroasted by two aroused young men. He was ten years their senior; most homosexual men of Jericho’s age would have killed to be in such a position. Then again, most homosexual men of Jericho’s age would have killed to look as physically attractive as Jericho did. Jericho was darned lucky either way. Lucky, but also skilled.

The skill became evident when he managed to bring Dolph and Cody to nothing more but moaning messes. All they did was moan and thrust inside Jericho. They were pleasured by his holes. They were pleasured by how heavenly and accommodative they were.

As a actual homo-sexual… the anus shouldn’t accommodate.

One minute was down, and another to go (one of the benefits of this year’s Royal Rumble was that the sex was guaranteed to last longer, given that former Royal Rumbles consisted of a one minute wait). The crowd were back on their feet, not just because of the action in the ring, but also in anticipation to find out who the next participant would be.

Jericho also anticipated the next participant. Whilst he still felt confident about his skills, there was a small chunk of his mind which was fearful that the pleasure Dolph and Cody were giving to him would eventually be enough to make him completely succumb to lust, and forget all about his plan.

Sixty seconds became fifty…fifty seconds became forty…forty became thirty. Whilst he continued to enjoy what was being given to him, Jericho also kept in mind how far away time was from announcing the next participant. The dicks inside of him would temporarily distract him, until he could begin to hear the crowd chant. From ten to one, Jericho remained eager. Eager for help, because if there was going to be another dick inside of him, the chances of him succumbing to lust would be far greater.

The buzz could be heard across the arena for a second time, and the forth participant would be revealed.

Participant #4 – Kofi Kingston


Similarly to Cody, Kofi would sprint in the nude to the ring. Unlike Cody, Kofi didn’t quite have the same motives. Whereas Cody was out for himself and Damien only, Kofi would assist anybody who needed it, as long as they weren’t particularly annoying and egotistic.

The Ghanaian could see a glimmer of anxiety in Jericho’s gaze, when Jericho looked up at the black hunk. Kofi wouldn’t allow it to go unnoticed.

After he would get inside the ring, he set his sights on Ziggler. The black stud would position himself behind the blonde, who continued to thrust into Jericho.

“Mon. You want this?” Kofi asked. He slapped his hardening cock against Dolph’s jiggling derriere. The blonde could only moan and whine a response, whilst he lustfully looked behind. Kofi could tell that Dolph’s gaze indicated how much Dolph wanted it. “Follow me.”

Dolph’s disappointment made itself known when Kofi moved away! The fucking darn Ghanaian, and his darn big cock! With nothing more than a groan, Ziggler pulled out, and moved to the other side of the ring, where Kofi was. “Man, you’re lucky I like black dick.” His porcelain palm slowly grasped the chocolate tool, earning a slight gasp from Kofi.

Kofi didn’t respond with anything other than satisfied moans. Dolph would soon engulf his long tool, and the high-flyer would show how much he truly appreciated Ziggler’s actions.

Now that Dolph was out of his ass, Jericho could soon regain dominance. He continued to apply wanton suctions on Cody’s erect length, but the older man stealthily used his fingers to enter the younger man’s hole. It was when Chris used three fingers that Cody noticed what Chris was doing.

The ravenette wasn’t going to complain. Although he was tight, he was no innocent flower. Rhodes had many men access his hole with their fingers, but only one or two were as talented as doing so as Jericho was.

With the progression of time, it was clear that both Cody and Chris would yearn for a new position. Chris was damn good at giving a blowjob, but Cody wanted more. He craved for more, and Chris wouldn’t complain about giving him more.

“Spread your legs.” And so Cody did; almost instantly after being told to. Jericho couldn’t help but to look in admiration at Cody’s asshole. Cody’s tight, little asshole. “Good. Good. I’m gonna warm you up first, just so my dick won’t feel so bad when it’s inside.” Jericho licked his lips, before he would place his face in between Cody’s firm globes of muscle. The Canadian would go from licking his lips to licking the hole that was a minute distance away from his lips.


Cody moaned and he groaned. His legs parted as soon as he could feel the older man’s tongue delve deep inside of him. His moans were whorish and needy. He needed this. His hole needed this. His arousal needed this. Cody forgot about all who surrounded him, and just focussed on the pleasure Jericho was giving to his hole.

The clock was counting down, but none of the four men took notice. Chris was too busy rimming Cody, and Dolph was too busy bobbing up and down Kofi’s hard length. Rhodes and Kingston were in their own euphoric little world, unaware that a competition was even occurring. It was only when there was a loud buzz throughout the arena that these four men came crashing back down to reality. The fifth participant would arrive.

Participant #5 – Santino Marella

Kobe whatever

The fans were laughing. They knew that Santino wasn’t the most well-hung Superstar, and because of that, they assumed that the Italian had no chance of victory. It was as if they had forgotten how Santino had managed to stay until the final two in the 2011 Royal Rumble. Heck, it was as if the competitors themselves had forgotten that. All four men in the ring shared amused glances, as they saw the Italian get into the ring.

“So…who wants a piece of Santino Marella?” Santino asked, to no response at all. Ziggler, Jericho, Rhodes and Kingston all gazed at each other. “Anyone? Come on!” Then Marella was on the receiving end of what nobody expected (himself included): all four of his opponents going down on him.

