Are the BBC announcing Matt Smith’s Departure of Doctor Who?

Ryan Gosling directs Matt Smith in shirtless scenes for 'How To Catch A Monster' in Detroit
Breaking news- it seems that the BBC may be announcing Matt Smith departure at midnight tonight (GMT)

Update: Its true. The Telegraph were the first to break the story before the requested time of 12am GMT. Rumors are already circulating about the next actor to take on the role, with strong bets being placed on Stephen Mangan and Rory Kinnear being favorites. The original post is below

Starburst have just released a rather sensational news story, that if true will have Doctor Who fans crying or cheering.

It seems that rumors have surfaced suggesting that at midnight GMT tonight, the BBC will officially announce the departure of the latest actor to play The Doctor in the long running sci-fi show. Questions have been asked ever since pictures of Matt Smith with a shaved head have appeared from the set of ‘How to Catch a Monster’ an American film directed by Ryan Gosling, with fans wondering how the hair would be able to regrow in time for the new series to start shooting. That Matt has publicly stated that he does wish to pursue a film career in America in the past has only fueled the rumors.

Whatever the answer, I hope that whenever Matt leaves, he can go on to great things. I feel he was never really given a fair chance, instantly hated by a section of the fan base that thought he was too young and increasingly sharing the animosity that fans have been feeling towards Steven Moffat, despite in my opinion him being a great actor and often the highlight of an episode.

I’m on tender hooks. How about you?


11 responses to “Are the BBC announcing Matt Smith’s Departure of Doctor Who?

  1. If the story is about Matt Smith leaving Doctor Who why is there a pic here of Tyler Derdun? Oh wait thats Matt? The first rule of the Doctor is we do not talk about the Doctor. If he is leaving I look forward to seeing him on the convention circuit as I do not believe he will transition to mainstream very easily.

    • You have a point there. The only doctors who have have been those who were well known before for other roles such as the third doctor and Eccleston. The other have parts in pop culture history but thats about.

      Even Barrowman has only managed to survive because he had musical theater to fall back on.

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  3. Any new doctor is going to be hated. I hated Tennant when he first started and he easily become my second favorite doctor. I think a lot of people didn’t give him a fair chance. And then Moffat sort of made things worse.

    • Very true. He never really had a chance after tennant as the tonal change was too abrupt for a lot of fans I think.

      Same as the change from Fifth to Sixth. After any very popular run, the replacement will be judged very harshly and though Matt was great as the doctor, he rarely had stories to match up with the level of acting he was putting on show.

  4. Haha thanks for the pingback!
    Yes, he’s officially leaving the show. I think it’s time. But also, I think it’s time for Moff to leave…
    Matt wrote a really sweet letter about the whole ordeal. It’s in the press release.

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