Nursery Rhymes GONE NERD!


I was trying to get my Daughter to sleep the other night when I realized just how old the nursery rhymes I was reading her were. I got to thinking that maybe it was time to update some of the classic, make them more contemporary and relevant. So on a whim I sat down at my Keyboard and started typing. To my surprise they re-wrote relatively easily.

The Sacrilegious


Our Father Time

Our Doctor who art in Tardis

Time Lord be thy race;

Child of Gallifrey,

Never here to stay,

Soon off again to save the heavens,

Two hearts beat inside thy chest,

And ye are fond of us humans,

Fond enough to protect us from all threats;

Do not fall into the darkness,

Instead offer mercy to evil.

Nerd Twinkles


Twinkle Twinkle Bright Miasma

Not just gas but also plasma

Lighting up our midnight sky

By the time it’s reached us, you’ve probably died

Twinkle Twinkle Bright Miasma

You are not fire, just gas and plasma.


Wrestling Twinkles


Twinkle Twinkle I see Stars

Got slammed across the head, by an acoustic guitar

Soaring from the 3rd rope so high

My Skull is bleeding ,but I won’t die

Twinkle Twinkle I see stars

Damn I hate acoustic guitars.

Little Klingons


I’m a little Bat’leth

Sharp and curved

Here is my handle

I won’t be reserved

When you hear our war cry

You’ll be unnerved

Quake in terror

And then get served

4 responses to “Nursery Rhymes GONE NERD!

  1. one little, two little, four little tribbles, eight little, sixteen little, thirty two little tribbles….. 😀

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