Jericho sucked on the bulbous head, Ziggler licked the left side of Santino’s shaft, Cody licked the right side and Kofi nipped gently at the Italian’s balls. This was definitely not Santino thought would transpire, but who was he to complain? This was absolutely pleasurable to the comedic Superstar. Almost too pleasurable…

With all four men working together on Santino, the newest entry into the Rumble could feel a tingly sensation in his lower abdomen. It was an all too familiar feeling that Santino didn’t want to be feeling right now. He could feel an explosion ready to blow, and just as he was about too express how close it was, Santino was too late. He climaxed deep in Jericho’s mouth. The older man quickly swallowed all that Santino had to offer, and moved back. “You’re done, Santano.”






“San Diego?”

“Santino! Santino! Santino!” The Italian was seething at this point. It didn’t help that the other men (minus Kofi) laughed at him. The audience sympathised for him, as Marella stormed off backstage. He was the first of twenty nine eliminations in this year’s Royal Rumble.

Elimination #1 – Santino Marella


That was admittedly pretty great.

Once the raging comedian was gone from sight, the four men would soon focus back on each other. Chris would continue where he left off with Cody, and the same went for Dolph and Kofi.

Only, Jericho would not tongue-fuck young Rhodes. The former would now use his cock to fuck the latter. Ziggler did not go back to sucking on Kingston’s erect length. Instead, the blonde would allow the black hunk to access his loose heat. These four men were quick to go back to pleasuring each other. Rhodes and Ziggler were too busy enjoying the sensation of getting fucked to realise that another competitor was soon on his way. Ten quickly went down to eight…eight quickly went down to six…six quickly went down to four…four quickly went down to two…two quickly went down to zero. The loud buzz would blare across the entire arena.

…”loose heat”?

Participant #6 – Drew McIntyre

The first member of the 3MB was on his way to the ring…or so the fans thought. They were surprised to see Drew go past the ring and join the three naked commentators sitting by the commentary table.

“Which one of ya is ready to get freaky with an actual rock star?” Drew asked with enthusiasm. His eyes looked down on each of the three shafts belonging to the commentators.

“Why don’t you take all three of us?” Cole challenged, as he, Striker and Matthews all stood up from their seats. “If you really are a rock star, then you wouldn’t refuse.”

“Are you trying to challenge me, old man?” Drew smirked. “I was going to accept anyway.” He dropped to his knees. He grabbed the lengths that belonged to Josh and Matt, whilst he boldly took Michael into his mouth. He earned satisfied moans from all three commentators.

Please don’t try to imagine what is going on like I did. You’ll only hurt yourself. Needless to say, it’s impossible and very stupid.

As the aspiring musician began to blow the three men away (quite literally), the commentators could clearly see that Drew McIntyre had some impressive oral talents. It was no wonder he quickly became Vince’s favourite in such a short amount of time.

You Have To Stop

In the ring, and there clearly had been no trouble in paradise for Kofi Kingston; only paradise. He could only look at the blonde who rode his erect phallus with perfection. His skills were perfect. His moans were perfect. He looked perfect. For once, Kofi could actually agree that Dolph was perfection.

“You like that, Kofi? You like me bouncing on that big black cock? You like fucking this fat white ass? You like stretching that little white hole? Do you? Do you fucking like that?” Oh, and the dirty talk was perfection too. Especially the dirty talk. That was what really elicited satisfied moans from Kofi.

Whilst the blonde was mewling in nothing but bliss at the feeling of the Ghanaian’s tool inside of him, he was unaware that another participant was on his way to the ring…until he heard the buzz. That snapped him back into reality.

Participant #7 – Titus O’Neil


Yet a third time that the audience laughed at a participant. The first was at Santino, the second was at Drew, and the third was at Titus. All of whom were generally considered jobbers who wouldn’t last long in the Rumble. Santino proved that to be true. Drew and Titus were both hoping to change the audience’s perception on that.

Titus was pumped and eager to compete. He was determined to show the world how good his sexual prowess really was. He was determined to show that he was worth those millions of dollars, like he and Darren would often claim they were.

And by pumped, he means erect.

Running straight into the ring, Titus had immediately set his sights on Dolph Ziggler, who still seemed to be in heaven riding up and down on Kofi’s manhood.

“Whitey!” Titus bellowed. He got the attention of Dolph, Chris and Cody. “Not you two!” He said to Jericho and Rhodes, who then ignored him and got back to fucking. Dolph continued to look at the well-hung black wrestler. “You interested in this million dollar dick?”

Dolph wouldn’t respond through words. He would, instead, respond through engulfing the thick black length that dangled in his face. Titus moaned as he could feel his cock fill Dolph’s oral hole, whilst looking down to see Kofi’s cock fill Dolph’s ass.

The blonde felt even more pleasure now that he not only had Kofi, but Titus also inside of him. This wasn’t the position that Dolph expected to be in, but it didn’t stop him from enjoying every second of it. Once the Rumble was over, he was going to thank Big E, for showing him how good interracial sex really was.

Ziggler was muffling moans of sheer delight, as he was filled to the very brim. He felt like he was in heaven. He was not the only man who felt that way. Drew McIntyre was also feeling similarly. He had Matt Striker rapidly pound his ass on the commentary table, whilst he jerked the thick cocks of Michael Cole and Josh Striker. He alternatively took Michael and Josh into his mouth, earning satisfied groans from the two commentators.

