Tabletop Gaming News short: Maki Games Kickstarter

Ok, so I’m rubbish at keeping to deadlines, so have a short bit of news about a kick ass kickstarter (see, I even did alliteration for you so shut up).

As anyone who has been into wargaming for a while will know, terrain is a problem. It breaks, it’s too fragile or else if its durable its made of resin so a pain in the ass to build and expensive as hell. So thats why Maki Games Kickstarter is so exciting. The terrain looks like it clips together and is very modular whilst retaining a lot of detail.

Its got 14 days left and heading for stretch goals now, but theres still plenty of good deals left and the conversion rate is great if you live in the UK.

As Phil over on The Shell Case put it,

Quite frankly, this stuff looks the absolute, gold-plated, diamond encrusted, tits.

Check out the pictures here and if it catches your fancy, go pledge something. Its better than throwing it at the Zach Braff scam.



Maki Games Kickstarter

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