Blake’s 7 is set to return thanks to the BBC and SyFy

This could turn out brilliant, or be so very horrible.

Blake’s 7 was a pretty influential science fiction show that ran over 30 years ago, starring 7 criminals and political dissonants who capture a space ship and then set off for lots of adventures. 4 series ran between 1978 and 1981 and today its mostly remembered for its future thinking plots and its incredibly bleak ending. News has surfaced that the BBC, in concert with SyFy, have commissioned 13 hour-long episodes, which will be written by Heroes writer Joe Pokaski. Casino Royale and Goldeneye director Martin Campbell* was also on board.

This could be great if they manage to successfully update the look of the show, whilst not cutting back on the themes that made the show as well renowned as it was. Theres certainly the talent behind it and the will and SyFy showed with the Battlestar Galactica reboot that even a small network they can pull it out of the bag when there’s a smart and focused creative team working on a show. I just hope that those people involved in the production of SyFy original movies stay far, far away.

If the series is popular, it may even allow interest to gather for a revival of other shows about interstellar convicts.

* It seems everyone is choosing to forget he directed Green Lantern. Thats fine as I’m happy to forget that film existed too.

2 responses to “Blake’s 7 is set to return thanks to the BBC and SyFy

  1. At least it’s BBC? I mean, can’t be too bad? But then there’s syfy — which produced those wonderful “sarcasm” adaptations of Ursula Le Guin’s Earthsea! haha

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