Although Striker may be retired as a wrestler, he still had an incredible sexual prowess. Striker had a sexual prowess that was equal, if not above other Superstars’ sexual prowess. Drew was quickly learning about that, and it was only a short time before he could feel Matt’s bulbous head rub against his prostate. He was experiencing exactly how good the former teacher was at sex. In fact, Drew felt that Striker was a little too good. Maybe it was because he had three men surround him. Maybe it was because they all were well-hung. Whatever the reason, Drew couldn’t last much longer. It didn’t take too long for the member of 3MB to climax onto the table, and get eliminated as a result.

Elimination #2 – Drew McIntyre

…we’re not even half way through.

Back in the ring, and Cody Rhodes was unleashing a plethora of slutty whines, each signifying the utmost delight, when he would feel Chris pound away at his loosening heat.

Cody’s legs were spread wide, and Chris had perfect access into the moustachioed man’s tight heat. Chris was using a near flawless mixture of experience, power and agility to thrust deep inside Cody’s hole. It was almost deep enough to feel Cody’s prostate, but not deep enough. It made Cody whine even louder. He wanted to feel Jericho stroke his prostate. He demanded to feel Jericho stroke his prostate.

It actually was what almost made Jericho chuckle slightly. Less than five minutes ago, and he was getting spit roasted by Dolph and Cody. Fast forward to now, and Dolph was getting fucked by two well-hung black men, whilst Cody was desperate to feel more Canadian dick delve in his insides. It was unexpected, but that was what the Royal Rumble was all about. Little did Cody know that another participant was soon to arrive. It was the pleasure. It was always the pleasure. It was always the pleasure which distracted Cody from the countdown. The buzz, as it usually did, snapped him back into reality.


Participant #8 – Jacqueline

Oh, look! Someone I actually know!

This was the first surprise of the Rumble. The crowd were shocked. The participants were shocked. Cody, in particular, was shocked. He wished that Jacqueline would be an entry in the Rumble, but never did he actually expect her to be a participant. He let out a moan of pure shock (although it still sounded like pure arousal to Jericho). His eyes gazed at the petite ebony woman, as she made her way to the ring.

It didn’t take long for Jacqueline to enter the ring. It didn’t take long for Jacqueline to set her sights on Cody and Jericho. She had experienced both men in the past, and she desired to have another experience with both men.

“Hey honey!” She smiled. Her eyes looked at both men. They were confident that Jacqueline was talking to them and solely them. “You ready for a bit of Texas?”

“Yes!” They both replied, before they stopped what they were doing and looked at each other. Jericho stopped his thrusting, and Cody stopped his moaning.

“She’s talking to me, old man.”

“She’s talking to me, kid.”

“No. She’s talking to me. I fucked her.”

“I fucked her more than once.” Cody was speechless. That was what Jericho wanted. “Exactly.”

“Guys! Guys!” Both men looked up at Jacqueline. “You ain’t up for a bit of sharing? Plenty of Jackie to go around.”

“And by that, I mean I have two hands!”

The two men looked back at each other. They grinned at each other. For once, they felt as if they could work together.

Back in the ring, and Dolph continued to get fucked in both of his holes by Titus and Kofi. They used their dark, erect lengths to pleasure the wanton blonde. Only this time, Titus was fucking Dolph’s ass, whilst Kingston was fucking Dolph’s mouth.

Dolph was still in absolute heaven. He was still getting the dick that he desired, even if the positions were changed. If anything, Dolph actually preferred O’Neil in his ass and Kingston in his mouth. Titus’ powerful plunges made Dolph mewl in a sluttier manner on Kingston’s tangier tool.

He was showing off to the two ebony hunks exactly why he was perfect at sex. His submissiveness was what garnered moans from the men who eagerly pounded away at his heavenly holes. Little did Dolph know that this perfect experience was soon to become even more perfect. The buzz would soon indicate just that.

Participant #9 – David Otunga


The lawyer and former Nexus member wasted no time in running down to the ring. He was a smart individual. He had a plan for his victory which he was determined to stick to.

Once David had entered the ring, he immediately set his sights on Dolph. Two black cocks were already going deep inside of him. David would happily make a third for Dolph.

“Ahem.” The lawyer huffed. He got Dolph’s attention. “You seem to be in quite the predicament at this moment in time. Do you require my service?”

Dolph stopped sucking on Kofi to reply to David. “Depends on how well you can fuck a perfect white ass.”

“I’m confident that you will not be disappointed.” David smirked, as he saw the blonde gaze at his thick tool.

“Then get to work. If you can squeeze in, I’m sure there’s room inside my perfect hole for you and Titus.” The brash, arrogant white Superstar smirked, before he went back to sucking the Ghanaian’s cock.


I never, ever want to think about DP. That just sounds immensely uncomfortable.

David would mutter inaudible curses under his breath, before he complied with the blonde’s words. Titus thankfully helped in allowing David to enter Ziggler’s stretching anal passage. Three black dicks, and Dolph Ziggler handled them all with perfection. He was a perfect slut.

Speaking of perfect sluts, that was how Jacqueline currently felt about Jericho and Rhodes. Both men acted like perfect sluts to the ebony woman. They both were in all fours, and their puckers could feel Jackie’s digit penetrate in and out of their tightness.

