Episode 2 of Tropes vs Women in Video Games is up

Part two of her series has been uploaded. That is all.
Update 29/05/2013: The video has been restored after the Feminist Frequency team contacted Youtube. Enjoy!

Update: It seems the video has been removed for violating Youtubes Terms of Service. Feminist Frequency has posted on Twitter that its a suspected abuse of the flag function to get the video removed.

The Original post is below

People complained when she took too long to upload her first video. They then complained when she uploaded her first video. At this point, there probably no pleasing some parts of the internet when it comes to discussing Anita Sarkeesian.

So instead of rehashing the same points from my last post on the topic, I’m just gonna say this.

You can view the video at this link below.

And remember, anyone who wants to comment.

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