“Yeah…bet y’all both needed this.” Jackie hollered, as she continued with her relentless anal assault on the two aroused men. “Ya like it?” They moaned their approval. “Ya like Jackie’s fingers?” Their moans got louder. “I can’t hear ya.” Their moans got even louder. It was exactly what Jacqueline wanted.

Their legs spread, and the black woman could feel her fingers getting deeper and deeper inside Cody and Chris. They mewled like common sluts, just from the sheer power of Jackie’s fingers.

This is what would stop the brief feud between Rhodes and Jericho. They occasionally gazed into each other’s eyes. Not with animosity, but with lust. They lusted for each other. Not as much as they lusted for Jacqueline, but they still lusted for each other.

There were only ten seconds left until the next participant arrived. The crowd were pumped. The commentators were slowly stroking up and down the length of their tools. Dolph was eagerly taking three big black cock inside his holes. Cody and Chris were eagerly allowing Jacqueline to do her thing, and to send them into a realm of pleasure. There was every reason for the anticipation that filled the atmosphere. Once the clock reached zero, the buzz would be set off yet again. A new competitor would be on their way very soon.

And out came Doink the Clown!

Participant #10 – Heath Slater

The second member of 3MB was on his way to the ring. The leader of 3MB. Heath was the member that people were anticipating to make it further than the other two members. There was a lot of weight on his shoulders, but Heath was as confident as can be that he could prove to everybody that he is a force to be reckoned with.

But, like Drew, Heath would not get inside the ring. What Heath would do instead, was rush to the commentary table. He felt the need to avenge Drew’s elimination. He was determined to make at least one of the commentators climax.

“Y’all must feel like some type of big shots, huh?” Heath sneered at the three sitting men. “Y’all think that just because Drew came, y’all are worth something, huh?”

“Yeah…we do.” Matt smirked. It was almost as if he was challenging Heath just with facial expressions alone. “Do you think you can prove us otherwise?”

“Man…shut up already.” Heath continued to sneer, as he straddled the waist of the former teacher. It wasn’t long before his hole enveloped the cock that it hovered above. “I’mma finish what Drew started!”

What the fuck is with all this dialogue?!

“What about us?” Josh asked, innocently. He and Michael continued to stroke their hardening dicks.

“I don’t give a damn what y’all do.” Heath said. Moans were slowly escaping his lips, as he rode Striker like a wild Southern slut. “Y’all could fuck my face for all that I care.”

Matthews’ eyes widened to the size of saucers with Heath’s response. He wasn’t expecting that. “Are you being serious?”

“Who cares?” Cole grinned. “I need my dick sucked, anyway. Haven’t gotten a good blowjob in a long time.” That was a lie, but he was hoping that would motivate Josh into joining in. The oldest of the three commentators stood up. He moved so that his shaft was dangling in Heath’s face. Shockingly, the redhead smirked.

“At least one of y’all aren’t total pussy boys.” Heath took in Cole’s dick. He was getting filled with two cocks, and he could imagine a third stretching one of his holes in the very near future. It would only be a matter of time before Josh joined in on the action.

Back in the ring, and Jacqueline was continuing with her anal intrusion. Only instead of intruding two holes, she was now only intruding one. Instead of intruding said holes with her fingers, she now used her tongue.

Cody remained on all fours. He remained in the doggy style position, as he was enduring the sensations that Jacqueline’s tongue was providing. It was even better than feeling her fingers delve inside his taut heat. He expressed his pleasure through wanton moaning, and licentious words. “Fuck! Lick that hole, Jackie! Lick that hairy fucking hole!”

Jericho chuckled, a little. He willingly took himself out of the threesome, just so he could look at what transpired before his very eyes, and see how slutty Cody could be. He wasn’t even aware that yet another participant would make their way to the ring, until he was reminded by the awfully loud buzz. He then felt anticipation rush through his veins, waiting to see who would be the next entry into this historical Rumble.

What happened to the black dudes? There were black guys, right? I’m not tripping or anything, right?

Participant #11 – Sheamus

The first ever Irish born WWE Champion was welcomed into the Rumble with one heck of a reaction. The crowd saw what Sheamus was capable of, through his trilogy of fucking sessions with the Big Show. If Sheamus had the ability to make Big Show look sexy, the audience could only wonder how heavenly the more attractive Superstars would look being paired with Sheamus.

The redhead rushed to the WWE ring, and his pupils would immediately focus on the lone Jericho. Sheamus would make sure that Jericho wasn’t alone for long…

“Ya look a little lonely, fella.” Sheamus smirked; as did Jericho.

“I kinda was. See you decided to be my knight in…nothing, huh?”

“Well, if that’s da way yeh wanna envision things, this knight’s just really excited to see yew in nothin’.”

What the fuck is going on?!

“If you’re excited seeing me naked, then you should probably get ready to faint with what’s gonna come next…no pun intended.” Chris winked, before he sank to his knees. His hands quickly wrapped around the pale man’s length. Sheamus quickly moaned, and those moans only amplified in volume once Chris took in all that Sheamus had to offer in length and width. It shouldn’t have been a surprise, given that Jericho’s been in the WWE for approximately a decade, but Sheamus was just surprised that a man was able to handle his imposing cock with such ease.

In another corner of the ring, Kofi was actually beginning to dislike the blowjob that he was given. Not because Dolph’s skills had suddenly subsided, but because of the moaning that came from Titus and David. Kofi was aware that they were both almost ready to climax. He didn’t want to experience a climax. Not until after he won the Royal Rumble.

The native of West Africa unplugged his cock from Dolph’s mouth, but the American blonde wasn’t having allowing Kofi to get away with this.

“Where are you going?” Dolph bawled. It sounded sluttier than he hoped it would do, but that was the effect of having two big, black, throbbing cocks simultaneously pounding his insides. “I’m not finished with you yet!” And so, Ziggler was fervently roaming around Kofi’s ballsack with his zestful tongue. The pleasure that Kofi received was good, but he felt awful that the pleasure was too strong for Kofi to escape from.

At least with Kofi, he didn’t feel an explosion in his lower abdominal region. That was what both Titus O’Neil and David Otunga were feeling. They couldn’t last much longer. Although they used teamwork in stretching Ziggler’s walls, Ziggler’s walls would clench enough to earn a mighty orgasm from both men. O’Neil was first, and Otunga shot his load not long after. They both let out groans of disappointment. Their Royal Rumble dreams had been dashed.

Elimination #3 – Titus O’Neil

Elimination #4 – David Otunga

The two men were both eliminated, but another was now set to enter the ring. The buzz sounded, and all anticipated who would be the next entrant.

Participant #12 – Tensai

The next entrant wasn’t who the WWE Universe were expecting. They wanted tall, dark and handsome. Tensai only ticked one of those boxes…but at least he had a huge cock. That managed to keep him hanging with the elite Superstars in the WWE.

As he entered the ring, he quickly set his sights on Ziggler. He was the second prettiest thing in the ring at this moment in time. Jacqueline was the prettiest, but if he dared to interrupt her moment of lust, she would most likely kick his ass for it. There was a reason as to why she competed against so many men in the past, and went onto defeat them.

His hands aggressively made contact with the blonde’s waist. Dolph could feel the stinging sensation from Tensai’s palms. It made him gag on Kofi’s long cock. The pain that the lower half of his body was suddenly feeling was too immense to ignore. In fact, Tensai was too strong for Dolph to even continue sucking on the Ghanaian’s length.

“Fuck!” The blonde bellowed, in a particularly high pitch tone, when he felt the large man ram inside his pucker. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

“Fucking you.” Tensai simply responded, as he began to thrust in and out of Dolph’s hole with powerful plunges.

“But you’re not black!”

“And? I got a big cock.”

Is this racist? It sounds racist.

“I can fucking feel that!” Dolph moaned. He eventually realised Kofi escape from him. He sighed in disappointment. He was quickly growing accustomed to that hot black cock. At least Tensai’s words were true. He may not have been black, but at least he had a huge dick. Dolph could work with that. “Whatever. Just fuck me hard.” Dolph said. His moans began to become more lustful, now that he had no other black stud to chase after.

At the commentary table, another climax was about to take place. It wasn’t long after the orgasms of Titus O’Neil and David Otunga that Matt would undergo the same experience. The same tingling in his lower regions. The same knowledge that he wouldn’t last much longer. The commentator would feel his sperm race into Heath’s quivering heat.

Heath could feel the commentator beneath him climax. He took Josh’s cock out of his mouth, so that he could laugh at Matt’s misfortune. Once a commentator was to climax, he could not engage in any further sexual activity throughout the Rumble. He could only watch.

“Man! Was that it?” Heath sniggered. He looked mostly at the flushed Matt Striker with a feeling of superiority. “I thought y’all were gonna fuck me like a real man. That was pathetic. What a loser.” Heath laughed at Striker. The latter’s cheeks were still flushed with embarrassment.

As the redhead went to the ring, he barged into the African stud. They didn’t look too pleased in colliding into each other.

“Watch where y’all going, Kingston.”

“I think you need to watch where you’re going, mon.”

The two were close to coming to blows, but the buzz stopped whatever was about to go down between the two. The next participant was on their way.

Participant #13 – Naomi

I give up trying to figure out who these people are.

Thankfully for the WWE Universe, it was not Brodus who entered the Royal Rumble. It was his stunning Funkadactyl, Naomi. There still may have been a chance for Clay to enter the Rumble, but the WWE Universe was desperately hoping he would stay away from that ring. They did not want to see him in the nude. Ever.

But, thankfully for the audience, they were graced with Naomi’s naked form. They could forget about Brodus completely, for now at least. The competitors didn’t even have Brodus in mind. All they wanted was his Funkadactyl. One competitor, in particular, who desired Naomi was Heath Slater. After humiliating Matt Striker, Slater felt that he should reward himself with some nice, tight, black pussy.

“Hey baby! You wanna know what it feels like to fuck with a rock star?” Heath said. Naomi could sense the sleaziness a mile away. She wasn’t impressed by it.

“Please tell me that ain’t your attempt of tryna flirt with me.”

“So what if it is?” Heath asked. He almost sneered. No matter how hot she was, he didn’t like being challenged in any way, shape or form. That included his flirting skills getting tested.

“Then you suck at it.” Naomi said. A small chuckle escaped her lips. She couldn’t help but to chuckle at how bad his flirting techniques were.

“Man! Y’all don’t know a good flirt when y’all see one!” Heath was about to storm off, but Naomi quickly managed to grab onto his shoulder, making the man turn around.

“You’re lucky I feel sorry for you.” Naomi said. Her hand moved down from his shoulder to his flaccid length. The Southern man would quickly grin.

“I knew y’all would soon see things my way!” The grin would only get larger when Heath would soon feel Naomi’s plump lips envelope his phallus, which hardened at a rapid speed inside her velvety lips.

The redhead musician wasn’t the only man to feel pleasured by an ebony woman. Whilst Heath was beginning to feel the bliss that was Naomi’s mouth work on his manhood, Cody would penetrate Jacqueline’s pussy. It was the first time that the young man had ever done so. He was really missing out.

Her moans were soft. Jackie may have been one strong woman, but in intercourse, she was lustful, and her moans were soft. She was everything that Cody loved in a woman. She reminded Cody a little of Beth. Beth was tough on the outside, but was sultry in intercourse. Jacqueline was the same. She had the same tough demeanour, but also passionate when getting fucked.

It had been too long for the dark Texan for this type of heaven. She almost couldn’t recollect the last time she had been fucked this good. For such a young man, Cody had a lot of strength and agility in his thrusts.

He was quick in reaching her g-spot, and frequently remembered to hit it. Cody unarguably earned such aroused moans from Jacqueline for his hard-hitting plunges. He went balls deep inside her pussy, and made sure that this would be an occurrence that the more experienced woman would not forget.

She could feel the same tingling sensation inside of her that Santino, Drew, Titus, David and Matt all felt inside of them before they climaxed. She was about to undergo the same experience. She was about to be the first woman in the Rumble to climax, but she didn’t care; not with how good Cody was at fucking her cunt.

“Don’t stop Cody!” She would repeat that again and again. She wanted for his big white cock to continually smash her sweet spot, even if it meant she would face an orgasm quicker than she would have wanted to. Thankfully for Jackie, she got what she wanted, but at a price. She would soon feel her juices gush out of her, as Cody continued to pound deep inside her loosening passage.

Elimination #5 – Jacqueline


The eyes of the moustachioed man widened. He didn’t expect Jacqueline to climax so early. Heck, he didn’t expect to be the one to make Jacqueline climax. He wasn’t complaining. This would only add to the amount of people Cody would make climax in the Rumble.

As Rhodes and Jacqueline shared one last glance at each other, the former slowly pulled out of the latter, allowing her to exit the ring. Just as Jacqueline made it to the ramp, the buzz sounded. Another competitor was on their way.

Participant #14 – Kaitlyn


Even though Kaitlyn wasn’t WWE alumni, the audience still counted her as a surprise entry. They wasn’t expecting the Diva’s Champion to compete in the Rumble. They weren’t complaining about Kaitlyn being an entry, but they weren’t expecting it either.

As the woman with two-toned hair sprinted down the ramp, she generally didn’t know who to set her sights on. There was so much action going on not just inside the ring, but outside of it as well.

Slowly getting into the ring (it took Kaitlyn a short amount of time to determine whether she should get into the ring or stay out of it), Kaitlyn looked around the ring, before she eventually felt a large pair of hands. She let out a gasp of shock, and looked down at the lying Irishman. “Sheamus!”

The Irish man grinned, and not just because Jericho was riding his cock like a damn pro. “Sorry lass. Did I scare ya?”

“Not really…maybe…kinda.” Kaitlyn said, in a sheepish manner. Sheamus found it cute. “You owe me for that.”

“Sure thing, lass. Anything yeh have in mind?” Sheamus asked, with a grin planted on his face, although that was because he was frequently going balls deep in Jericho’s hole.

“As a matter of fact, yeah, there is.” Kaitlyn smirked. It was a damn good thing that she was as horny as Sheamus. “You feeling hungry?”

At that moment, Sheamus knew precisely what he had in mind. His tongue twirled around his lips in anticipation. “As a matter of fact, ah am. Yah have anything ah can eat?”

“I may have.” Kaitlyn emitted a giggle in response to the question. Without wasting any further time, she straddled the eager redhead’s face. How could she tell he was eager? Because he didn’t waste any time in delving past her vulva and into her cunt. Sheamus was one hungry man, and she could only imagine how thankful he was to have such a succulent pussy to eat.

Sheamus could now claim that he was in heaven. Before he just had a heavenly piece of ass to tap, but now he had a perfect piece of pussy to munch on. His cravings were getting more and more satisfied by the second, thanks to the two holes he was fucking simultaneously.

Out of the ring, and Heath Slater was getting exactly what she wanted with the ebony Funkadactyl. He was getting to test his oral skills, as his tongue wildly darted in and out of her ass. His palms smacked her ample cheeks each time his tongue went particularly deep inside. That was only one reason as to why Naomi was moaning so loud with such pleasure. The other reason was because Cody thrusted his tongue deep inside Naomi’s cunt with an enviable amount of both power and speed. Cody was very skilled. Naomi couldn’t deny that.

The black dancer was in a position that women could only dream of being in. She had two orally gifted men tongue-fuck her two holes with such admirable skill. It made her pussy wet, and her ass jiggle. The fact that they were both on their knees pleasured her even more. It really did show how much they wanted her, and how much they wanted to fuck her holes with their tongues. It heightened her arousal.

As the clock was nearing zero, the audience were getting pumped. The Rumble would officially reach the half-way point in three…two…one…zero.

Participant #15 – Darren Young

Seriously, is this supposed to be erotic? Because I am just very bored.

The other member of the Prime Time Players was now an official competitor in the Rumble. Titus did not last too long, and Darren was hoping to avenge his partner’s elimination.

He didn’t set his sights on Dolph Ziggler, the man who caused Titus’ elimination, because Tensai was still having his way with the blonde. Even with the amount of losses Tensai’s suffered recently, he still looked like he would kick some major ass if anybody interrupted him. Darren didn’t want to be on the receiving end of a Tensai beat down. Nope. Darren could avenge Titus’ elimination some other time. Not now.

Young’s eyes averted from the ring, and focused on the sex transpiring around said ring. He was quick to notice an aroused Naomi. A fine ebony honey such as Naomi looked as if she was in need of some Prime Time treatment.

“Hey, baby girl!” Darren grinned. Naomi didn’t quite catch Darren’s voice, despite how loud it was. That was enough to knock the grin off of his face. “Naomi!”

“What?” Naomi snapped. She was in heaven. Darren snapped her out of it, and into reality. So, she thought she’d return the favour; snapping at him. He deserved more, but Naomi didn’t have the effort to dish out more to Darren. Not when she was on the verge of a climax.

“Well damn! Why you so mad?” Darren smirked. Through the high-pitched moaning, he could tell that she was about to orgasm. “I was just gonna give you some more pleasure…like…this…” The black man then went in to twirl his tongue around both of Naomi’s hardened nipples. Using agility and passion, he made sure that he sucked and nipped on each nub to Naomi’s satisfaction. To his credit, it actually seemed to work. It didn’t take long for the triple assault to take its toll on Naomi. She would soon feel her juices gush out of her pussy, in which Cody would eagerly lap every droplet, until he eventually managed to collect every drop of juice she had. Then he moved back, allowing Naomi to go to the backstage area.

Elimination #6 – Naomi

Well, that was fast.

But, Naomi would not be the only elimination in such a short period of time. Tensai also was on the edge of having a mind-shattering climax. Dolph’s hole was just too heavenly. He announced that he was close to ejaculating, but Dolph had a specific place in mind where he wanted Tensai to climax.

“Not in the ass! Not in the ass! On the face! On the face!” Dolph was determined to make it clear where to and where not to climax. He was worried that it wouldn’t get through Tensai’s skull just with one mention.

“Why not…in the…ass?” Tensai grunted. Each thrust brought him closer and closer to a climax. Dolph could feel Tensai throbbing inside of him. The blonde knew it would save time to cut out the explanation. He quickly wiggled away from the larger man, so that instead of his ass facing Tensai, it would be his face which faced Tensai, and his large, pulsating cock.

Jerking the monster of a man off, it was only a brief amount of time before Dolph would get that face full of cum which he seemed to really desire.

“You’re so not perfect.” Dolph chuckled, at Tensai’s humiliation. “And you wonder why I didn’t want you to cum in my ass.” For that, Dolph received a sharp punch in his face. Thankfully it was just the cheek which was the target of Tensai’s large fist, so there wasn’t any blood being gushed. At least Tensai got his revenge.

Elimination #7 – Tensai

And I’m just as confused as Tensai.

With the two eliminations that took place in such a short space of time between each other, it was great for the audience that they could look forward to another participant added to the chaotic Rumble. The buzz sounded for a fourteenth time, and a new competitor was on their way.

Participant #16 – Gail Kim

A quick google search reveals she works for TNA, not WWE. So, this almost definitely means the author has gone off the rails. Fantastic.

The rumours spread around by Gail about her own Rumble entry turned out to be true. Mickie, Taryn and Brooke could now anticipate Gail’s humiliating entry. Surely there was no way that Gail of all people could win the Royal Rumble. A TNA Knockout winning a WWE event?! That seemed as likely as Vickie Guerrero giving birth to a foot.

The Asian-Canadian proudly thought otherwise. She had nothing but the utmost confidence about her chances of victory. She was certain that she could outlast all these chumps, plus the later entries. After all, she was Gail Kim, pioneer of the Knockout’s Division. If she could defeat Awesome Kong (who WWE fans know as Kharma), then she could outfuck a few guys.

She checked to see who was worthy enough to get the privilege of fucking her…but then she felt a large palm make contact with her flesh. She was disgusted, once she found out whose palm it was.

“Excuse me?! Who the hell do you think you are?” Gail sneered.

“Girl, why you being so disrespectful? Don’t you know that I’m Darren Young? One half of the Prime Time Players!” It was clear Darren was offended, but that didn’t stop him from touching Gail’s body. It was only when the woman moved away that Darren would not touch her. The TNA employee walked away. She didn’t want any part of Darren Young. “So what? You don’t wanna try and make me cum?”

That was when Gail stopped moving, and looked back at Young. An elimination was an elimination, and Gail wanted to be the cause of as many eliminations as possible, no matter how lowly she thought of her opposition. “You’re about to cum?”

“If you’re good enough, then yep.” Darren smirked. Fuck Dolph and fuck avenging Titus. He could do that some other time. Now, he was gonna get him some TNA pussy.

You know, I think I now know why TNA changed their name.

“Oh honey…” Gail switched from scorn to seduction in a matter of seconds. It was a good thing she was superlative at acting as she was at wrestling…and everything else, for that matter. “…you should have told me earlier.” And so, Gail sunk to her knees. She could see Darren’s tool slightly pulsated. Her talent was sure to change that!

Engulfing the dark cock into her lips, she was quick to suck, slurp and slobber all over it. Her oral talents had improved dramatically from 2012 and all the years that came before it. She was determined to prove why she was the dominant force not just in TNA, but in all of mainstream wrestling.

Poor Darren knew that he wouldn’t be able to endure Gail’s mouth for too long. He knew that having sex with Titus before the Rumble would be a bad idea, and now it was clear why that was. Through loud grunts and groans, it would take a short period of time for Gail to get what she wanted: an elimination. Darren’s cum filled her mouth. At that moment, the Prime Time Player let out a sigh of disappointment, as he withdrew from her Gail’s oral cavern.

Elimination #8 – Darren Young


The eliminations were now quickly becoming more and more frequent. The eliminations almost came in rapid succession. There were already eight eliminations, and it looked like the ninth wouldn’t take too long.

Over by the commentary table, and Kofi was the latest Superstar to whore his hole out to the commentators. Josh used speed and agility when pounding the Ghanaian’s hole, whilst Michael used powerful thrusts when fucking the Ghanaian’s face. Matt could only sit and watch. He already climaxed, so he was not allowed to engage in sexual activity with any participant. He could only watch them. He felt teased, but thankfully this wasn’t the case for longer.

If he could, Kofi would have let out numerous slutty squeals to express his delight at this current point in time. But he couldn’t, because of the dick that filled his oral hole. Getting fucked in two holes at the same time was something Kofi never thought he’d ever be in this position in the Rumble, but then again, he should have expected the unexpected. This was the WWE after all.

Another thing that the African didn’t expect was for Josh to climax. He was hoping Josh wouldn’t climax, because that would more than likely set off a domino effect, that resulted in Kofi climaxing. Unfortunately for Kofi, this looked to be the case. The little commentator couldn’t stay in such a heavenly ass for too long without feeling the need to ejaculate. He did endure a handjob from Drew and a blowjob from Heath. It was almost a shame he couldn’t fuck Jinder, and say that he got to have his way with all members of 3MB. But, Kofi was good enough. He had such a nice, tight hole. It felt blissful to cum inside, as Josh would soon learn. His white essence shot deep inside Kingston’s walls. At least he wasn’t the first commentator to climax. That seemed like a decent consolation prize.

After Matthews was milked dry of an orgasm, it was Kofi’s turn to climax. He gagged on Cole’s member, as he could feel projectiles of semen launch onto Matthews’ abdomen. With a sigh, the black man hopped off of Josh. His time in the Rumble was now officially over.

Elimination #9 – Kofi Kingston

“You were both really good.” Kofi smiled at both Josh and Michael. “Now I can see why the WWE allowed you into the Rumble.” And with that, the Ghanaian walked off. He smiled. Even though he came, at least he had a good time cumming. Another participant was on their way, as the buzz sounded yet again. It was another surprise entry.

Participant #17 – Maxine

Yeah, no clue.

It turned out that her encounter with Booker paid off after all. Melina couldn’t quite say the same, as she wasn’t allowed into the Rumble. At least Booker knew that Maxine was the triple threat that she often claimed to be during her tenure with the WWE.

The cocky ravenette strutted her stuff to the ring. Her eyes immediately locked onto a blonde piece of perfection, as she got into the ring. As she got a closer inspection of Dolph, he really did look like perfection. He had a gorgeous face, chiselled abs, an impressive penis and an ample backside. She could feel her pussy moisten just from looking at him.

The blonde noticed the damp cunt Maxine had, and he smirked. He had that effect on women, and Maxine looked to be no different. “You wanna try a piece of perfection?”

“It should be me asking that.” Maxine smirked. She walked over to Dolph, but she would soon end up on her back. Ziggler grabbed Maxine’s ankles and flung her to the mat. He didn’t use all his strength. He just wanted to eliminate her.

“You don’t need to ask anything. Just stay on your back, and let perfection do what it does best.” In Dolph’s mind, that was pretty much everything. In Maxine’s mind, all she could think of was Dolph munching on her pussy. That soon transitioned from inside Maxine’s head to reality. Dolph’s tongue would dart past her yoni and inside her rose bud. Dolph’s tongue was as perfect as Dolph, himself, was. The combination of her encounter with Booker and Dolph’s oral assault took too much of a toll on her. She couldn’t even last a minute. Her pussy was already soaked. Her juices gushed out of her soaking cunt and onto Dolph’s tongue. Dolph didn’t feel the need to collect her juices. He just withdrew his tongue, and laughed at her.

Elimination #10 – Maxine

“Get out of my sights. Triple threat my ass!” Dolph continued to chuckle. Maxine failed to find the humour.

“You will pay for this! You will fucking pay!” Maxine huffed. She stormed out of the ring, and screamed like an angered banshee at anybody who would even try to touch her.

After ten eliminations, the WWE decided to take a break. A much needed break.

And that is all this week. But, we’ll return to this again next week. Sorry.

Fan Fiction Friday owes its inception and existence to Rob Bricken, formerly of Topless Robot, where you can read all his old and mind destroying creations.

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